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HOORNAAR • Despite the fact that skating enthusiasts prefer natural snow, 244 competitors still showed up for the start of the Jan van Arckel winter competition on Saturday in Hoornaar.

It was finally a competition in a real winter atmosphere. Treacherous slippage has demanded increased attention from mountain bikers and trail bikers. The path around De Donk natural pool was challenging as usual.

Row (license holders) – 28 entrants: Robin Niederveen had a quick start, but soon Nick Klein popped up from row two and set the pace up front. Joas Holling, Bart van den Berg and Mika Baumann had bad luck and were left out of the prizes.

Up front, there was a nice battle between three contenders: Nick Klin, Robin Niederveen and Wim de Bruyne, followed a short distance away by Tim van Lubeck and Jens van den Dool. Nick Klein held the lead, but Wim de Bruyne and Robin Niederveen were out in second place. Diesel and Wim de Bruyne skied Jessen every morning to warm up and it paid off.

First-class score: 1. Nick Cleggen (Leerdam); 2 – Wim de Bruyne (Hardinksfield); 3 – Robyn Niederveen (Hardinksfeld); 4 – genus van den Dol (Hoogblokland); 5. Tim van Luebeck (Gorenchem).

A-class rating: 1. Wim de Bruin, 2. Ruben Nederveen, 3. Tim van Lopik, 4. Jens van den Dool, 5. Joas Houweling (Gorinchem).

Class B (Recreants) – 58 participants: Nijs den Besten took off like a hare, but he went too short between the strips, hit a pole and slid down. A big fight ensued between Frans Kleijn, Gerben van Steigt, Manoah de Groot and Jeges van Lith. Patrick Blum, Robin Hiccup and Jurgen den Besten also continued to insist.

She was slipping and sliding on the slippery surface and remained sexy until the very last moment. Gerben van Stigt was the happiest and cheering guy across the finish line. Frans Kleijn retained second place and overtook Manoah de Groot on the final stage, surprising Bart van Norloos.

Pieter van der Slugs was less pleased with eighth place, but retained the lead in the standings.

Class B result: 1. Gerben van Stigt (Giessen); 2 – Frans Klein (New Lekerland); 3 – Bart van Norloos (Werkendam); 4 – Manoah de Groot (Molinarsgraf); 5. Patrick Bloom (Newport).

Class B classification: 1. Pieter van der Sluijs (Werkendam); 2 – Nijs den Besten (Molenaarsgraaf); 3 – Manuah de Groot; 4 – Frans Klein. 5. Jerben van Stecht.

b Masters (followers +45 years old) – 65 entrants: Ard Rietveld took the lead in the first round with André Huijzer, Rien van der Dussen, Ron Timmer and John Mostert at the wheel. Home rider Peter Wonink slipped, and managed to continue on his way, but he no longer qualified for the podium.

The three favorites Huijzer, Van der Dussen and Timmer made it an exciting fight to the finish. Ron Timmer got all the way back and tried to get away with it all, but in the end it was André Huijzer who was the fastest again on this slippery track and he is the new leader in the standings.

BM Class Result: 1. André Huijzer (Hardinxveld); 2 – Rein van der Dusen (Arquel); 3 – Ron Timmer (Chilwinen); 4 – Martin Timmer (Hornar); 5. Jon Mostert (Giesenborg).

BM class standings: 1. André Huijzer; 2 – Rein van der Dusen; 3 – Peter Wennik (Hornar); 4 – Ard Rietveld (Gorenchem); 5 – Jaco Di Zeeuw (Giesenborg).

Class C (women) 13 participation: a surprising result for women. Not everyone was comfortable on the hard track. Dieke van Wielgen had bad luck and Brett van Stecht got very cautious after a few slides. Noah Stölk had some problems and managed to get her first win in the competition. Dieke van Wilgen showed enough quality to retain second place and Jiska Verspuij raced to a respectable third place.

Result C- Women: 1. Noa Stolk (Neuwendijk); 2 – Dickie van Wielgen (Arquel); 3. Jessica Verspoig (Nordlos).

Rated C – Women: 1. Dickie Van Wielgen. 2 – Brett Van Steget (Gessen); 3 – Marek van Leerdam (Arkel).

Class D (Youth 13/14 years old)
Boys result: 1. Andreas van de Strick (Ottoland) 2. Luke F de Peggelaar (Tilburg) 3. Zander van Wardenburg (Ron).
Girls score: 1. Isis Versluis (Merkink) 2. Rosalie van Bruggen (Ridkerkerk) 3. Anri van der Sluijs (Werkendam)

Class D boys classification: 1. Darian Grünfeld (Rayswijk) 2. Andreas van de Strick, 3. Luuk V de Bejelaar.
Classification D-class Girls: 1. Rosalie van Bruggen, 2. Jolien Korf (Leerdam) 3. Annerie van der Sluijs.

Category E (youth 11/12 years old)
Boys results: 1. Stan Zellenberg (Gravendel) 2. Max van Kolfschoten (Giesenborg) 3. Nick Walthus (Hank).
Girls score: 1. Imke van Houwelingen (Hardinxveld) 2. Mila Prins (Hank) 3. Lauren van der Hamsvoord (Oosterhout).

Classification E-class Boys: 1. Erik Bikker (Rotterdam) 2. Stan Zeelenberg, 3. Max van Kolfschoten.
Rating E-class Girls: 1. Imke van Houwelingen, 2. Mila Prins, 3. Lauren van der Hamsvoord.

Class F (youth 9/10 years old)
Boys results: 1. Willem van Wijngaarden (Giesenberg) 2. Sina de Noyer (Oosterhout) 3. Zeb Mesker (Merkirk).
Girls score: 1. Marit Elgersma (Waspik) 2. Nikita Verhoeven (Kaatsheuvel) 3. Zoë van Waardenburg (Rhoon).

Classification F-class Boys: 1. Willem van Wijngaarden, 2. Zeb Mesker, 3. Senna de Nooyer.
Rated F-class Girls: 1. Nikita Verhoeven, 2. Marit Elgersma, 3. Zoë van Waardenburg.

G category (youth 6/8 years old)
Boys result: 1. Sven Mastenbrock (Rijswijk / NB) 2. Otto Rongen (Tilburg) 3. Guilty van der Leer (Dongen).
Girls score: 1. Charlotte van de Graaf (Grote Ammers) 2. Kate de Ruyter (Hardinksfeld) 3. Anna Kneipp (Alblacerdam).

Classification G-class Boys: 1. Sven Mastenbroek, 2. Jelte van der Leer, 3. Otto Rongen.
Class G for girls: 1. Charlotte van de Graaf, 2. Anna Knipp, 3. Velen Lagendijk (Giesenberg).

The next match is on Saturday January 7th at Grote Ammers.

Full results and standings:

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