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Every year I encounter the same thing over and over again. The thing is, in the middle of December, my kid asks for an advent calendar. But yeah, for those who know a little about how an advent calendar works, buying an advent calendar in mid-December is no longer very helpful. Except that advent calendars are for sale. I can of course think, I will buy one for next year. Unfortunately, I’m not that advanced.

The most beautiful Advent calendars 2022

So every year I decide to buy an advent calendar for my child just in time for next year. And guess what? I just remembered him this year! So over the past few days I have done a great search for the best advent calendars for babies. The great thing is that I can now share with you exactly which ones are the best Advent calendars 2022 for the little ones. And I can remind you to buy one now and not wait until mid-December.

The best advent calendar for your baby naturally contains games. Although I’m a chocolate The advent calendar can also be worn on my children.

Advent calendar from LEGO

popularity The advent calendar is the LEGO calendar. the Therefore, the LEGO advent calendar is available in different game lines. Of course there is one Calendar of the appearance of LEGO City on the market. This is what comes back every year. And of course The LEGO Friends advent calendar is also a must-have.

In addition, I see between The LEGO 2022 advent calendars also feature Harry Potter and Marvel. With these game sets I also have access to my kids and hence, as far as I am concerned, I also highly recommend.

Advent calendar from Playmobil

In addition to LEGO, Playmobil is also a popular brand in demand. Playmobil advent calendars are completely in line with the children’s world. For example, Playmobil’s most popular Advent calendar is “Baking Christmas cookiesDesignation.

The nice thing about Playmobil advent calendar, also applies to The advent calendar from LEGO, is one that you can very well add to your game collection. Don’t have random (read garbage) games lying around at the end of December.

For the little ones, Plymobil has it 1.2.3 Water Christmas CalendarThis is also very fun and you can use it in the shower.

Kinder chocolate advent calendar

Like I said, with chocolate Advent Calendar I definitely don’t miss the mark with my kids. In fact, they love it! the The Kinder chocoalde advent calendar is a huge hit. You know chocolate eggs, right? Well, my kids could never resist them either. Chocolate with a surprise is just the perfect combination. Approves? Then you must have the Kinder Chocolate Advent Calendar!

Auto advent calendar

Of course you don’t need an advent calendar from a specific brand, you can often find a nice one at Action, Kruidvat or Hema. Then they’re often a lot cheaper, too.

Not brand name, not very cheap but very nice, this advent calendar with cars and traffic. This advent calendar is full of cars, race cars, fire trucks, and even helicopters. There is also a playing card included, where your little one can let the cars go through.

Advent calendar with unicorns and dinosaurs

This unbranded advent calendar is also available in a unicorn and dino version. The unicorn advent calendar contains all kinds of gifts like pencils, ruler, eraser, memo, sharpener and jewelry. And the dinosaur advent calendar is, of course, full of dinos.

Schleich advent calendar

But if you go for a unicorn or dino advent calendar, I still recommend it Schleich Advent calendar for your consideration. The Payala series of toys and dinosaur figures are also available in an advent calendar. and who play the characters If you know a little Schleich, you know you’re getting quality anyway. You won’t be disappointed until the last box.

In addition, it has Schleich, of course, placed the famous horses in the advent calendar. So there is also a calendar of the appearance of the horse on the market.

Advent calendar with fidget toys

The last fun advent calendar I came across for kids was this advent calendar full of fidget toys. I don’t know if it’s still a trend in 2022, but my kids still love it!

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