“We’ve almost been caught before.”

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Mike (44) has been in a relationship with Simon (42) for 2 years. She is the mother of Jonah (11), Sophie (8) and Danny (5) and has two spouses, Martin (10) and Michael (7).

“Every morning I wake up feeling happy, so happy with the man next to me. Simon and I have been together for two years now, but I still feel just as in love as I did the first week. one.

Our relationship started as a secret affair. We were still married, I’m eleven years old, and Simon even twenty. We met through work. A fleeting encounter, but it hit the spot instantly. There was a story in Cake Mama about a woman who saw a guy on vacation while she was married and fell in love instantly loveThis is exactly what happened to us as well. We looked at each other and immediately knew we belonged. We are soulmates. There was nothing stopping him.

After a few secret dates in which we had crazy sex—we clicked really well in that area, too—I immediately told my husband I had someone else, was madly in love, and wanted a divorce. Despite his heartbreak, my ex was able to understand my feelings and we still have a good relationship. With Simon he had a very bad divorce, which continues to this day. His ex-wife is furious, and does not give him the light in his eyes and continues her litigation against him.

Not enough of each other

But still, despite all the tears, stress, and misery, we are so happy together. We can’t get enough of each other and have great sex every single day. Our blended family is doing very well. My kids love it and vice versa. We are on the same line in terms of upbringing and we can also tolerate each other’s criticism of each other’s children. His sons are with us a week and a week off, my children go to their father’s for the weekend twice a month. We’re childless for a weekend only once every two weeks; Two days, one night. These are the nights when we go out with toys and sex toys.

“Between two online meetings we have an afternoon swing.”

Simon and I have had quite a few bed partners and are very used to this area. I also had a healthy sex life with my ex, even though she was very straight and not more than once a week. But what we are witnessing now is unprecedented. We have a huge one sex drive loosened and ruined each other forever. When we make love, we completely melt. At first we were doing it six times a day, and we couldn’t get enough of it. At least every day now. Despite our busy family lives, we make sure to make time for her. Big plus: We are self-employed and work from home. Between two online meetings, we’ll have an afternoon swing. Or we wait until the whole thing is asleep or we watch TV downstairs.

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their love

Making love usually begins with a hint from another person. He taps my butt, my hands on my chest, I rub the inside of his leg or we kiss very little or very deeply. Then we move to the bedroom. Or the kitchen sink, stairs, sofa or lounge in the garden. We like to experiment, not only in places, but also in length of time and gender.

“We like to experiment, not just with places, but with length of time and gender.”

If all the kids are with their other parent, then we make love and it really could last an entire evening. A quick game between them, no foreplay, just holding her tight and pressing myself against the wall, I also find it very nice and sexy, but after that I don’t get an orgasm. No problem, then we’ll catch up with her in the evening or I’ll do it myself with a vibrator. I have one in the form of a microphone with dots. My ex hated it when I used him and felt threatened by him, but my love didn’t. He also likes to make me cum like that.

We usually set aside twenty to thirty minutes to watch an afternoon swing. Our favorite position is when I’m on top or on my hands and knees. OR 69: We both love receiving and performing oral sex. If we really had time, Simon would tie me hand and foot. We have professional straps so you can close them with Velcro. But we’re not extreme: It’s still likable and admirable.

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With five kids and a boost in libido, the chance of catching them is always there. This almost happened to us twice. Last summer we got up at half past five and went to enjoy the sunrise in the park. We started cuddling under a blanket on the couch and one thing automatically led to another. We were so busy that we forgot the kids had to go to school – luckily we finished in time when the kids went downstairs.

And when we were recently sitting on the sofa by the stove, both naked but not yet set to work, I suddenly saw Jonah’s head through the window of the living-room door. He stood with the handle in his hands and looked at us in amazement. Without thinking, I pushed Simon’s erection with my hand and covered his penis.

I apologized to Juna: he was not supposed to see this. But he was clearly such a funny face that he had been teasing me for days. Every time he saw me he would make the same movement with his hand and make fun of me. Well, at least he didn’t have any trauma.”

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