These are 14 restaurants in the West that are 100% safe for kids – food and drinks

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Children can swing and climb on De Gibraltar in the Haarlemmerweg. From February 14th, they can relax in the renovated salon with snacks or lunch. Another restaurant in the West where you can take your kids with you with confidence. These 14 titles are also 100% Kids guide.

Bella’s story
When my funky Milan neighbor son was six years old, he couldn’t be beat away from this Italian Trattoria at Bentinckstraat. Don’t blame him: Italians love children and treat everyone well Bambino like a star. Plus, the chefs at Bella Storia make all the pasta themselves and prepare the pizzas in a wood-stone oven. As a teenager, he regularly visits Milan. Three guesses where he will go on his first date.

Amsterdam Cafe and Restaurant
Every child immediately feels at home in this mega-store in Watertorenplein. Plenty of space, friendly staff, coloring pictures, a basketball court in front of the door and the right meals: pancakes, hamburgers with fries, ice cream, Verkade chocolate bars and Kinder Surprise eggs.

Shasha Restaurant and Cafe
The former church on the Chasséstraat has been transformed into a vibrant complex of dance studios, a hotel, a bar and a restaurant. Wherever you are, you will find caring and motivated employees. Creamy Delicious: Let your child make their own sandwich, salad or pasta. Then, peek out from behind the window at the dancers sweating through the studios. Or, even more fun, book a class (Breakdance Kids?).

Bakery corner
If there is one tent Girly girly Then this tent in Wilhelminaplein is it. Decor like a crazy wah wah dream full of unicorns and My Little Ponies. Plates with piles Red velvet pancakes, cups of pink chocolate milk, huge scones with whipped cream and pancakes of all colors of the rainbow. It’s all very hysterical. And always busy.

Rembrandt’s living room
First walk in Rembrandtpark, then relax in Orteliuskade. On Sunday you can join the brunch table from 10 am to 1 pm and eat and drink whatever is on the table. What is lunch on Saturday? French toast with jam, for example, Turkish yogurt with granola and buckwheat sandwiches with salmon, chives and cream cheese. Also in the evening there are plenty of goodies available, such as a hamburger with french fries and mayonnaise.

Western Fruit Garden
A piece of countryside in the city, including an orchard of 6.5 hectares. If there is something to harvest, you can pick yourself for pittance. Huge chickens roam freely in this complex on Tom van Schreursweg, dogs sniffing at each other and kids running from the heat to them. French toast and apple pie are available in the garden café. Who knows, there’s also clay oven pizza. Don’t forget the cheese tasting at Mathilde’s Cheese, the brand-new Cheese Workshop.

the ward
In Van Beuningenplein, children swim in a kind of pool in the summer. The rest of the time they bike, skate or dance there. Their parents keep an eye on things from behind the glass windows of Het Paviljoen while they eat tapas. Children allowed themselves to be tempted with pancakes, toasted sandwiches or apple pie.

Sugar Auntie Cafe
It’s never boring in this coffee shop. Kids go wild with all the toys out there. They bake cookies, pizza, or decorate cakes. Parents have a drink with wine and beer and a plate of snacks. There are also plenty of cakes, soups, and sandwiches. Until March 2nd in two different locations: De Havelaar (Douwe Dekkerstraat) and De Tulp (Postjeskade). Then only in de Tulip.

Nice – good
Next door to Croquette on the Danzigerkader is perhaps the most child-friendly restaurant in Amsterdam. Kids can order their favorite movies in the private cinema, play games without being disturbed, cook in the kids kitchen or play a game of table football. On the menu: children’s classics like kipling, sausage and pancakes, but also more serious works like pork belly with scallops, Thai fish curry and pumpkin ravioli.

Mock pies
On De Clercqstraat you will find the most beautiful and delicious pancake party in town. They are made of this Healthy stuff like organic spelled flour, but it’s definitely not ga. Example: Chocolate sensation with chocolate sauce, fruits and shredded coconut.

Hassard Bar
Super Deluxe Fritterie on Douwes Dekkerstraat with shiny tablecloths and cutlery and top-quality products: crispy golden fries, Holtkamp croquettes, huge tender satay of chicken thighs and Fish and chips. High class snacks, perfect after a kids movie at their nearby movie hall.

Podium mosaic
The most beautiful building in Bos en Lommerweg is fit for a fairy tale of 1001 nights. Every weekend from 10 am to 3 pm. You can have breakfast like a sultan (small / large, small / large). This Turkish breakfast is one of BoLo’s best sellers: colorful, varied, delicious, and surprising.

Toon Ton Club West
Little Amsterdammerti doesn’t tip his hand for colorful Asian dishes, from noodle dishes to salads. After these taste sensations, we move on to real excitement: arcades with pinball machines, Japanese computer games and air hockey. Lots of incentives, yes. But my “little loaned kid” Sim could handle it and turned out to be a real talent at air hockey. I think he’s ready for PUCK, Europe’s first air hockey hall, which opens on February 23 at Jan Evertsenstraat.


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