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A family with young children at SkiWelt ski lift smiling
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Beautiful slopes with children at SkiWelt Going

At SkiWelt Going, kids can take ski lessons at the Pingu Kinder Club. SkiWelt Going is a relatively quiet ski area. The best blue slopes for families with children are 102 and 102a. The valley track in front of Astberg, 100b, is very convenient to end the day of skiing together at the end of the afternoon.

A family with young children in SkiWelt on the ski slope
© SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental / Mathäus Gartner

Many easy blue slopes in SkiWelt Ellmau

In SkiWelt Ellmau you will find many easy blue slopes, which are easily reached by cable car. At the front of the Hartkaiser, 80 km long is a beautiful blue canyon that runs for the whole family. On top of the Hartkaiser is the “Experience Eldorado”, with a children’s restaurant, babysitting and Ellmi’s Winterworld, where children can have fun.

A valley stretch made especially for families at SkiWelt Scheffau

SkiWelt Scheffau has many blue slopes around Brandstadl. There are also two valleys that extend especially for families. Of these, the Blue Canyon, which stretches 61 km from the summit of Brandstadl, is picturesquely long. On top of the mountain is a ski school with a large children’s area, where children can take ski lessons in a playful way.

Adventure slopes at SkiWelt Söll

At the bottom of the valley with Hexenwiese, SkiWelt Söll immediately offers a large training area, which everyone can use for free. Both at the middle station and at the mountain station of the gondola lift, the ski school has children’s areas with ski lessons and child care. Recommended for the whole family is the Hans im Glück and Hexenwelle trail. Adventure slopes where the action of the game is all about technique, skill and a lot of fun. For a special family adventure in SkiWelt Söll, you can get free tickets for the Raben Rally at the box office. This is a ski treasure hunt for the whole family, which takes you through the best slopes in SkiWelt Söll.

Quiet and spacious nursery slopes in SkiWelt Itter

At SkiWelt Itter, the two training lifts and training slope in the village are great for kids. It’s quiet and there’s plenty of room to turn on the first turns. For families with children who have already mastered some techniques, the quiet Red Canyon, which runs 30 km from the top of the Kleine Salve to Itter, is recommended.

A parent and young child together on the slopes at SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental
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Popular family slopes in the SkiWelt Hopfgarten

SkiWelt Hopfgarten offers many easy blue slopes. The ski slopes at Foischinglift are very popular with families with children. A new ski run, Schernthann-Wildbichl, has been constructed making it easier to reach. Also new is the Schernthann 6-person chair with heating, covers and auto-rising aids for the little ones. Training slopes and ski schools with child care can be found in the village centre.

Popular family slopes in SkiWelt Westendorf

At SkiWelt Westendorf, the training slope in the center of the village is ideal for getting used to the feel of the snow. Many winter sports enthusiasts start their day here, because an easy ski run leads from here to the valley station of the Alpenrosen gondola. Once at the top, you can choose from a large number of long descents. The Blue Valley Run 111 is most popular for all, with and without children. But also the valley 110 runs from the middle station of the Alpenrosenbahn and trail 117 from the top of Fleiding, the highest point of the SkiWelt, is ideal for skiing with children.

Father and child in the snow on the SkiWelt slide
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Entertainment around the igloo village of SkiWelt Brixen

In SkiWelt Brixen you will find all ski schools, children’s areas and training slopes at the top of the Hochbrixen Cable Car. There is also a connection to the Zinsbergbahn, which is a lift combined with gondolas and chairs. From the Zinsbergbahn mountain station, it is recommended to take the blue slope 2a with children. This wonderful trail takes you back to Hochbrixen, where you should definitely look at the Alpeniglu® village. This igloo village is rebuilt every winter. You will find 18 igloos, a restaurant, a bar with colorful drinks from ice mugs, and an igloo church. Stopping by to tour the igloo village is well worth it.

Children up to 15 years old enter the skis for free

SkiWelt offers an attractive early and late season offer, especially for families. When a parent purchases a ski pass for at least three days, children up to 15 years old receive a free ski pass with the same validity period. This saves you money on your vacation budget! Promotion period: December 8-16, 2022 and March 18, 2023 to April 10, 2023.

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