Edouard Gall: “The first tournament is the best but I would like to lead Paris”

He never came to Rotterdam as spectators, his first time as a rider was with the stallion Gribaldi (against Costolani). That was in 2002 and he doesn’t remember missing a release since, except this year. “I remember immediately finding it very beautiful and impressive in Rotterdam. Then the dressage was still full of woods on a Saturday evening in the dark and it was small but very cozy. It was packed, the audience even sat on the floor,” says Edward Gall in the series. Toppers about 73 years of CHIO Rotterdam”.

Like I said, I’ve been driving in Rotterdam a lot. Jumping Amsterdam, Dutch Masters/Indoor Brabant and Chew Rotterdam, these are the competitions in the Netherlands that matter, and Rotterdam is the only country in the Netherlands that has a country competition. If possible, you’ll want to drive it. I don’t remember all the horses I started with, but Totilas, Next One, Zonic, Sister de Joux, Voice, Undercover, Ling, Gribaldi and Nourijev come to mind.”

Spray water from the hat

“When I think of CHIO, I think of a very well organized and fun contest in a beautiful location in the woods. However, it also rains, every year it always rains someday anyway. With then as a low point, but later that also became a cherished memory , My Freestyle with Totilas on Saturday night in the main square in the pouring rain. We weren’t allowed to drive in hats anymore, but I couldn’t use them anymore. When I finished saluting, even a splash of water went off. During my testing, I didn’t really notice it, Partly because of Totilas, because he went on unperturbed, he was incredibly focused on his work.”

through the woods

“But not naturally, we were very wet, a memory that will always remain with me. Also the model of Rotterdam, the stables on the grass. It’s good to graze the horses, but if that grazing in the stable turns into pits and your stable turns black from the ground under your pretty white curls, The groom is not happy. Ling has always had a hand in it with me. Speaking of what I already mentioned about the forest, a few years ago I went on a trek through the forest with Hans Peter and Dinga, Hans Peter posted a video of it on social media. However, in our excitement, We didn’t notice at all that we were leaving Chio’s land. But it was a beautiful ride and we enjoyed the horses.”

William Ernes

“Many memories, but my best dates are from 2015. Then we won the FEI Nations Cup with the team made up of Hans-Peter, Diederik van Silfhout, Patrick van de Meer and myself led by the late national coach Wim Ernes. Wim Ernes was a special guy. He was very social “But he can still really make decisions. And that without offending anyone. He also manages to bring a nice communication factor to the team.”

Not exactly my photos

From Rotterdam to dressage in general. “Actually, I miss the real horses of the past. When I was young, horses dominated many riders’ lives. People who start new talented horses year after year. I also regret not having real ones anymore. The latter may be due to social media.” The public is used to reading newspapers and equestrian magazines and seeing the best riders and horses several times a year at the big shows they attend; now you can follow everything and everyone on social media every day.”

Sick for 14 days

From tame in general to gal himself. He has already achieved everything and already has all the titles in his palms. Does he still have dreams? “I am not really dreaming. I still want to do everything as well as I can, but I’m less likely to be bothered by a bad test. I mean that before, if you made a mistake in a contest, you were sick for 14 days. Now that I’ve already achieved everything and am a little older, fortunately I don’t have that anymore.

OS Paris

“However, the Olympics are always a big sporting goal and if you have a good horse at that moment, great. Paris 2024 is fast approaching and this seems to be a special event. This is also my ultimate goal. The first time in a tournament is always the best and I have already attended Games three times, but I still want to lead this fourth tournament.


It’s almost Christmas. After two years of being all about Corona, we can do whatever we want again this year. Besides being a horse person, is the gal also a Christmas person? “Not at all, I don’t really like those days. They actually bring me a lot of feelings. My father died early and on days like this, things like that hurt the most. However, we do celebrate. Christmas Eve is always with friends and if We had no competition one day with Hans-Peter’s family and the other day with my family.In the past it sometimes happened that we had a competition in Mechelen for Christmas.Then we had a fat check on Christmas Day and the game started on Boxing Day.That’s why we don’t We put that competition on our agenda as a benchmark.”

Social media

In conclusion, Gall says: “I wish everyone could be nicer to each other, especially on social media. What is said there can be very hurtful sometimes; a little thought goes into it. Especially in equestrian sports, people who have never They ride on a level. They express their opinions at all times. While it’s not necessary. Criticism is allowed, but how important it is. At a certain point it no longer affects you, but it hurts. I don’t intentionally own social media, but of course I hear something and think that This is becoming an increasing problem for many people and things. Last but not least, this is of course not good for our sport.”

Source: CHIO

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