Bosschenaar Duifje brews beer: ‘Each bottle comes with a sense of fun questions’

If you see a bottle of beer on a shelf, you might not immediately associate it with “sex and sex.” However, Duifje van Dugteren (27) wants to achieve exactly that. She made her own beer: Open play and play And you hope that people will engage in conversation while drinking.

For the Duifjes Graduation Project Food innovation At HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch, I came up with a concept. Duifje now has a beer Open play and play Marketed, here you can also get coasters with game questions, as a conversation starter. “Because of the game element, the threshold remains low. For example, I hope that the game and beer will ensure that more people talk about sexuality.”

People say they are tolerant, but that only gets to a certain point

Inspiration from tea

Duifje was inspired to drink tea with the damiana herb: “It has an aphrodisiac effect, so I started researching. At first I got the idea to make an aphrodisiac beer, so I got into a conversation with an aphrodisiac expert. She said the effect of this often is that it opens up Conversations. That’s how I came up with the idea of ​​launching a beer that would open up a conversation about sex and sexuality,” says Duifje. And that’s what happened. The beer is now in front of Bosschenaar and she proudly speaks of the beer.

executed in the street

“It’s important to have a greater acceptance of what’s not straight,” Duvji says. “How often do my gay friends get abused in the street, it shocks you. Many people say they are okay with homosexuality, but once two men kiss in public, some find it insulting. People say they are tolerant, but it gets to a point.” Just. I think that’s a problem.”

Polarizing conversations

“I notice that conversations about sex and sexuality can be polarizing. I myself sometimes get frustrated when people are less open minded to be. So such a conversation can take a violent turn. That’s why I wanted to create something that would allow you to discuss a serious topic with each other in a playful way.”

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Ale, photo: Den Bosch district

Beer as a conversation starter

“It’s easier to open a conversation like that with beer, so I started brewing beer,” says Duifje with the end result in front of him. While having a beer, she explains why she chose animals on the label. The animals on the stickers are offbeat. This is an umbrella term for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transgender, intersex, and non-binary/intersex people, among others.

Airy without stigma

“I choose animals because they keep me away from stereotypes or stigmas, so it stays light-hearted. The animals also show that being eccentric is nothing unnatural. Homosexuality is very common in nature, especially among marine animals,” says Duveje.

exotic animals

For example, on the Britney posters you will find bisexual snails and snails are bisexual and therefore have different sex organs. In another beer you’ll find pandas, these bears turn into dechul, meaning they have to love someone before they do more. “That’s why pandas don’t reproduce at a fast pace,” jokes brewer Bossche. Another bottle contains a giraffe, which is bisexual. This leaves the bonobo chimpanzee polyamorous.

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Open Play and Play Beer. Photo: Dean Bosch Neighborhood

Bush Brewers

The beer is brewed at Bossche Breuwers and can therefore be ordered there as well. Leo, a brewer with Bossche Catering, was very excited about the idea and wanted to get involved. “We developed beer together. The first 50 beers arrived at Bossche Breuwers no time Sold out, it’s okay Nice For a fresh beer”. Prefer to drink beer at home? No problem, beer is also sold in the specialist brew shop 2 Many Beers on the Orthenstraat.

awards Open play and play

Dove won with it Open play and play Beer Food Man Chip Award. Every year at the end of the HAS dining experience Prizes offered. The award represents a unique blend of creativity, entrepreneurship and Food knowledgewith which students can differentiate themselves in the market.

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