“It is really strange for such a small person to need so many things.”

Eileen is a secondary special education counselor, author of thrillers for the publishing house De Fontein, mother of Louis and Miles (11 and 8) from a previous relationship and has just given birth to her daughter, Sophia, with boyfriend Niels.

This weekend, I got the question again: “Should you have already taken out all the baby stuff?” My answer is always the same: “Everything. Everything is already gone. On the one hand, I thought it was good, because now I have a completely different taste than I had years ago, and on the other hand, I wanted something more. It costs children a lot.” of money at first.

a lot of things

It’s actually strange that such a tiny little person of barely fifty centimeters would need so many things. In fact, they don’t need anything but some clothes and a diaper (if you’re breastfeeding), but you want something with that baby, from a safe ride home from the hospital, to this: Maxi-Cosi. And while we’re on the subject of safety, an Isofix product is not a superfluous luxury. By the way, let’s just take 2 cars, because we have 2 cars, otherwise you will be pulling this heavy suitcase. A little walking is nice too, so a stroller is handy, preferably easy and cute. Kindergarten, of course, because with the other kids in the house your hands aren’t always free to hold the baby, and now that we’re starting over; A ride with wheels, please.

More shit

A children’s room, this time elegant and subdued in black. Oh, this veil is beautiful. Damn, the wall sucks up all the paint, another can of expensive paint. This changing basket is so cute! The Tripp-Trapp seat (I had two…) should also be black and of course it should have a newborn set. And look! In this sweet store they sell doll covers for newborns! I must have that. and fleece slippers, as well as hip. Baby nest, it was number one with a point. A pump, and not a cash cow case like eleven years ago (that looked like a rusty lawnmower), but a wireless, rechargeable variant you can put right in your bra. A good bottle warmer, always easy to use, and the bottle is easy too. What can you do with a bottle warmer?

We urge demand

By the way, we must have a sleeping partner. Oh tube, our bed is half a meter higher. Can you still look for the baby at night? Electric jug of course. As long as they don’t think I’m going to find boiling water and half cups of anything in those aluminum cans. MUST HAVE: A baby carrier! Hence wearing the jacket is also very cute. A (pink) bath, tummy tuck, changing mats for upstairs and downstairs, blankets (knitted, cotton, teddy, everything), and I’m not even talking about clothes. Finally a girl! Handmade clothes for small entrepreneurs on Instagram are so much fun. The ladies must have been weary of wanting my order. Oh, and the series of flowers and butterflies from Little Dutch is so sweet. Also cute sometimes next to all the boys cars and trains. Of course a kindergarten bag was a must to pack everything from string flowers to butterflies. Final arrangement: Can Marie Kondo come and take all this junk out of my house?

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several thousand euros

See, everything above is true, but I definitely approached it responsibly. I registered almost all of the larger things on the market (except for the room) and loved supporting the smaller entrepreneur, so I ordered a lot from companies I know through Instagram. However – without being crazy – you quickly lose a few thousand euros for a stroller and that’s actually stupid. I enjoy and use all of the things we bought for Sofia (really). She lies in the crate every day, sleeps (under my watchful eyes) during the day in her baby nest when I write, always wears her slippers, we walk every day with the car or baby carrier and I pump regularly so I also go out occasionally with the boys. Her room is nice – and so is the sleeper – but Sophia would rather sleep next to me, so…well. This will probably still be used. Ever. As long as she wants to snuggle with me, I’ll keep her with me.


It was also great looking for prettier things and I always think it’s cool (and fun) to reach out to people via Marktplaats and give their stuff a new life. Luckily, I’m out of the phase where everything has to be brand new. I was more likely to do so with Lewis. Well, what did you say. In fact, the child needs very little. I think it mainly serves the convenience of the parents, all that stuff. You can make her as crazy as you want, and having a baby makes you greedy. But as long as the baby receives warmth, love, safe arms, and (in Sofia’s case: lots of) milk, he’s already very satisfied.

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