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On Sunday, Qatar officially denied its involvement in the bribery scandal that is shaking the European Union to its foundations. “The State of Qatar categorically rejects any attempts to link it to allegations of misconduct,” a statement issued by the European Union delegation to the Gulf country hosting the World Cup said. The statement described reports that the country was involved in the corruption case as “baseless and seriously misleading”.

This weekend, the Belgian investigative authorities arrested four suspects. Among them is the Greek Social Democratic MP Eva Kaili, Vice-President of the European Parliament. She cannot claim immunity because there is talk of her being caught with “pockets full” of money. The suspects had received large sums of money to influence the decisions of the European Parliament. A total of 630,000 euros in cash were seized. Other Italian Social Democrats are also said to be implicated in the case, including the head of a trade union, which is all the more outrageous given the appalling working conditions in Qatar.

The Belgian judiciary has not yet announced who is the main suspect in the corruption case as an agent, nor who the suspects are. The four arrested are suspected of money laundering, corruption and participation in a criminal organization. Two more have since been released, including Kylie’s father who was carrying the bag of money when he left the hotel. A house search was carried out on Saturday at the home of an MEP. It is about the Belgian Social Democrat Marc Tarabella, deputy head of the European Union delegation for relations with the Arabian Peninsula. He recently praised Qatar’s efforts in the field of human rights.

Trabella denies any involvement in corruption. “The judiciary is doing its intelligence and investigative work, which I consider normal. I have nothing to hide and I will answer all questions to clarify this matter,” said the politician, whose computers and mobile phones were confiscated. The French-speaking PS announced that he should appear before the party’s ethics committee. She is also under fire in Belgium for controversial remarks in the Walloon Parliament.

According to Michiel van Holten of the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International, a culture of impunity has developed within the European Parliament with very loose financial regulations and controls as well as a complete lack of independent oversight. He calls for radical reform.

VRT offers more insight into what the research might focus on, as well as an imagery campaign around the FIFA World Cup.

“There is another profile that could play a role,” says Rob Herbutt, VRT NWS journalist. “Qatar has the opportunity to liberalize visas. This means that residents of Qatar who have a valid passport can travel to the European Union without a visa. This file is under discussion in the European Parliament and Kylie has taken a positive position on it.”

“This is a very serious attack on the reputation of the European Parliament, which is shameful and unacceptable,” European Commissioner for the Economy Paolo Gentiloni told Italy’s Rai channel. According to the Italian media, the Italian former Member of Parliament Pier Antonio Panzeri and the General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITV), the Italian Luca Visentini, are also participating.

The Italian commissioner to the European Union said: “If it is confirmed that someone has received money to influence the opinion of the European Parliament, I think it will indeed be one of the most dramatic corruption cases in recent years.”

Meanwhile, more becomes clear about what is going on with Eva Kylie, who was carrying a suitcase full of money when she was arrested. Large sums of cash were also found in her apartment. She apparently lobbied for Qatar, along with her partner Francesco Giorgi, who was a parliamentary aide. But her lecherous demeanor went way beyond pressure.

The Greek also suddenly appeared during the vote in the Parliamentary Committee on lifting the visa requirement, which coincidentally requires the approval of European Union countries, while it is not part of that committee. MEPs often allow themselves to be replaced by one of the group’s members, but Kylie behaved strangely, says one of the four other Social Democratic vice-presidents. “I sat all the way around, where usually only employees sit,” Katharina Barley tells German broadcaster ZDF. “You could also say: she was hiding.” Belgian Social Democrat Marc Tarabella, a suspect in the corruption scandal, also voted. Vote for Qatar. Parliament in its entirety has yet to confirm this statement, which now, most likely, will not happen.

In November, she defended Qatar in parliament, describing it as “a model for working conditions in the Arab world”.

The scandal hit the Social Democrats hard. The Greek PASOK party promptly expelled her from the party, and the European Parliament’s Social Democratic group immediately suspended her work. All her bank accounts and credits were also blocked.

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy commissioner, calls this issue “very, very serious”. He does not want to talk about the possible consequences for Qatar as long as evidence of corruption has not yet surfaced.

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