Patrick Keiken: Radioland’s Imitators

[BLOG] Monday is the day, then Talpa Radio 10 will start again with “Smile 10”. A channel-level game in which listeners have to guess who is laughing. Something exactly that was done about 10 years ago by DJ Jules van Hest on Radio Veronica’s Weekend Shows. Is this the only case of blatant copying in the Radioland area or are there more examples?

At Radio Talpa, they have a hand in it anyway, picking up on something someone else has already done in exactly the same way. During Kicken’s Volle Vrijdagshow on Veronica, also about 10 years ago, I always had a mystery guest in the studio. The listener had to guess who it was based on questions from me. Lots of response. So it makes sense that Frank Dane would do exactly the same thing on his Friday night show on Radio 538. Now you could say the concept of a “mysteryguest” is as old as Road to Rome, but in this form and at this time came a very bad deal.

This is also the criticism the 538 often has to put up with. If QMusic makes The Wrong Hour, we’ve got Die Verrückte Halbe Stunde. QMusic does the Top 40, we do the Top 50. If QMusic does the Top 50s for a week, we’re doing the Top 10 hits for a week. I think the listener will get it at some point, this repetitive, dependent behavior. Wouldn’t it be smarter to get a few creative heads together and come up with something original that will set you apart from the competition?

It’s not much better in the land of podcasts. Jill Belin has tried everything in the podcasting business, but it just doesn’t work. He watched my series with RadioHelden and thought I’d meet deejays too, but from the (international) dance scene. I can appreciate that, because he did it his way with slightly different people. But when he saw the success my podcast had Live without stress In which I’ve been talking to people about meaning and spirituality for 5 years, he just couldn’t resist doing exactly the same. First, let’s see the people who have done a good job with me on the podcast and on YouTube and go, interview the entire list with the same people. Only when I addressed him in a LinkedIn post did he go his own way and talk to people who had never been to me. At a certain point, I took a different route with podcasting myself by having “three conversations” with two people at the same time, and I recorded several conversations with other podcasters. to keep it a little more original. This is your job as a media maker! Don’t do something that has already been done hoping it will radiate in you.

In any case, Jill is no stranger to imitating someone’s style. Take Howard Stern’s Private Parts for example. If you put it next to Beelen’s broadcasting career, you can see that he pretty much took her as an example and began doing everything Stern did with shocking effect, including sex on the radio. Of course he also did many original things, like his drug experiments at night, Giel Mobile, and daring to interrupt live shows that seemed like nothing. Enough about Jill, let’s hope he gets (and takes!) the chance to reinvent himself. We are waiting for his first column on radio, although writing is not his strong point. Admittedly: Gil has now given his own spin on Kukuru’s podcast even more by going on stage, on location, with some of the audience to meet his spiri wiri guests, where he’s also pictured. I record it in the attic of the house, without being in the audience or myself. Keep it up Jill, stay original!

Of course, every radio maker initially takes someone as an example. For years, I was also a mixture of Evers’ enthusiasm, Stenders’ brutality, and Van Inkel’s toughness. But at some point, you really have to dare to focus on it. I also think that this is the worst thing in all this, with all this copying behavior, we are sending a signal to the Young Guard that this is the natural course of events on the radio. You don’t have to be original, just copy what has already been done. In that regard, I really respect someone like Edwin, who just sings on The Masked Singer. Eau de Wilde who starts drawing. Or Luc Van Roij who is now just a newsreader. Instead of continuing to do the same trick for years or thinking “hey, I can do what he’s doing, but better”. All these new athletes reading “what to do” scripts, sigh.

Some say “everything is already done with the radio”. I dare doubt it. That’s why I did “The Blues Weather Report” with Veronica, where I sang the weather to the beat of the blues instead of telling it. Why do I hear them everywhere busy with “Make it or Crack it” like items. Dare to do something original! And this could be derived from something. In addition to being professionally plagiarized from Jules van Hest, De Lach van 10 is also loosely based on De Stemband, but in a different way. I once did “Guess the Animal” with Veronica, which also received a lot of response. animal sound but what is it? QMusic has The Sound, but it takes a slightly different approach by opting for an object, well. Jeroen van Incel did something like The Tongue Twister, Timur Perlin turned it into Mama Appelsap. And success. Top 2000, NPO Radio 2’s annual hit, was of course also stolen from the Top 1000, but they made it public again by putting on more unexpected music. The Top 4000 started out as a Top 40 promotional tool, but Radio 10 now rightfully looms as the longest-targeted list in the Netherlands, which again has something to say for it.

For the Stenders, I once took on a segment on an American radio show in which people were called out with quotes from Jack Nicholson, and it became such a popular item for him for years that he had parts on Road to Tomorrow, Baantjer and later De Rijdende Rechter. Eventually, Curry & Van Inkel also duplicated the morning show in the American Z100, but well, there’s still quite a stretch of sea between them. Do you know another example of shameful copying in the Netherlands without citing the source? This actually keeps us secretly trapped in a radio landscape with very little movement and innovation, which is why I’m talking about it here as well. Which is one of the biggest reasons why I write these columns. It’s even the reason I left Veronica’s and never planned to work there again: too little room to be authentic. Let me do a show with a Friday night classic HipHop that’s airing in 3 different countries, and it’s not yet available in that format at the time, so that adds up. Occasionally, my brother as a boyfriend or my girlfriend or my 11-year-old daughter, you laugh, right?

Then Coen & Sander can say in a video interview (where have we seen that before?) that they deserve their paycheck, and I think you deserve it only if you stay original and not the same every year and every day does like the day before. As radio expert Dan O’Day always rightly states: “To be predicted on radio is to die.” I would translate it for Giel: “If you become projected on the radio, you are dead.” Some free, well-meaning advice for Beelen: go wash old people’s asses or collect money for the homeless, at least something that doesn’t concern you. We know that shock now. Or have good talks with politicians for BNNVARA on NPO Radio 1, you can do that too. Or would you rather go to the books as a single pony?

Patrick Keiken

Oh yeah, these are the names now making the rounds for Veronica’s new afternoon show: Rick Van Velthuisen, Tim Klein, Rob Stenders, Bart Ahrens (!) or Eddie Kohr. Who do you put your money on? It wouldn’t be Wouter van der Goes, who was running for PD in 538. De Mol clearly wants to steal someone from the market leader. And very few of the young new talents are original enough for a daily show. Or they themselves say no, like Egmar Felicia on Late Night 538: “I’d rather focus on my TV career.”

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