Announcing the KWPN Horse of the Year nominations

The horses nominated for the “KWPN Horse of the Year” title have been announced. These are the Kjento (Negro x Jazz), Vivaldi (Krack C x Jazz) and Glock’s Johnson TN (Jazz x Flemmingh) dressage horses. Faltic HB (Baltic VDL x Concorde), Bustique (Indoctro x Grannus) and Grandorado TN NOP (Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Carolus II) were nominated for jumping horses.

Kjento (Negro x Jazz)

Bred by Ad van Os of Sprang-Capelle

Kjento was again a sensation in the World Junior Dressage Championships. Kjento is the son of a negro (who was himself Horse of the Year) and this favored stallion seems to have given away his special talent. Kjento impressed in the audition as he entered with 90 points and then made an impressive appearance in the stallion competition. With Charlotte Fry, Emperor Kjento was good for a second world gold at the World Championships in Ermelo and it all looks like just the beginning of a great career.

Vivaldi (C Crack x Jazz)

Bred by A. Versantvoort from Sint-Oedenrode

Vivaldi’s favorite is a phenomenon in global dressage horse breeding. Breeding producer Antoon Versantvoort from Sint-Oedenrode brings the audience to the seats every year on the KWPN Stallion Show, for example, winning a VHO award several times with his amazing trot manner. At KWPN alone, the Krack C descendant has produced eleven certified stallions, worldwide Vivaldi has dozens of certified sires and his influence spreads all over the world. His offspring stands out with his forepaws, front legs, good looks and personality. We therefore see Vivaldi’s blood in many sport horses from young horse classes to the sport of Grand Prix racing. Vivaldi finished 10th this year in the WBFSH Sire rankings.

Glock’s Johnson TN (Jazz x Fleming)

It was bred by P. van de Vleuten from Sint-Oedenrode

Favorite Glock’s Johnson TN can call itself the Grand Prix supplier of more than 50 horsepower at the Grand Prix. Breeding producer Piet van de Vleuten from Sint-Oedenrode was himself a KWPN Stallion Show Champion and produced five KWPN certified sons, among them Bretton Woods akeur. The stallion himself was a constant value for the Dutch team, with Johnson winning the individual gold and bronze medals at the European Championships in Aachen in 2015 and making an important contribution to the Dutch national team’s bronze at the World Cup in Normandy. The descendant of Jazz has already produced several international sporting horses, among them Hartswiker (MV Sandeck), Boston STH (M Quattro) and Dutch Double recognized by KWPN (Rubikel) who are famous in the Netherlands alone. Johnson topped WBFSH Sire for the second time this year. Edison (de Belzflug) ranks 34th in the individual rankings and thus made the greatest contribution to Johnson’s pioneering position. Hexagon’s stallion Double Dutch (mv Rubiquil) and Boston STH (mv Quattro) are Johnson’s second and third sons in the singles standings.

Faltic HB (Baltic VDL x Concorde)

Bred by HA Brinkman from Dalfsen

Faltic HB is very successful at the highest level under Bin Maher. With his individual second-place finish, Faltic HB made KWPN’s largest contribution to the WBFSH Studbook’s ratings. Together with his rider, the VDL Baltic son took team bronze and individual 4th place at the World Championships in Herning this year and achieved several top 3 finishes at several major awards, including 2nd at the GCT in Rome and 3rd at the Cannes GC t. With this, Faltic HB secured their victory at the Global Champions Tour 2022. In addition, the duo is currently ranked 3rd in the FEI Combination in Jumping Ranking.

Bustique (Indoctro x Grannus)

Bred by H. van de Wijngaart from Prinsenbeek and JA Schipper from Breda

The KWPN stallion Bustique, who earned his own Keur rating this year during the KWPN Stallion Show, has been active internationally at 1.45/1.50m under Michelle Hendrix. In 2019, the stallion was returned to the Netherlands to continue breeding. This year Indoctro’s son finished 30th in the WBFSH Sire ranking and is responsible for, among other things, the sire of Maikel van der Vleuten’s horse, Beauville Z NOP, with whom he won several Grand Prix classes, World Cups and wrote. History in 2021 with the individual bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Bustique also has several offspring who perform at the 1.35m to 1.60m level, including the 1.60m vault horse Florida Balia NL (ds.Lux) ridden by Mel Thijssen.

Grandorado TN NOP (Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Carolus II)

Bred by Dick Verhoeven and Marinus Rittberg of Holten

A successful KWPN Grandorado TN NOP stallion under Willem Greve saddle. The duo has managed to stay clear six times in three nationwide competitions this year. After three flawless performances at the Nations Cups in Rome, Rotterdam and Noki, TeamNL national team coach Jose Lansink has picked Greef and Granddorado for the World Cup in Herning this year. The 11-year-old stallion had already started strongly earlier this year as he finished third in the Rolex Grand Prix during the Brabant Dutch Masters-Indore Brabant. The 2014 KWPN Fall Test Champion was announced in August this year by the Dutch Equine Foundation. Grandorado is responsible for the paternity of the fall 2019 Test Champion Le Quirky JR (Cannabis Z), who is scored with 88 points, including 9 fives. This fall, another Grandorado son was added to the KWPN stallion inventory. Son Mister SFN (ds.Harlem) won this year’s Blom Cup for five-year-olds in Valkenswaard.

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