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Thursday, December 8, 2022

In “Driver’s Day”, Avici sets off with Joyce Steen from Amsterdam and her garbage truck through Almelo. Joyce once wanted to do something with animals, but an allergy forced her to look for something else. She found her passion in the garbage truck of Twente Millio. Here she stands her ground and talks endlessly. In Almelo, an average of 17 drivers work each day. Joyce is the only trash lady here.

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We also submitted some questions to the communications department of Twente Milieu:

How much is collected in Almelo?
Overall, we collect about 35 million kilograms of waste. This is done door to door, in collection containers, and at the waste collection point. On average, this is 480 kilograms per person per year. Specific figures for each waste stream and for each individual can be found in Almelo’s annual report: Twente Milieu | Almelo

How many kilometers are covered per day?
Back Loader (with two mates walking along to hang the container on the truck grab arm) 70km per day (door to door collection)
Side loader (where there is one driver who automatically unloads the containers) Average 90km per day (door to door collection)
Top loader averages 70km per day (unloading collection containers)
The daily total is about 700 km.

The different types of compounds used in Almelo
Top loader for unloading collection containers
Side loader for unloading containers at home (including 2 electric side loaders)
Back loader for unloading containers at home
Crane truck to collect bulky waste at home

Almelo municipality is unable to reduce residual waste: is the unlimited waste offering still valid today?
Through communications and services, we are trying to convince the residents of Almelo to separate their waste at home as much as possible and thus reduce residual waste. The possibilities for this are plentiful and equipped. Think organic waste, packaging, residual waste, and paper containers in the home, as well as collection containers (including glass and textiles) in the neighborhood. It is true that unlimited waste can still be served in Almelo. Twente Milieu takes an advisory role in this matter based on knowledge and experience in other municipalities. However, it is up to the municipality of Almelo to make policy choices in this regard.

What do you know about Almelo’s raw materials policy plan and what impact does that have on the garbage man/woman?
We share knowledge and closely participate in the development of the new raw materials policy plan. In the end, we carry out the task that the municipality of Almelo entrusted to us, but it is good that we think with you what the policy means for our application.

Are we still talking about the garbage collector?
If you refer to the term “garbage”, it is true that in many cases our driver does not collect garbage, but waste that gets a second life. They are the raw materials for new products.
When it comes to the garbage man profession, the standard image from the past is the man or woman behind the car. Today, most side loader containers are emptied by a driver seated in the vehicle. In our contact for residents, we refer to our colleagues as your ‘Twente eco-driver’. Due to current technology, such as a side loader where the driver operates the arm that picks up the container from the vehicle, the work has become more specialized. We have drivers who are extensively trained to drive different types of vehicles.

How are you working on more sustainable waste collection in the future?
As a large mobile organization – representing a clean and healthy living environment – working on a sustainable organization and fleet is a no-brainer. By signing the Pact on Sustainable Vehicles and Fuels, among other things, we will take real steps in the coming years. In this agreement, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and 23 large municipalities and parties from the cleaning sector entered into agreements for clean transportation and procurement of emission-free vehicles with the ultimate goal of a zero-emission vehicle fleet by 2030.

At Twente Milieu we have already used ten electric passenger cars and three electric work buses, but in 2021 we also start using our first two all-electric vehicles (side loaders). For example, our sustainable fleet will continue to expand in the coming years.

All of our collection vehicles currently run on sustainable fuel: a mixture of GTL and 10% HVO. Every 100 liters filled with fuel instantly results in a CO2 saving of 8.9%. This corresponds to a saving of 32 kg of CO2. In addition to reducing the high carbon dioxide content, fewer harmful substances, such as particulate matter, nitrogen and sulfur, are emitted. This is better for the environment and the health of our employees and residents.

By Raymond Lichtenberg

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