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Do you already know the Dutch series Modern Love Amsterdam? This Amazon Original series can be watched from today – Friday, December 16 – not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world in more than 240 countries and regions. Find out all about the Modern Love Amsterdam team, stories and more in this article…

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Love Talk Amsterdam

The six-part Dutch series, Modern Love Amsterdam, features diverse stories about love and relationships, based on the popular column from The New York Times. The pillars form the heartwarming basis of the series, with each episode showing love in different guises. All of these stories are based on real events. The story takes place in Amsterdam, from Central Station and Amstel to the north and southeast of Amsterdam.

First find out more about the stories and then get to know the Modern Love Amsterdam team, the directors and – as far as I’m concerned – the interesting show for Prime Video.

Modern love stories amsterdam

What stories can you expect in episodes of Modern Love Amsterdam? There are six episodes in total, meaning six different episodes. Here you can find out what is going on around them.

  1. Roos (Eva van de Wijdeven) is often disappointed in love and now he keeps the boat at bay. Until you see a call in the supermarket from someone who saw her in the park…
  2. The relationship between Katja (Rifka Lodezen) and Simon (Romen Konen) has changed, after Simon is left partially paralyzed and locked up after a medical error. Simon then makes Katja a proposal that puts everything on the line…
  3. During the first Christmas without mom Liz (Ross Uehand), Benjamin (Jonas Smulders) wants to ask the “big questions” – following in his mom’s tradition. This encounters much resistance from his older brothers Alex (Bart Harder) and Marius (Jelle Mensink).
  4. Dwayne (Werner Kolf) is unable to give in to his family’s happiness with Marisa (Joy Wielkens) and his two daughters, because he lost his first wife and two young sons during Hurricane Irma on St. Martin.
  5. Colette (Elke Badenburg) and her friend Naomi (Hannah van Fleet) have a wish for a baby and are in seventh heaven when his good friend Boaz (Fyodor Josefzon) wants to provide his sperm as a donor. Or are the plans coming very soon…
  6. Guus (Fedja van Huêt) and Lil (Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing) have an open relationship. They can handle that well until Lil and her lover Bruno (Martin Hegemans) get into a car accident.

Cast Talk Love Amsterdam

The cast of Modern Love Amsterdam consists of several well-known Dutch actors and actresses. Watch Fedja van Huêt, Jack Wouterse, Rifka Lodeizen, Eva van de Wijdeven, Arjan Ederveen, Hanna van Vliet, Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, Hannah Hoekstra, Jonas Smulders, Werner Kolf, Romijn Conen and Noortje Herlaar in Modern Love Amsterdam fling . We also see Bart Harder, Jelle Mensink, Elke Badenburg, Fyodor Josefzon, Joy Wilkins and Martin Hegemans.

actors and actresses

What else do you know about the actors and actresses from the cast of Modern Love Amsterdam? We’ll list them for you.

  • For example, I recently watched Fedja van Huêt in Vaders & Zonen, the televangelist De Veroordeling. and series such as General Fortuyn and Vliegende Hollanders. His big break came in 1997 with Karakter, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.
  • Jack Woutse already has many roles to his name. I’ve seen him recently in Beau Séjour 2, Tweede Hans, and Koppensnellers. But you may also know it from Fenix. And of course all stars. As seen in the new series. He will also appear in Ome Cor and Rundfunk: Duco & Roy.
  • Rifka Lodeizen can currently be seen on Videoland in Sleepers and the second season of Judas. In the cinema you can see it in Stromboli. Rifka Lodezien has had many roles recently, such as Maud & Bad, De K van Karlijn, and Lieve Mama. I’m also very curious about Under the Bare Heaven.
  • You’ve seen Eva van de Wijdvin in Singel 39 and Our Boys in Miami, among others. Her most famous roles are as Desie in Dunya & Desie, Eva from A’dam – EVA and Freddy from Celblok H. or How About The Man Tester. In short: you know this actress from different roles.
  • I’ve seen Arjan Ederveen on Prime Video at Trecx, but he is of course better known to the general public as Theo (from Theo & Thea) and Peter from Kreatief Met Cork.
  • Of course you know ANNE’s Hanna van Vliet, previously seen on New Very and as a participant in De Dangerous Wegen. I’m especially curious about her new projects, such as Hideous Henk, De Droom van de Jeugd, and Lost Transport.
  • Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing was previously seen in The A Word and the Netflix movie Forever Rich.
  • I recently watched Hannah Hoekstra in (online) series such as Odds, Diepe Gronden (recommended!), Guardy Season 2, and De Edelfigurant. But you might also know it from the Flemish (Dutch) movie De Patrick with Kevin Janssens naked in it. Or from Little Ice Age. She will appear in the new movie Faithfully Yours.
  • Jonas Smulders has already appeared in Het Diner, Ventoux, Brasserie Valentijn and more. But also consider more recent titles like Paradise Drifters (with Joren Seldeslachts), De Oost, Doodstil, and Forever Rich. Further, LUKA awaits, in which he plays the leading role.
  • I’ve seen Werner Kolf recently at BuZa and Swanenburg. He previously played in Commandos, Weemoedt, Vechtershart and Patser.
  • Romain Kunin was unable to act for a long time after suffering a cerebral infarction. For example, you know him from Flikken Maastricht and the movie Liever Verliefd.
  • I recently saw Noortje Herlaar in The Takeover and as Maria in The Passion. Did you know that she also appeared in the Flemish film Paradise Travels. She achieved great success as a musical actress in Mary Poppins, but she already has several great TV and movie roles to her name. She will also appear in Just like in the movie And When I Saw You.
  • Bart Harder has already taken on many roles to his name. I’ve seen him recently as Volkert van der Graaf in Het jaar van Fortuyn and as Detective Dewus in Mocro Maffia.
  • Jill Mensink has previously appeared in several short films.
  • Ilke Paddenburg previously played various roles in Dutch series. In 2012 she also appeared as Eef in Moeder, ik wil bij de revue.
  • He played Fjodor Jozefzoon in Ho Je Bebek in Kiss Me, the video clip for Merol. I recently saw him in love. Fjodor Jozefzoon will also appear in En Nu Ben Ik Verliefd.
  • Recently I’ve seen Joy Wielkens at Rampvlucht, but she’s also played for Dutch Flikken Maastricht and Dertigers. You also know her from Smeris and Van Speijk (where she started her acting career). Joy Wilkins is also a singer.
  • Martin Heijmans: He played Ramses Shaffy in the series of the same name. But you might also know him from De Maatschap, Vlucht HS13, Weg van jou and Wat Is Dan Liefde (with Elise Schaap). He will appear in Arcadia. A series that you will definitely read more about on VlaamsKijken.

