Friday the 13th: Jorben Laureysen follows his heart in the cross


This winter, WielerFlits launches a new division: Friday, the 13th. Every Friday at 1.13pm you can read an interview with a cross or cyclocross racer who has finished 13th the weekend before. This ranges from little girls to elite men, from C2-cross to the World Cup. what’s the story This week, the thirteenth issue in Exact Cross Essen: Yorben Lauryssen.

We spoke to Lauryssen while he’s at training camp in Spain, where he’s gone after losing in Essen last weekend. 20-year-old West Fleming finished 13th. “A good result was possible and I was hoping to get into the top 10, but it just didn’t work out,” Laurisen looks back. “It was a good start, but during the cross I had one less moment. You give a lot at the start and then you pay for it during the race. In the end I got through it. Overall I’m satisfied, but I could have hoped for more.”

Many of the top riders were missing out in Essen, and this opened up opportunities for cyclists like Laurissen. “You learn a lot from a competition like this. You don’t have a chance every week to start in the second row while on TV. It was an opportunity I wanted to take to put myself in the spotlight. It’s important for me to show myself at certain times, being in the third year of the U-21.” But it’s also important for the team to show what I can do,” said Bowles driver Suzyn Bingwall.

Yorben Lauryssen earlier this season – Image: Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal (archive)

From the way to the cross
Until he was fifteen, Laurisen combined racing, cross-country, and playing soccer. Then he had to choose. “But this choice was made quickly, because I was better at cycling. I had to leave my friends behind, but I am happy with the choice.” “For my first two years as a U23, I raced mainly on the road (in the EFC-L & R-Vulsteke, ed.), but I didn’t like it. They said I had to make a decision on the spot my first year, but I didn’t feel good about it. “.

“Then Mario de Klerk asked me if I wanted to go back to cross country in Baulse Suzen Bingwall. And I missed cross so badly. Then I made the decision and followed my heart: I came back to cross. There is another plus, because you can also ride a nice road program in the summer with the cyclocross team This combination suits me very well, because I also want to show myself on the road. I will continue to follow my heart, because if everything is fine, performance will follow automatically, ”says Lauryssen.

Jorben Laurissen at the 2019 World Cup in Namur – Photo: Cor Voss

improvement points
However, the striker from Roksem, somewhere between Bruges and Ostend, knows he still has to make moves. “They are definitely there. I’m a little behind in my development and I want to get a little closer to the under-23 summit in Belgium. Right now I’m just behind. So I’m hoping to get into the top five or a podium next season, but that’s a development I still have to do.” “It’s realistic.

“I have to drive more tactically. For example, now I often start on full throttle, while others have to get more out of the way. I do it quite a bit now. If I’m driving ten meters behind a group, no I should keep driving but look back and sit at the wheel. Then I can take a break for a while, instead of driving in between on my own,” says Lauryssen. “So I have to organize my pursuit more and I can also achieve great development physically. In terms of my form, I’m a little better.”

Since last summer, Lauresen has been developing it with trainer Michel Gerink, who also trains riders like Jasper Stuyven, Brent Van Moer and Vincent Bastains. “I have a feeling it’s clicking and I’m really making moves. I’d like to continue that streak towards next season,” says 20-year-old West Fleming, who wants to finish the full vows season. So he will stay with Suzyn Bingwall’s Bowles until the 2023-2024 season.

Jorben Laurison on his way to victory in Schnezgen – Photo: Steven Mussiggang

tension in Switzerland
In the coming weeks we will see Lauryssen in Mol, Heusden-Zolder and Diegem and on January 2nd in Meilen, Switzerland. “I am the leader in the Swiss Cyclocross Cup after four out of five races and I would like to defend that lead. But the final win will not be easy, because I will be competing with Loris-Roeller there.” Laurissen also took his only victory of the season in the Alpine country. Partly due to his victory in Schneesgen, he is now at the top of the ranking. This is followed by junctions in Koksijde and BK in Lokeren.

“And I hope to be in the second selection of the reserves for the World Cup in Sonhoven. I will be very happy with that. The Under-23 World Cup is a bit ambitious, because we already have six excellent under-21 players. Said the forward, who also studies sport and exercise at the University of Bruges. , “I belong in the top 10.” “This fits well with my sport and the combination is great. I will stay in school until the end of my promise term.”

Good luck this weekend, men and women. May the best win. And remember: thirteen isn’t always an unlucky number!

Profile Jorben Lloresen

Photo: Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal

Noun: Jorben Lawrson
Country: science be Belgium
age: 20 years
category: Promises of men (third year)
plow: Bowls Sauces – Banjul
Favorite cross: Koppenbergcross, which I won as a junior. It’s a classic for everyone, but a little more special for me.
If I weren’t a motocross racer, I would be: Football player, I did it until I was fifteen. Then I chose race and cross. I am a fan of Club Brugge and often go there to watch it.
Career Objective: My achievable goal is to become a professional within two years. It would be a dream if it came true. Next stage You will become the world champion in cyclocross. It really is a big dream.
superstitious: I’m not really superstitious. Number 13 doesn’t bring me bad luck either. During the World Championships my first year as a junior, I rode No. 13. I didn’t ask myself any questions at the time. I thought it was so cool that she was number 13, I was 17 with her in Dubendorf.

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