The Christmas gifts ELLE girls dream about

You may not know them all yet, but the girls of the ELLE editorial staff have a very diverse and diverse profile. And they all have good taste in gifts. So you may find inspiration in their personality Wishlists! Discover the Amazon gifts the ELLE team would like to see under the Christmas tree this year.

Fashion, beauty, cooking, travel, kids, interior… Dear Santa Claus, we may not always be so good this year…but we deserve a great gift! Would you kindly leave your bank card under the Christmas tree, along with this wonderful Wish List? with love ELL team!

Do you want this year effective And uncomplicated the shopping? With a wide selection and fast delivery? Then go to The king of online shopping: In a special “Belgian Brands” section, this Belgian version of Amazon puts local sellers in the spotlight. This gives customers the opportunity to discover producers from their own country. The fact that Amazon is expanding into Belgium is also a good thing for many women who want to try freelancing but were previously afraid of taking the plunge. Amazon currently has nearly 1,000 Belgian sales associates, of which about a hundred are located in the “Belgian Brands” store. Plus, starting a business and reaching your consumer plate has never been easier with Amazon.

The perfect gift for beauty lovers

Buy this book

This book is a practical book Head to your daily routine, which really helps you understand the ingredients you’re putting on your skin and replacing them with the self-care ritual you look forward to. Jess Arnaudin helps decipher the language, myths, and science surrounding natural ingredients and shares recipes and her favorite beauty foods as part of her “Inside Out Beauty” philosophy.

The perfect gift for men

Buy this travel shirt

Perhaps this is the best and The most authentic Gift idea of ​​our choice. Why didn’t we discover this gem sooner? You get what it’s about, we don’t have to explain it further… You insert the folded shirt into the sleeve, the sleeve into the suitcase and that’s it. Simply genius!

The perfect gift to impress kids

Buy this storyteller

This narrator is specially developed for very small (two years ago). They can control it with gestures. The device works without waves, screens or buttons. He. She Stimulates creativity of children and She calms down. There are a total of six different worlds to listen to and discover (through six sides of vibration). It contains sixty-six stories, fairy tales, number rhymes and even a crazy ABC in rhyme… perfect for teaching our little ones to discover the beauty of words.

The perfect gift for the interior decoration lover

Buy this design candle holder

This stainless steel candle holder is handcrafted and painted. With its Scandinavian design, it lends every table a little more. It gives our inner touch warmth And the elegance. And together with red candles, they make a masterpiece for our festive table at Christmas.

The perfect gift for avoiding travelers

Buy this organizer

This gift is not very flashy but it is Super practical And the useful. When traveling, nothing is more annoying than having to untangle the cables of various chargers for minutes. With this bag, this problem is finally solved! Everything has its own place. A feast for the eyes, don’t you think?

The perfect gift for kitchen folks

Buy this robot

Who does not dream of a magic machine to prepare delicious home dishes? MasterChef level of course! This food processor She is as beautiful effective And the perfect helper for all of our baking ideas. But it does much more than that. He can beat, mix, whisk and whip every conceivable sweet and savory preparation! Once you try it, you will never want to lose it!

The perfect gift for lovers

Buy this game

We cannot repeat it enough: the foundation of a good relationship is Telecommunications. This smart game FunnyAnd the intimate And the influential. It contains 500 questions specifically designed to spark meaningful conversations and make our bonds closer. This game is sometimes funny, then annoying and sometimes completely insane. But one thing is for sure: it takes us out of our comfort zone and surprises follow one another!

The perfect bachelor’s gift

Buy this sexy

Ladies, this sextoy Tested and approved by ELLE’s dedicated team and journalists in the field. You are welcome and have a Merry Christmas!

The perfect gift for sports fans

Buy these braces

the Lose your earphones In the heat of battle… it drives you crazy! Especially when jogging or in the middle of a HIIT session. We have the solution: this (anti-slip and anti-sweat) silicone hooks Plant the ears more firmly in the ear. They are basic But effective and mute other sounds without compromising sound quality. A small gift can make a big difference!

The perfect gift for a genealogy lover

Buy this book

lonely Reference bookWritten by Louise Eddington. An essential guide to astrology for beginners and experts alike. Astrology has been used for thousands of years to predict events, understand the meaning of life, and communicate more effectively with other individuals. Published by Rockridge Press, this book contains the basics and lessons we need to understand and interpret the stars.

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