Young and old work together on films

Television films, which this year will air in the weeks leading up to the end of the year, have been a staple of the NPO catalog for more than twenty years. The productions, made specifically for television, often give young talents the opportunity to make a full-length film for the first time. The class of 2022-2023 focuses on youth; The brief was for the stories to be comprehensive and contemporary. That’s how it goes dojo, which airs on Sundays, is about petty thief Brandon who is caught breaking into a local judo school. The teacher (played by Louis d’Or-winning Emmanuel Ohene Boavu) makes the boy an offer: he tells him if Brandon will come and take judo lessons with him.

The movie that will be shown on Christmas Day, Honestly stolenhe is ‘Pet projectby Burnie Boss. The 78-year-old producer wrote the script earlier this year, when he had just heard he had asbestos cancer. He says his energy was very limited during that time. “I thought very pragmatically: What do I need to do to ensure ongoing projects can continue without me?”

Complete Boss Scenarios Honestly stolen and animated film Dick Dick And I started writing Unique deer. Meanwhile, Boss is doing one better job; Immunotherapy seems to be working. In October, he was the man behind the hit Annie MG Schmidt movies a.k.a Minos And the yes sister no sister Again he is present at Cinekid, where his works are honored.

More layers

Honestly stolen tells us 11-year-old Nola (Alicia Mendez) is doing her best to save money so her grandmother (Gerda Havertung) can travel to Suriname to scatter her grandfather’s ashes. When Nola finds a bag of stolen money, she decides to keep the loot – after all, it’s for a good cause. According to Bose, the film fulfills a lesson he’s learned from his 30 years of experience: Make sure there’s an extra layer in the story. “There should always be something extra in entertainment. A message that you don’t squeeze kids’ throats, but that’s there. Sinterklaas horse Teach the viewer to look at Holland through the eyes of a person from another culture. Minos Among all the jokes it is also an appeal to a free media.”

Boss was looking for a young director with a cultural background for the project. For Hesdy Lonwijk, who has worked on series such as feet And the Mafia macroprogress Honestly stolen Chance to make his movie debut. “I immediately noticed that Bernie’s enthusiasm kindled a flame in me,” says Lonvik, 46. “After graduating from the Film Academy in 2007, I often tried to make films about the multicultural society. But the time does not seem right yet. You notice now that policy makers and committees have a much more open mind than, for example, ten years ago.” .

After consulting with Boss, Lonvik expanded the role of the grandmother. “I wanted to go beyond the cliches,” explains the director. “Role ‘Granma’, as it is called, in our families and culture is very prominent. I also wanted to make her a character with her own secrets and subtle feelings. Bernie has given me all the freedom to do so.”

Not a bad movie

Under him, the subject of mourning, at first a side matter, also took on a greater role. Lunvik explains that death rituals are very important in Surinamese culture: “I found those underlying emotions and conflicts more interesting than the plot surrounding the bank robbery — just making a hurtful movie didn’t interest me.” For a small detail, the director drew from his fond memories of Suriname, where he lived until he was 13: “My grandmother lived inside. I often slept with her in a hammock, just like Nola in the movie.”

Both men found the collaboration extremely beneficial. “It is not fair to compare the possibilities of new makers with the situation thirty years ago, when I started,” Boss assures. “I was a Sunday kid: I usually came up with something new when there was a demand for it and a budget for it. Not many makers have that luxury these days.”

Director Lonvik adds that the way filmmaking has also changed a lot: “Bernie has made great films and often uses a classic style of photography: often still frames in which the story takes place. I am definitely inspired by that. But in the meantime, I also try to express on the emotional development of the characters using a ‘handheld’ style. I think we learned from each other that way.”

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