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What happened in Alvin aan den Rijn last week? From the yellow code and hoisting of the human rights flag to a huge traffic jam on the N11. You can read this and more in our weekly overview on

Last Saturday, December 10th, Mayor Lisbeth Spiess, together with local councilor Anouk Nordermeer, held a Human rights science. This is to draw attention to the rights of people around the world on Human Rights Day.

Work on the Climate Forest began on Tuesday, December 13th In Alvin aan den Rhine. Alphen aan den Rijn will receive a climate forest to contribute to the greening of the municipality. The forest will be located next to the N11.

Wed morning at Animal Ambulance has reported an emerald duck sitting in the middle of the snow. An animal ambulance and firefighters arrived at the scene, after which the emerald duck was removed from the water by fire brigades. The animal ambulance took the bird to recover.

From the evening of Thursday, December 16th to Friday morning, December 17th KNMI code is yellow peace. This is due to the softness. The cause of the slip was showers or wet snow, which then froze on the roads.

Because everyday costs are going up and people are getting tougher financially The Food Bank organized a fundraiser. They did this in collaboration with Alvin Schools.

It was announced this week From January 1, 2023 test site At Tennishal de Nieuwe Sloot in Alphen aan den Rijn will be closed. This is because more and more people are being tested there for corona.

Messages from executors

Last weekend, a robbery was reported to the police at the Albert Heine in Aarhof. Two people, aged 44 and 31, were thirsty, after which they both stole two cans of Bacardi Cola. The 31-year-old was released, but was immediately able to return to the police.

On the morning of Saturday, December 11, there was a robbery at the Koeien en Kaas restaurant in Alphen aan den Rijn. A 22-year-old man allegedly stole two kegs of beer. The guy was caught here and it turned out that he took two gas bottles instead of two keg of beer.

Last weekend, there were eight crashes in the municipality of Alphen aan den Rhine. It was noticeable that one of the riders was the victim on several occasions. “Maybe something to do with the weather or the darkness,” police said. In the near future, the police will investigate more than bicycle lights.

It was very cold last week. Alvin residents who had to leave early in the morning by car in recent days need to zero first. If you don’t, you’re more likely to get into accidents, and you could get a €250 fine.

On the night of Wednesday 14 to Thursday 15 December, an accident occurred near Alven aan den Rijn. Things go wrong at Korteraarseweg in Aarlanderveen. The car driver lost control of the steering wheel due to the slippery road. Then he landed upside down in the ditch.

It was a busy Wednesday evening on the N11 motorway between Alphen and Bodegraven. There was a long traffic jam caused by multiple collisions on the N11. Motorists had to take additional travel time into account.


The Alvin City Council adopted the Fall Memorandum and accompanying documents on Thursday, December 15th. The service provider is against it, because it’s “not our policy” and the forum is against it, because it “has a lot of sustainability”. All other parties see Autumn Note as a “good piece”.

Alvin City Council agrees with MIPWI. It shows what will be built in terms of roads and houses and in what order this will happen. The Board does not require MIPWI to be improved.

Alvin aan den Rijn City Council wants this in its policy It is also included in the possibility of waiving the sewage fee. This is not possible yet. Alderman Anouk Nordermeer thinks it’s good, but he wants an evaluation.


It was last weekend Dutch Junior Championships At the Peter van den Hoogenband swimming course. Four AZC swimmers qualified for this short course: Jade van der Schrier, Mia Nahon, Adriaan Coppelmans, and Nina van der Schrier.

last week , Alphense Racing Club and select coach Mark Evers continued their collaboration into the 23-24 season. Evers is then entering his seventh season as head coach of the ARC Major Force.

It was the last few weeks Rhythmic gymnasts from the RKSV Alvins Association Willpower is active in four international tournaments. In addition to their four gold medals, they also took home the Netherlands with three silver and three bronze medals.

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