20-year-old has sex with a girl without a condom: “You’re 13, so you can’t get pregnant yet” | internal

ARNHEM – The fact that the 20-year-old knew she was still very young is evident from the Whatsapp message he sent her. “You’re 13, so you can’t get pregnant yet.” He had sex with her without a condom.

According to the 21-year-old, who was living in Kistern at the time, who was in court on Friday for abuse, it only happened once. But according to the girl, four or five times a week in January and February last year.

The suspect says he didn’t know she was so young, but WhatsApp conversations at the beginning of their relationship suggest otherwise. According to the Attorney General, the fact that further sexual intercourse took place is also evidenced by the fact that his DNA was found on her a month later.

Underdog girl

The girl says in her statement that she was not feeling well at the beginning of last year. She was frail, had few friends, and did not do well at home and school. “I loved his attention,” she said in a victim impact statement. She fell in love with him, became obsessed with him and would do anything for him. Where he lived there was drinking and drug use. She drank.


You must not have had any pregnancy tests or be sexually transmitted by the age of 13


The first time he had sex, she says, he forced himself to. “It was awful. It only continued while I made it clear I didn’t want to have sex.” But she was so in love that she did as he asked anyway. Although she is regularly scolded.

Eventually, her parents found out. Bad investigations followed. “You shouldn’t be tested for pregnancy or STDs at 13.” The relationship broke up, but, according to the girl, he visited her again a year later and was aggressive towards her.

The suspect replied to the novel: “It makes a beautiful story out of it.” “But she started on her own.” According to him, it was not at all the matter that forced her. “But I don’t want to explain everything.”

A seventeen-page criminal record

The suspect is currently under arrest for another crime. Despite his young age, he already has a seventeen-page criminal record. There are no sexual crimes in it, it is mainly related to violence and theft. During his relationship with the girl he was addicted. “I did things. There was no one to say, and now enough is enough. I was a little impulsive.”

He had a difficult childhood with a lot of violence and few boundaries. Behavior experts have found developmental disorders, an attachment disorder, mild intellectual disability, and a cannabis and alcohol use disorder. He has a flawed conscience, acts without thinking, and has trouble dealing with emotions. The chance of recurrence is high. Because of his troubles he seems younger than he is, and the advice is to apply the Juvenile Penal Code.

Events Foundation

Experts recommend that they be placed in a juvenile detention center (PIJ scale), also known as a juvenile detention center. A person from the Juvenile Control Service demanded a conditional measure at the hearing. “He had a very difficult childhood. This made him develop into who he is today. There is a weak boy inside of him. No matter how bad he did.”

But the public prosecutor believes that this unconditional measure of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad should be implemented to protect the community from this suspect.

She was convinced

Talk about a toxic relationship between a suspect and a vulnerable girl. “Every child deserves normal, healthy sexual development,” he said. She was a child. You don’t want to hear that when you’re 13 and in love.”

She saw that he was violent, called her names, and took her to his house to smoke weed, drink, and have unprotected sex. She was convinced. She didn’t want to be the little girl. You didn’t want to lose him.”


He’s also a kid

Defendant’s attorney

As far as it is concerned, a request for damages of three thousand euros can be approved and the contact and location ban must also be presented. If the suspect approached the girl in the next five years, he would have to go to jail for a week for each crime.

boyish level

The defense finds that it is in no way punishable having sex with a minor, but the lawyer asserted that her client also acts on a childish level. “He was withdrawing from both sides, with the same childish phrasing.” As far as you’re concerned, that makes the age difference a lot smaller.

She believes the suspect is less likely to be marginalized and is seeking treatment under a suspended sentence. “He needs a loving structure,” she said. “He’s still a kid, too.”

Verdict: Two weeks later.

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