Rumor Arena | The Australian GP will remain on the F1 calendar for two years longer

There is a lot of speculation in Formula 1 about the transfer of team principals and drivers. Young drivers sometimes want to be put forward as potential replacements for drivers on the current grid. In the rumor circle Read all the latest suggestions about the future of Formula 1.

Thursday, December 15:

The Australian GP will remain on the F1 calendar for two years longer

The Australian Grand Prix will remain on the Formula 1 calendar for two years longer, it said Racing fans Thursday morning. This is an extension that runs until 2037. The last contract extension with the race in Melbourne was less than six months ago, but there is already a reason to upgrade the existing contract again.

Tuesday 13 December:

The Switch Vasseur will be announced quickly: an announcement is possible as early as Tuesday.

Votes that Frédéric Vasseur would make a switch to Ferrari have been going on for a while, but it has been suggested that the announcement will take some time. According to the Italian Corriere della Sera However, this announcement could come very soon, i.e. on Tuesday, December 13th. First, Ferrari won’t announce the switch until the New Year, and then it’s close to Christmas. It is clear that the transition is coming.

Friday, December 9:

“Vasser says goodbye to Alfa Romeo, he already has a home in Maranello”

Frédéric Vasseur will say goodbye to Alfa Romeo next week The Italian subsidiary of Friday morning. The Frenchman is still the boss of the Hinwil racing team, but he will almost certainly replace them with Ferrari. It is also said that Vassier found a home near the Ferrari factory. This way he can immediately fulfill his role as Ferrari team boss.

Wednesday, December 7:

Ferrari’s choice certainly falls to Vasseur: the team will announce the deal at the end of 2022

Ferrari has definitively dropped its option on Frédéric Vasseur to replace Mattia Binotto, according to German reports. Sports 1. According to Al-Wasila, the announcement of the deal will take some time, and the team will publish the news at the end of this year. For Vasseur, who is still under contract with Alfa Romeo, the switch doesn’t come at a bad time. It’s an open secret that Audi, going into 2026, wants to look for a new team boss.

Monday 28 November:

Elkann has yet to accept Binotto’s resignation letter, team boss pictured with other F1 teams

The story surrounding a possible sacking of Mattia Binotto has become more complicated again, since then Formula1a. uno Reported that John Elkann, CEO of Ferrari, is preventing the resignation. It is said that Binotto has already submitted his letter of resignation, but the American is putting an end to that for now. Ferrari currently has a verbal agreement with Frédéric Vasseur, but Elkann wants an even bigger name attached to the team. If Binotto did indeed leave, he might not be without a job for long. His name sings in four bands, including Alpine and Aston Martin. It is not excluded that the leading names of Ferrari will leave the Italian racing stables along with Binotto.

Friday 25 November:

Binotto leaves Ferrari himself due to lack of faith in Elkann

Mattia Binotto has decided to leave Ferrari herself, it is reported Corriere della Sera Friday morning. The reason is the distrust he feels from President John Elkann. The Italian newspaper knows the announcement is still a few hours away, but Binotto is sure to leave Ferrari. Current Alfa Romeo team boss Frédéric Vasseur should be the replacement. McLaren boss Andreas Seidl appears to have turned down the role.

Friday, November 18:

Formula 1 sets six positions for the 2023 sprint races

Formula 1 has determined the six venues where sprint races will be held next season, it said Cars, engines and sports. As in 2022, Saturday’s matches will take place at the Red Bull Arena in Austria and Interlagos in Brazil. Added to this are Azerbaijan, Belgium, the United States (Austin) and Qatar. This year there was still a drive at Imola, but it wouldn’t last for a race weekend.

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Wednesday, November 16:

“Mikis and Rueda are also victims of personal changes at Ferrari”

Laurent Mekies and Iñaki Rueda also appear to be having to make room for the Ferrari team, according to reports. F1- General. Ferrari appears to be in disarray at the moment, after it emerged on Monday that Mattia Binotto’s position is also uncertain. Little is known about the exact reason why Makis and Rueda left. It’s a little clearer for Mikis, who has to replace Frédéric Vasseur at Alfa Romeo.

Monday 14 November:

Binotto’s position within Ferrari is uncertain after multiple problems during the 2022 season.

