Much interest in the MEC women’s soccer reunion


Warm words for the success of SJO MEC-Bredevoort

By Lydia Ter Welle

MIST BREDEFOORT – On Saturday, December 17th, the Golden Jubilee of VV MEC women’s football and the Copper Jubilee of SJO MEC-Bredevoort were celebrated. In the afternoon there was a reunion of the participants, followed by a soup buffet and in the evening a gala evening to which all members of both VV MEC and SB Bredevoort were welcomed.

In the banquet hall of the “club house” den Tappen, women were in the majority in the afternoon. But some men were also present, like coaches and leaders from then and now, to celebrate Christmas – which could not have taken place two years ago because of Corona.

Women are more successful
In his welcome speech, Chairman Arjan Ongina spoke about the skepticism that had prevailed more than fifty years ago among some of the then Board members. “Totally unjustified, because I can’t often repeat how important women’s football is to us. From the very beginning, women add a lot of good to what until then was a male culture,” says Ongina. “That is why it is also good that we celebrate the copper jubilee of SJO MEC-Bredevoort (SJO: Collaborating Youth Training; ed.). After a somewhat hesitant start, I got off to a successful start in 2009. For both clubs, it means we can train Our guys are at their age and level. This is very important for the survival of both clubs.”
Ongina noted that the women’s teams have been more successful than the men’s teams in their short history. “The women have been able to celebrate more championships and/or promotion than all of the men’s teams combined!”

Thank you with word and gesture
The Chair thanked the sponsors, saying: “They are indispensable to us. We simply cannot do without their support.” Additional attention was given to Joke and Bennie ten Bokkel, owners of the club Den Tappen. “For years, the first women’s team proudly played in jerseys sponsored by Dunn Tappin. That has only changed recently. So an extra word of thanks, a gift to Penny, and a joke.”

The Jubilee Committee is four-member and consists of Elk Lammers. Lysette Frericks, Henke Hofmann and Geert Taubes received a gift of thanks for the excellent organization of the jubilee celebration.

There was also a gift for the captain of the two women’s teams from SJO MEC-Bredevoort. Ongina: “We found out that the women are rather cold. That is why both teams receive two fleece blankets as a reminder of this memory. From now on, they can sit well covered in pits. Our intention was that they should be ready in time to hand them over now,” Unfortunately, that didn’t work. The embroidering of the blankets with the text of 50 years of women’s football and the vv MEC and sv Bredevoort logos didn’t work with time. Hence the voucher!”

The MEC Chairman concluded with a toast: “For many more years of women’s football and great collaboration at SJO MEC-Bredevoort!”

Double the name
Board Member Dave Blekkink from SV Bredevoort congratulated MEC on its Golden Jubilee and SJO on its Copper Jubilee. He praised the mentality and solidarity within the MEC, but also within the SJO. He revealed: “Before SJO was founded, there was a lot of discussion about the name: Should it be SJO Bredevoort-MEC, or SJO MEC-Bredevoort? There was something to be said about both names. Since we couldn’t figure it out, we just threw the dice at it.” And yes: MEC won, so SJO became MEC-Bredevoort.”

Blinkin has brought a present as an SJO jubilee gift. “What is good can show itself. That is why we want to offer the SJO flag in the colors of SJO: yellow and blue with the logos of both associations on it. Unfortunately, we may have chosen the same supplier as the MEC panel for those fleece blankets, because the flag is not ready.” After…” Blinkink showed a photo of the flag design to standing ovation from those present.

During the afternoon there was plenty of time to catch up. Several people closely involved in women’s football also spoke, such as senior coach of the MEC women’s division Gerrit Fairfield, former SV Bredevoort boss Jan Berkelmans, and ex-player Lidy Roording (active in the first team for over 25 years). team), Theo van de Zoet (former coach, who, according to many, started to raise the technical level of football for the women’s teams) and Nicole Fairfield, a player of many years and also very active in organizing the women’s and youth department. When asked by chief of ceremonies Marjane Lemquel what names she would give to players who have distinguished her over the years, she replied: “It’s easy to name talents, or women and girls who are totally committed to the club. But I would like to name someone who has been playing football and training for years, and never misses a chance.” “Never, but always there. These are the people who ensure teams succeed. As an example of all those ‘silent forces’ in our club I mention Nancy Dibbets. In her we honor all the women and girls who have contributed to the success of our women’s football over the years.”

Then a delicious soup buffet was served to the attendees, to start the evening of the party on a good ‘soil’.

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