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Changing of the guard at Ferrari. Things are going well at the moment as Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have welcomed the arrival of Fred Wasser as Ferrari’s new team principal. Vasseur replaces Mattia Binotto who decided to leave the team despite training Ferrari to second place in the 2022 Formula 1 Championship. But that wasn’t enough and Binto is in charge until the end of this year. Then, after 28 years of service by the Swiss in the Dancing Horse stable in Maranello, the two sides parted ways. Vasseur is eager to get to work and quickly finds a place to stay near Maranello and take shots while wearing a Ferrari jacket. There is no shortage of motivation for the French player, fortunately because he has plenty to do.

Fred Vasseur

“a lot on his plate”
“There’s a lot on his page” because a big target has been set for Ferrari’s new team boss. And he doesn’t follow pancakes, Binotto is an excellent engineer and the Ferrari F1-75 is a great machine. Binotto did a great job on this front. What he allowed, however, were errors in managing the team over the weekends. At the behest of his bosses – the unseen John Elkann and the self-centered Benedetto Vigna – the team has regularly underperformed, relegating them to henchmen of Max Verstappen and Red Bull rather than taking the reins and keeping it in their own hands. Just look at the first few races of the 2022 season, when it was still excellent.

Ferrari_Monza 2022

right guy?
The sudden stop errors, self-destructing strategies and all the ‘gossip and backbiting’ off the track were too much for Binotto to handle on his own. He was a solitary man, without a safety net of support from the incompetent managers above him. While the Ferrari story is that Binotto himself left – yes, he’d rather quit than be fired – his departure raises some obvious questions. Did they offer him support under the guise of being Vasir at the helm of the team? Were they proposing that Mattia be in charge of the smart stuff and horsepower, the stuff hidden from the media’s firing line? With Fred Wasser returning to the media and dealing with everything else, like effective pit stops and basic strategy lessons. We won’t know until someone reveals the truth in a book or something else. Until then, there are two schools of thought about Vasseur’s new job. The bikers are convinced he’s the man for the job, while seasoned critics suspect he’s Tifosi’s savior.

Mattia Binotto

Used for top hats
Drivers are interested in Fred Wasser’s abilities, while critics question the wisdom of the new mode. Needless to say, today’s Ferrari drivers will not slay Vasseur. After all, he has worked with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and the like during their early years. Even former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean, who raced for Vasseur’s ART GP2 Series team in 2008, has joined the debate. The Frenchman is convinced Vasseur is the right man for the job, he said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. Grosjean said of Vasseur’s appointment: “Working at Ferrari is a big challenge for everyone, but he can do it. He and Leclerc are very good friends and that helps the atmosphere, but he also knows Sainz very well. I won F3 from 2007 on his team and we’ve worked together for a long time.” . Frederick Wasser is a born fighter who understands racing like few others. Above all, I have never met a better engineer who understands us as drivers. It’s like being a driver himself.”


Driver support
Sainz is also optimistic, but cautioned: “Every time someone new joins the team, there is always an extra drive to do well and the team will try to take it one step further. Ferrari is a giant, it employs 1,300 people and we have to give Fred time. He’ll need time to figure out the changes.” That the team needs, but I’ve heard great things about him. It doesn’t happen overnight.” Charles Leclerc made his F1 debut with Alfa Romeo, also known as Sauber, under Vasseur’s management and also drove for him in the Junior Series. “I can only say something about my experience with Fred, which has always been good, even in the small categories. He’s always been very clear and straightforward, and I like that. We’ve always had a good relationship and he’s a very good team manager,” Leclerc said.

Leclerc_Sains_Abu Dhabi - GP-2022 Ferrari
Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz

The experts are not convinced
On the other hand, not all seasoned Formula 1 experts are completely convinced that Fred Wasser is the right remedy. In Auto Motor und Sport, Michael Schmidt didn’t utter the words: “It was an unnecessary divorce and also poorly executed. Ferrari was on the right track. If second place is the cause of the finish, Vasseur’s life is short. There can be no success in such The environment. Ferrari always makes the same mistake. They have little patience with their good “generals” and cling too long to their “worthless” managers. That was already the case with Stefano Domenicali. There was no reason to replace him with Marco Mattiacci in 2014. If you want To know why Ferrari hasn’t won the world championship since 2007, it’s because of the Ferrari boss’s short fuse,” Schmidt wrote. This can also be said of the former president, the late Sergio Marchionne, whose fuse was shorter than others. Maybe he’s the reason for this mess. Maurizio Arrivabene dismissed and promoted his second engineer to first. It crackled from the start. Mattia Binotto needed help from day one, especially when the big boss died unexpectedly.

Ferrari crosses the finish line again as world champion?

Questioning wisdom
Martin Brundle, on his Sky show, is now also questioning the wisdom and timing of the current changes. In his Sky F1 #4 analysis via Abetone Inferiore during the events he said: “I’m not quite sure why Ferrari would now choose to stay without a boss for a month. I think they have Binotto more time” So whether you’re Mercedes or Red Bull now, I’ll smile, because continuity is the key. everything. As the Formula 1 seasons get longer and more intense, you have to be careful about these personnel changes.”

Ferrari factory

Continuity in management
Martin Brundle said, “Fred Wasser has to step in and find his own way, settle down and make sense of everything. And that’s a big job.” “It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s going to take time, unless you’re part of the DNA, the confidants, as was Domenicali and as was Binotto. It’s a fundamental change now and it’s going to affect them in the short term. Destabilize the term, it should be. Everyone’s going to be a little bit unbalanced in Thinking: Where are they and what now? They will be forgotten,” Brundle predicted.

Ferrari_Forza_Ferrari_tribune Monza

The job is much bigger
There is already speculation that thanks to his history with Vasseur, Leclerc will be the go-to if the new team boss opts for the old, time-tested F1 title-winning model: the team is built and centered around a single driver. Brundle hinted at the possibility of such a scenario playing out under the new boss: “If they hire Vasser because he was or was close to Charles Leclerc, that is absolutely the wrong reason. The job is many times bigger than that and at Ferrari they have Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, one of the best pairs of drivers.” In Formula 1. They both need to feel comfortable, loved and supported. So Fred doesn’t go there thinking ‘you know, I do with Charles.’ They have the best chance of keeping Charles Leclerc for the Ferrari Formula 1 team in the future if he feels comfortable. But in the end It’s all about performance, it’s not about who you do with a friend in the industry. On the contrary,” says Martin Brundle. He should know, he’s an old Formula 1 driver himself and knows motorsports from the inside. And Ferrari? Nothing new in tifosi, right? One day they will truly be world champions again and the Maranello magic shines!

Charles_Leclerc_and_crew F1 Ferrari
Charles Leclerc and his crew

Ferrari_F1_pit stopped

Carlos_Sainz_and_crew F1 Ferrari
Carlos Sainz and his crew

Ferrari VGP Hungarian 2022


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