Mattia Binotto’s position as Ferrari boss is under pressure. The Italian racing stable will not be happy with technical problems and strategic mistakes during the season, Leo Turrini reported in his column for Resto del Carlino. The journalist has been in Maranello for many years. There is talk of a possible replacement for Binotto after the team collapsed due to technical malfunctions and strategic errors. Not surprisingly, John Elkann is looking for a potential successor after Mercedes’ first and second in Brazil. The journalist also notes that the relationship with Charles Leclerc is no longer very good.

Monday 7 November:

“Ricciardo negotiates spare parts with Red Bull and Mercedes”

Daniel Ricciardo in talks with Red Bull Racing and Mercedes for an extra role in 2023, reports say EPSN Monday afternoon. The Australian will not be on the grid next season after McClaren decided not to continue with his former team-mate. The 33-year-old wants to remain active in the background in Formula 1 and is therefore open to a role as a reserve driver.

Piastri has completed her first Formula 1 test at McLaren.

Oscar Piastri according to the French AutoHebdo His first test in Formula 1 at McLaren. The Australian, who will make his debut for the British team next year, is said to have made his first McLaren meters in the 2018 car on a shortened version of Paul Ricard. Officially, the 2021 Formula 2 champion is still under contract with Alpine if a reserve and junior driver. It is not yet certain if Piastri was actually released by the French team.

Thursday, November 3:

“The Chinese Grand Prix in 2023 will not take place due to the ongoing Corona measures”

The Chinese Grand Prix will return to the Formula 1 calendar next year, but according to Joe Savard The race will not continue. The country has one zero-COVID POLICY And if the state organizes a race after that, it could cause disruptions. As a result, the Chinese population appears to have to wait until 2024 for the Grand Prix.

Tuesday, November 1:

‘F1 considering Colombia Grand Prix, talks with South Africa still ongoing’

Formula 1 is still expanding the calendar, so Stefano Domenicali has flown to Colombia for exploratory talks about staging a Grand Prix. The sport still wants to expand its calendar and add more circuits. Currently, Brazil is the only country in South America where Formula 1 racing is hosted. Domenicali also remains in talks with South Africa for the 2024 race.

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Saturday 22 October:

‘Not over budget, but a procedural error at Red Bull in 2021’

Red Bull Racing appears to have made a procedural error on the entire budget row. that reports across play Based on sources in The Ring. As a result, there appears to be an agreement between the FIA ​​and Red Bull. Other reports previously said that there was transgression in 2021 and that a penalty had already been proposed. Reduction of wind tunnel time and a fine have already been indicated as possible penalties.

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Saturday 1 October:

“Formula 1 is already working on expanding to 25 Grands Prix”

Formula 1 is already expanding the calendar to 25 Grands Prix. This is evidenced by the information in the hands Racing fans. Sports Co has opened a job opening for a Commercial Director to promote the race. It is a new position and in this role the relevant employee will contribute to the implementation of a strategy to expand to 25 races. It follows the announcement last month that the 2023 calendar will have no fewer than 24 matches. It’s a racing record, but it still seems not enough. And that while CEO Stefano Domenicali said in August that 24 Grands Prix is ​​the limit.

Sunday 18 September:

“Audi is focusing on the former Formula 1 driver as team boss”

Audi is considering former Brazilian Formula 1 driver Cristiano da Matta as the boss of the German racing stable. That reports Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport. Da Matta drove 28 Grands Prix during his time in the sport in 2003 and 2004 with Toyota, scoring thirteen points. Moreover, Audi will already work hard to build the engine facilities for use in 2026. New people will be sought soon to increase the current number of 120 employees.

Saturday 17 September:

Williams goes to Sargeant now that de Vries has gone to AlphaTauri

Williams already has a replacement for Nyck de Vries in his junior driver Logan Sargeant. Autohbdo Reports Saturday morning said Williams owners Dorilton Capital are open to Sargent as a replacement for Nicholas Latifi in 2023. De Vries’ decision has been pending for the first time, but the French magazine says it confirms the Dutchman is on his way to AlphaTauri, as reported. Friday evening.

Sargent still has to get his super license first. He did this by finishing at least 5th in Formula 2 this season. The US is currently in third place. Should he finish below P5, Williams has a list of alternative options. Consequently Antonio Giovinazzi, Mick Schumacher, Jack Aitken and Jack Doohan standing. The latter can be lent by Alpine as originally intended with Oscar Piastri.

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