Not outrageously expensive, and not decadent

I could have done a lot of good, said a friend who died very early. And that was true, because he was an engineer. Perhaps Volkswagen also has such talented boys and girls who wanted to contribute something. It is possible. Stylish Polo for young couples with good prospects, nice Passat for the whole family. In this way, the German reformer made a satisfied anonymous contribution to the useful means of transportation one after another. Until one day the CEO decided to get a T-Roc made convertible.

How? The T-Roc is a tall, stocky, crossover. At Land Rover, they’ve beheaded the Evoque before, but it could shine on the Zuidas, which VW isn’t allowed to do. The convertible is also lower, preferably smooth and likes to be flattering with the casual touch Volkswagen just hasn’t perfected – see the failed Eos.

On the other hand: what will it be. The engine is such an afterthought, you can’t hear it with the hood down anyway, so this might be just as good as the three or four cylinders from the regular T-Roc. Beauty is also not mandatory. The first Golf Cabriolets were not models of elegance, with chubby roof rails and slouchy bodies. The T-Roc’s soft canvas upper perfectly matches the Beetle’s open-top tradition of the popular convertible.

In the sum of its features, the Volkswagen remained defensible. It’s not outrageously expensive, and it’s not decadent. Four, with some push up to five people fit into it. The Passat family can leisurely relax in their well-deserved second car on Free Saturday.

It’s amazing how they managed to turn it into a Volkswagen. Inside, from the dashboard to the seats, everything is black. So are the Germans, with their Gothic souls in one chest. T-Roc usually pays Monk for the self-indulgence he generated. The classic Volkswagen convertible was like a tote bag with jute lining. At best I found a cozy window inside, but it really couldn’t get any nicer.

Engineers have worked hard on utility value. According to the on-board computer, it consumed 1 in 18 after 457 kilometers at an average speed of 77 per hour. This brings the T-Roc’s range to more than 800 kilometres. On the highway, I drive with the hood closed so as not to burn alive in sunny weather, but it is hardly less economical to open it. beautiful.

Scary touch key

The source of irritation remains the process. It constantly seems like I’ve inadvertently turned things on or off. Suddenly it gets warmer in the car. Hello, the automatic temperature control is turned off. Then again, cruise control automatically dives from 110 to 100. Or the on-board computer is on a list that was never checked. Did you accidentally touch something? Is the program missing? Maybe the first. The problem with the T-Roc is the touch sensitivity of the controls. Simply slide your left thumb over the button field on the steering wheel or accidentally touch one of the dreaded touch buttons on the dash when putting the phone away, or touch a bee again. Sometimes it’s just misunderstood German logic. When the convertible top is opened, the climate control turns off automatically, okay. But after folding, the side windows should go up and the window on the right should hang halfway. Only after some persistence does he recover. Navigation is slow and bogged down. Moreover, the on-board computer constantly warns incorrectly about flat tyres, and I can only reassure the software by confirming over and over in the touchscreen menu that I agree with the current tire pressure. The engineer in charge who hears this complaint with tears in his eyes will think: Well, I could have done a lot of useful, but the manager made me go with the times if necessary.

It doesn’t matter, I’m happy, I’m driving open. I see the Danish coast under the saturated blue late-summer sky, I smell life before we lost it in the fall or poutine. That remains unique to convertibles: it doesn’t matter which car. If only there was light. So if it has to be fresh, feel free to take this one. They’re German, and they’ll fix it. They call it Wiedergutmachung over there and it always works. Heating too, they are very hardy. Happy ending!

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