Modern makers love Amsterdam

Modern Love Amsterdam is an NL Film production with Sabine Bryan as producer. Robert Alberingk Thiem is the showrunner. The episodes are written by Robert Alberingk Thiem, Rooss Uehand, Maude Wemeger, Ann Barnhorn and Esther Duesker. The directors are Mijke de Jong, Boudewijn Koole, Mischa Kamp, Mustafa Duygulu and Norbert Ter Hall. We’ve written about most of them before on VlaamsKijken, so we’ve also briefly listed the list-makers.



  • For example, you know Mijke de Jong from the films Joy and Layla M.
  • You may know Boudewijn Koole from Kauwboy.
  • For example, Misha Camp made boys, just like Kapsalon Rummy.
  • Mustafa Dogulu is not only a director, but also an actor. He directed Meltem (Mocro Maffia short film). He also contributed to De Oost and Catacombe. It can be seen in Dertigers as Mike.
  • You know Norbert Ter Hall for example from Bestseller Boy, Mi Vida and last but not least A’dam – EVA

Modern love on prime video

Modern Love Amsterdam episodes run an average of thirty minutes. There are six episodes in total. If you’ve watched the entire series, you can find more versions of Modern Love on Prime Video. The first series of Modern Love – Amazon Originals in 2019 – was launched in New York and has already had two seasons. But you can also find Modern Love releases from Mumbai, Tokyo, and Hyderabab on Prime Video. And who knows, more cities will follow, because the series is just perfect for this.

international viewers

Georgia Brown, Head of European Origins, Amazon Studios spoke on Modern Love Amsterdam. “Modern love transcends distances and differences between people, which is why it resonates internationally with a large audience. (…) We are very excited to bring a uniquely Dutch perspective on this form to our Dutch and international viewers.” Thus, Dutch series can be watched in more than 240 countries and regions.

Dutch Origins of Amazon

Modern Love Amsterdam will add to the thousands of series and movies available in the Netherlands on Prime Video, including Dutch titles such as Rico: Dream Big, Donnie Op De Monnie and Anna: Status, Bon Bini: Judeska In Da House, and the upcoming Dutch original comedy series. LOL: Last One Laughing. Prime Video is available at no additional cost to Prime members (you only pay €2.99 per month).

The Flemish Series on Prime Video

And what makes Prime Video more interesting in our opinion is the fact that they also offer the necessary good Flemish series. For example, you can watch recent series like Glad Ice, De Kraak, Fair Trade (season 2 has just been added to Prime Video) and the all-new Geldwolven. In addition, such series as De Club and De Studio were announced. But “older” ones can also be found as Code 37, Coppers, Deadline 14/10, and Deadline 25/5.

View Prime Video

It’s also helpful to scroll through all the available series, movies, and documentaries. For example, I just discovered this year’s Flemish Documentary in the Scope. The trial that no one cares about for the Bart de Pao case can be watched on Prime Video. This Streamz documentary recently won a Ha! He won from Humo.

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