Three women have been nominated for Sportpromise of the Year

In the 7th Katwijkse Sports Elections, where athletes and teams from Katwijk are rewarded for their own performance, the jury nominates three young athletes for Promise of the Year: Floortje van Duijn (basketball), Gisel Noort Zwaan (boxing) and Jitte de Klerk (tennis Table).).

During the Sports Night on January 27, 2023, organized by Stichting Sportpromotie Katwijk, Sonny Speck, a local councilor for sport, will announce who can call himself Promise of the Year 2022. As usual, the Katwijk sports elections have four different categories: Team Sports, Sportsman and Sportsman , and promised the year. Until December 3, athletes from Katwijk, Renzburg and Valkenburg can submit their candidacies. After the jury announced last week the teams eligible for the title of Sports Team of the Year, this time it was revealed the names of three 14-year-old athletes who are eligible for the title of Promise of the Year.

Gite de Klerk – TTV Rijnsoever
Jitte de Klerk has been playing table tennis at TTV Rijnso since she was eight years old. She followed the example of her older farmers, Nils and Bjorn. What makes table tennis fun for her is that you can define and create your own game. As an 11-year-old, Jett was ranked first in her age group during the youth all-around, an important two-day tournament. This led to the 14-year-old Rijnsburg being allowed to take part in the Euro Mini Champs in France three years earlier. On May 28 of this year, Jett was crowned an all-around national youth champion for girls under the age of 15.

On August 27 of this year, Jett added a new pearl to her list of honors by winning the National Young Masters title. In the final, Jet was too strong for Lynn Shrigveen in three matches, who at that time was the second-ranked Dutchman in this age group. Because of this victory, Getty was allowed to participate in the senior tournament later that day, where she played three matches.

Giselle Norte Zwaan – Kamakura Boxing and Kickboxing Association
Geisel Norte Zwaan came to train at the Kamakrua Boxing and Kickboxing Association when he was 10 years old. It immediately popped up as it picked up all the techniques very quickly. After a year and a half, the 14-year-old Rensburg completed her first competitions in the ring. In addition to technique, Gisel has a lot of fighting spirit, which is also essential when entering the ring. In June of this year, I took part in the Youth Open in Leidchiven. The vwo student convincingly won that championship. This led to her being allowed to compete in the Youth Combat League to compete for the European title in the bantamweight division (up to 53.52 kg class). This title over five rounds of a minute and a half was part of the Best of Best Kickboxing Gala, which took place in Amsterdam on November 26. After that, Geisel was unanimously declared the new European champion. Overall, Geisel has so far won 20 of her 25 matches against Dutch, Belgian and German girls in her weight class.

Florty van Duyn – Sportive Grasshoppers
Florty van Duyn started playing basketball in 2016. She was seven years old at the time and started with the Sportiff Grasshoppers junior group. At the age of 11, Fleurty had already played in the under-14 team. In 2020, I started participating in the Sportiff Grasshoppers Top Sports Program. At the end of the 2021-2022 season, Fleuret was selected for the Dutch U-15 national team, for which he played some international matches in Denmark. She was also asked to join the Orange Lions Academy program. A great honor if you are only 13 and there is only room in the program for a maximum of 14 people each year. Floret decided not to take this step yet because of her age. This season, the 14-year-old from Katwijk will play in an under-18 team that plays in the Premier League. Her three-year-old sister, Dewey, also plays on this team. Fleurgy, who hails from the National Youth Sportive Grasshoppers Academy, is a very motivated player. She has a good skill set and tremendous flexibility.

Sports evening
The winners of the sports elections will be announced on January 27, 2023 during Sports Night. All Katwijk municipality sports associations are welcome to attend this special evening at the VV Quick Boys care home. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and, of course, to network. With music, a snack, a drink and a show by the duo Jaap Kloss and Crane Schweetemaker, this promises to be a real evening of Katwijkse sports.

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