Marty was abused by her handball coach (73): “I’m afraid I’m going to bump into him every day”

Martaji (19 years old) lives in fear. Every day she can confront her abuser. The man, her 73-year-old former handball coach, appealed his sentence at the last minute and is therefore still at large. He lives in the city center of Alkmaar just like Martje. “I lost my freedom, but why can he still enjoy it?”

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Together with her mother Yolanda and her sisters, Marti stands on the handball club’s outdoor court where she used to ride a bike with pleasure. “I trained six times a week. I lived for handball. I did everything for handball. But I don’t know if I can ever feel that way again.”

The fact that Martiji was abused when she was twelve did not come to light until two years ago. Then the literature team approached her club in Alkmaar. One of the victims said her gk was groping her private parts, penetrating her, and also taking pictures. Maybe he did it with more disciples.

It comes to OBF (now 73 years old). He’s famous in the world of handball. “I thought I was doing something wrong. I didn’t know what to do,” Martaje candidly told NH News about what happened to her during the time she received private training from the guy. “I thought I was the only one. It was my fault.”

The fact that she now wants to tell the camera what this has done to her is that the handball coach is still in control of her life: despite his confession and A three-year prison sentence was handed down in July For her abuse of six underage girls, she could run into him on the street at any time of the day. He fights his conviction and is allowed to stay in the house as long as possible.

For Marty, it is now as if it is not him but she is being punished. Watch here what that fear does to Marty and her family (text continues below):

Marty once loved handball – NH News

“This can be followed legally, but I think it’s retroactive that it’s free. It’s not a rhyme and it can’t be explained to the victims.” That’s what attorney Richard Korver says about the decision that the man may freely await his appeal.

However, the lawyer is not involved in this case we will President of the Foundation for Legal Aid for Sex Victims and Judgment read at the request of NH Nieuws.

Simply explained: The man was released from pretrial detention a few months after his arrest in early 2021. He remained a suspect and had to abide by the rules: No contact with minors and deciders, does not work as a handball coach and had an obligation to report.

according to Magistrates in North Holland Does the man abide by these conditions well? With this they consider future risks That he committed another “incoming” sexual offense. In short, according to the court, there is no reason to detain the man again pending his appeal. According to Korver, this decision read as “contrived trouble”.

“The appeal could take another two years, and he’ll be dead before he can sit.”

The victim’s attorney, Richard Korver

The ruling states that the court sentences a “confessed suspect” to a “long prison sentence” and a suspended prison sentence for “serious crimes” in the case of “many victims” with “a real chance of recurrence.” “The suspect acted correctly,” he says, “and that’s a turn-off.”

He believes judges should take into account that the victims live close to the suspect. “Blocking the site might be another option. For example, it is no longer allowed to enter a section of the street.”

On medication all day

Korver fears for the victims that it may take some time before the case begins before the court in Amsterdam. “With detained clients, it actually took two years. And they have priority. Given the man’s age, it doesn’t seem like a good feeling to me for the victims. Soon he’ll be dead before he can sit down.”

Back to the handball court. Return to Martigi. Since the lawsuit began, the 19-year-old has been suffering from chronic back pain and has dropped out of school. “I take medicine all day. I sit at home. Actually I don’t do anything. I thought it was over, but it all fell apart again. For all the victims, it needs to be locked up.”

become emotional. When can she move forward? “If he accepts what he did and accepts his punishment.”

I will continue until veto

It’s October 6th. The convict and the reporter happened to meet in the supermarket. A short conversation follows. “What are you doing here? You’re a convict, right?” He replies, “I appealed. I did, but not knowingly. These girls challenged me. I’m almost 74. I’m going to veto. Maybe I’ll stand a chance.”

The victims seem to understand that their former coach is contesting his conviction and may freely wait. After contacting their lawyers, the 19-year-old Maartje is willing to speak to NH Nieuws about it. “I want to do this for other girls.”

The Noord-Holland District Court announced that it would not answer any further questions about the decision to allow the OBF to freely await its appeal. “All the information we can share is in the ruling. That’s all we can say.”

The suspect’s lawyer, Martin Kuipers, did not want to comment.

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