Christmas holidays in theatres, museums and cinemas: from Tutankhamun to Aunt Rita


He. She Royal Museum of Antiquities In Leiden all about Tutankhamun and ancient Egypt. There are craft tables in Temple Hall where kids can work on making an animatronic doll of Tutankhamun, for example. There are coloring pages for young children. The exhibition “The Quest for Tutankhamen” is aimed entirely at children. With games, movies, symbols and riddles, children go in search of the famous Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb.

Museum of Ethnology In Leiden hosts the exhibition “Animal Academy”. You can visit twelve animals, each with its own class. There are also various workshops over the Christmas holidays, including folding cranes and drawing an angry lion. There are also family lectures in Folkenkunde. For example, on Thursday December 29th it’s about feelings in animals and on Sunday January 8th it’s about condors.

naturalis It is the ultimate Leiden museum for the whole family. In the beautiful building, you can wander endlessly through the rooms to learn more about nature or admire dinosaur skeletons. Until the end of January, a fantastic movie about the Northern Lights will be shown in the evenings, and must be booked in advance. Furthermore, researchers often work in the Live Science room. The agenda on the Naturalis website can be consulted for this purpose.

Boerhaave National Museum Leiden has extra activities for children during the Christmas holidays. For example, a doctor’s bag is available for free when you go out to explore the wonderful world of the human body. There are also workshops on artificial intelligence and the language of computers.

De Lakenhall Museum He has an open studio on December 24th and 31st and January 4th and 8th, where kids can start making art under supervision. Children can also search for treasure through the Leiden Museum using the map.

Comic Art Museum In Noordwijk there is an exhibition about the Toonder Studios. For kids, there is a treasure hunt along several cartoons to get to know comic book heroes like Tom Poes, Kappie, and Panda.

Black Tulip Museum In Lisse, there will be drawing workshops on January 4 and 6 at 2 pm for children aged 6 and over. Tulip Now is an inspiration.

Archion Museum Garden The Alphen aan den Rijn is open during the Christmas holidays. 43 buildings, cabins and farms were set up for the winter. Children can explore prehistoric times, Roman times and the Middle Ages. There is also an indoor ice rink in the museum’s garden.

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A Winter’s Tale by Jeugdtheaterhuis Zuid-Holland.


He. She South Holland Youth Theater House The show “Winter’s Tale” (7+) plays in many theaters in the province. Young players will be blown away with the classic Christmas story of Scrooge by Charles Dickens. The family’s performance can be seen on Saturday, December 24th at 2:30 p.m. at Leiden Theatre. On Thursday, January 5 and Friday, January 6, “Winter Story” will be shown at Park Theatre In Alvin aan den Rhine.

The Leidse Schouwburg He also gets a visit from Miss Roos, who is popular with young children. She will present her stage show with popular songs for children aged 2 and over on Wednesday, December 28 at 12:00 and 14:00. On Tuesday 3rd January, the show ‘Mister Monster and the amazing 52-storey treehouse’ (7+) can be seen in Leidse Schouwburg at 1.30pm and 4pm.

Castellum Theatre In Alphen aan den Rijn, on Friday 23 December at 7.30 pm, the family show “De Rules van Floor” (8+) will be hosted, based on the books and TV series of the same name. Fleur’s parents are played by Rutger De Becker and Eva Bobink.

R. Poelhuys In Lisse, the “Vrolijk Christmas Surprise Show” by Theater van Santen will be on the shelves on Friday, December 23 at 7 p.m. The film is about Princess Anna, who loves nothing more than singing.

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Family movie “Hotel Sinestra”.


The offer in cinemas and cinemas is overwhelming. A look at the film’s agenda immediately leads to selection pressure. Let’s go to Sinstra HotelA Dutch version of the Christmas classic Home Alone? In a grumpy mood, 11-year-old Ava wishes her parents (Elise Schapp and Jeroen Spitzenberger) weren’t there. It was to her great surprise when it seemed that her wish had come true the next day. The filmmakers were particularly surprised that this Dutch family film was a huge hit in Swiss cinemas.

But there are more family movies in the cinema like Puss in BootsAnd the Is the crocodileAnd the girl face! children at sea And the Yoko and the Himalayan flower. The last movie gets Villa Park In Alphen aan den Rijn another additional. After the movie, the kids and their parents will be given a music workshop by saxophonist Aubrey Snell.

The new movie is also playing just about everywhere Aunt Rita’s birthday With Edsilia Rombley, Ridder van Kooten, Najib Amhali, and others. This cheerful movie contains many children’s songs. It’s about songs like “Theo Theo,” “Coco Loco,” and “Animals in the zoo,” all by Jan van der Plas and Didi Dubbeldam’s Katwijk music company.

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