Five clashes with colleagues | Verstappen and Pérez left nothing of a good relationship in Brazil

Formula 1 has a rich history of teammates making each other’s lives miserable, despite the rule that you shouldn’t do that to a teammate. In 2022, too, we’ve seen some moments where teammates have been rivals before. F1 max List five of those moments.

Tsunoda tries to catch up to Gasly, but she purrs

We start at the British Grand Prix, when AlphaTauri teammates Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly have a minor accident. The two were fighting each other in the opening stage of the game and it ended with communication between the two who actually get along well. Tsunoda tried to overtake Gasly on the inside of turn 1 but he spun and hit his stablemate.

Tsunoda was guilty, but thought Gasly was sending him. The Japanese said at the time: “I couldn’t avoid a collision at the start of the race, a car slid sideways in front of me and there was nothing I could do about it.” Gasly was furious. “It was an unnecessary crash,” said the Frenchman. “After the accident with Yuki, I had damage to the rear wing, so we had to enter the pit lane.”

Schumacher wants Magnussen to make way, but he’s not getting what he wants

After the race, at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, there was no actual collision, but the interests of Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher collided. The latter was in a battle with Lewis Hamilton during Saturday’s sprint. A good chance for the German to prove himself, you think. But if it were up to Schumacher, that duel never happened. He could see that he was much faster than teammate Magnussen, who was ahead of him at the time.

Schumacher wanted to pass, but Haas, at least for the German, didn’t set the record straight. All the more frustrating for the 23-year-old. “Of course it was fun fighting with Hamilton, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. In some ways I was a bit faster than Magnussen. I had more speed to get to the front. I felt like I was going to attack Esteban Ocon in front of me and basically save Magnussen’s skin.

Ocon makes Alonso’s life miserable in the opening stages

At the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso met on several occasions. For example, Ocon blocked Alonso’s lane just after the pit lane and turned hard into the first corner. Later in the lap, Alonso attempted to pass Ocon again, this time on the outside of turn 6, but Ocon again barely cleared the gap.

This caused great frustration for Alonso, who saw how his Alpine team-mate was not acting in the best interest of the team. “I’ve never seen Esteban defend in my life. Never. Against the wall, then turn 2 and now turn 6. Never before,” the two-time world champion was furious. Later in the season, at a sprint race in Brazil, the two met again. Then, too, there was damage and no points were scored on Saturday.

Vettel talks a bit about Stroll’s work

We’re sticking around for the sprint in Brazil, because two other teammates crashed there, too. It’s about Aston Martin racing duo Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel. On the ninth lap of the short race, the four-time world champion chased after his teammate. After exiting the third round, the German was even better Exit And he managed to open the attack on the Canadian. But there was no catching up.

This had something to do with how Stroll defended against Vettel. As Heppenheimer attempted to pass the inside of his teammate, Stroll pushed him into the grass, forcing Vettel to reduce the pace. A little later, the 35-year-old, now retired, made a few words about that incident on the on-board radio. “Okay,” was all that came out of Vettel’s mouth.

Verstappen does not want to give up sixth place to Perez

Vettel and Stroll, along with Ocon and Alonso, weren’t the only ones having a moment in Brazil. Things also went wrong at Red Bull Racing, as everything looked good between Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez. On the final lap of the Grand Prix, Verstappen, who was sixth, was instructed to let his teammate pass. This had to do with the tournament’s P2 fight, which Perez was still participating in at the time. But letting it pass is exactly what Verstappen didn’t do.

Instead, the two-time champion disobeyed the team’s order, leaving a furious Perez to cross the finish line in seventh place. However, Verstappen was completely infuriated and brought it up on the on-board radio. I already told you about summer! Don’t ask me again, is that clear? I explained it to you and I support it. Perez also showed his anger. “Yes, he showed who he really is!” , he said of Verstappen.

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