Friday, the 13th: Vandebosch briefly sings Tontje, but is desperate for the World Cup on home soil.


It starts this winter cycling flash New chapter: Friday the Thirteenth. Every Friday at 1.13pm you can read an interview with a cross or cyclocross racer who has finished 13th the weekend before. This ranges from little girls to elite men, from C2-cross to the World Cup. what’s the story This week the number 13 in the Val di Sole World Cup was among the elite men: Ton Vandebosch.

The fact that she was slipping and sliding in the Italian mountains is one thing low. The 23-year-old Alpecin Dekonink trans player imagined a lot of it. “Only this didn’t go as planned,” Vandebosch says. “I had a very good start ca fa. She jumped just off the starting line behind Mathieu van der Poel, in sixth, seventh and eighth. I thought it was a good wheel. I wanted to slide forward into his house. But I soon saw that it was not at the top, especially on a technical level. It surprised me, because it’s one of the best at it. But he hasn’t encountered much snow and ice yet. You can’t go full speed and it was one of the least challenging courses yet. The driving score was just about confidence. Matthew had nothing to gain and much less to lose, with a view to spring.”

“He got off the clipless pedals a bit more than usual, and didn’t seem to think it necessary to take any chances,” he continues. “In the third or fourth round I made a stupid slide, like everyone else. My shoe broke and I struggled with that for a while. I lost a lot of time and places because of it, although I managed to climb in the end. I was disappointed with that third place Ten, because I expected a lot from him. I like these kinds of courses, they usually suit me. Guys like Wout van Aert, Tom Pidcock, Lars van der Haar haven’t been there yet. So the chance of a top 10 increases for me. I wanted to Show off. Timon Rouge was fifth, and I can usually get over that.”

a few weeks
Vandebosch started the season at 1 Fixed level. Until Neal’s Jaarmarktcross inclusion on November 11th, he had always finished in six to nine places in all of his passes. In recent weeks, however, it has increasingly slipped outside the top ten. “On terms, I wasn’t in the best shape,” he admits. “I started training a little more intensely around Christmas and the Belgian championship. I also had to deal with bad luck in the last games. At the World Cup in Antwerp I kicked my chain in half and had a really bad day there. At the World Cup in Dublin I rode flat and now At Val di Sole my shoe broke while sliding. Three weekends that I really had a thing for, I must say.”

Photo: Cor Vos

What is also notable about the young Belgian’s competition is the fact that he only drives one cross at the weekend. Just like my classmates Puck Pieterse and Fem van Empel with women. “I said before the season that I wanted to focus on the World Cup. I wanted to add another rank which turned out to be Superprestige. I’m driving those two in full. But just from this last rank, not many games have been played in recent weeks. I’ve also driven a few Weekends with two crosses. I’m not riding the whole X2O Cup. I’m still young and I think it’s important to work in a future-oriented way. Now that means more training, a little less cyclocross.”

Consciously work for the World Cup
The model was on his way to training on the road for Val di Sole with Alpecin Dekoninck in Benicasim. After the trip to Italy, he returned to Spain for another mini-stage with only the occasional team. The sixth Belgian returned to the IAAF rankings on Thursday. “Or I feel like that’s where I stand? I find it hard to say. Toon Aerts fell, Quinten Hermans doesn’t lead a full cross program and Wout van Aert is still below me. Those are the names that are usually above me. cyclocross BK might give me confirmation that I really Sixth Belgian. But there are many different factors that influence that. That’s how I get a lot of points in the World Cup.”

Although Vandebosch is going through a lesser period, he is now hoping to lay the foundations for a World Cup participation in Hoogerheide in the Netherlands. “This is close to me, I used to train a lot in this field. The Ansari club is located in Stabroek, a village next to Hoogerheide across the border in Belgium. I really want to ride there, because it feels like a home cross to me. Personally, I live in Westmalle and I will do my best to choose I’ve trained a lot in the last few weeks and I was in Spain to be good for the Christmas period.I ride a selective programme: Gavere, Zolder, Diegem and then not for a week.Then follow Koksijde, Gullegem, Zonhoven and BK.This way I hope to be ready for the World Cup “.

Ton Vandebosch Profile

Photo: Cor Vos

Noun: Watch Fandebush
Country: science be Belgium
age: 23 years
category: Elite men
plow:Alpecin Deconinc
Favorite cross:Final prize at Oostmalle. This is the cross in the village next to us, I live in Westmal. It’s kind of a sandy crossover, which usually works well for me. And also a little secret because it’s the last of the season, haha!
If I weren’t a motocross racer, I would be:Maybe a police officer. Nowadays people don’t do it that fast, but it appeals to me. Personally, I have a German Shepherd (a lovely dog ​​named Tara Vandecross, showing his WhatsApp profile picture, ed.), which I also go to a club to train with. Doing something with the police seems pretty cool to me.
Career Objective: When I stop, I can say I got the most out of it with a few podium finishes. In concrete terms, I always like to compete with the best, so for the top five in every cyclo-cross race.
superstitious: Yes, huge indeed haha! I love riding with the number 23 or 32. I rode with him a lot in the juniors and I think I won all those competitions. Three minus two is one, haha. I also always pin my back number to my uniform before a game meal. And the day before crucifixion, I always eat the same thing: spaghetti bolognese.

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