The Bumerhof Plan was adopted by the City Council


Locals: We were sent to the forest

Written by Han van de Laer

WINTERSWIJK – “Now that the plan has been approved by the city council by a large majority, we can move on to the next stage,” says van ‘t Bonte Paard Advies project developer Roy Parthen. Together with Bas Hommlink, Director of WAM & Van Duren Bouwgroep, he explains the plans.

Roy: The first idea dates back to 2015. Then we submitted a plan to the municipality for the redevelopment of Bumerweg 9, which included the construction of 23 nursing homes. However, this did not happen because it was not clear enough whether this was needed. Roy then contacted WAM & Van Duren and the plan was adapted to sixteen life-proof homes and eight youth studios. This also did not happen, in part because of the specific youth housing. Incidentally, the board of directors cooperated in converting the destination at that location from a commercial activity to a residential one.”

Nawabir Project
Bas: The current approved plan includes the demolition of the company’s previous buildings and the completion of a building consisting of fifteen and a building of four apartments. The architecture of the barn was chosen to match the environment. It is only intended for people over the age of 55. There will also be a community room for residents. Here you can drink coffee together and there is a kitchen and toilet. It is also the intention to keep the caretaker out the door for as long as possible. People help each other as much as possible, for example with groceries or driving to the hospital. It is truly a Nawabeer project.”

community living
Roy: “A space is being created outside where residents can set up a vegetable, herb or flower garden. A community space must also be interpreted by residents together. I am confident it will be a great success. There is a growing target group for these types of concepts. It is unique.” Of its kind for Winterswijk and also in the region. Community life is really the future.”

The neighborhood has objections to the plan. For example, they think the plan is too big and therefore not suitable for Bumerweg. The access road was also not well received. The plan was slightly modified after an evening of residents. For example, the road through Steengroeveweg to Horstweg is now open. But objections and misunderstandings about the scale of the project remained. Last month, the city, college and neighborhood council were invited in for inspection. All this led to the majority of the council members voting in favor of further development. Bass: We also have the impression that the resistance in the neighborhood has receded. We even heard voices from the locals that they wanted to live there themselves! For Bass and Roy, the signal in any case is to continue with further preparations. The plan can also be appealed to the State Council. Construction is expected to start in the middle of next year. The investigation date has been tentatively set for June 2024. The neighborhood is still considering steps next.

The Bumerweg district is not happy about the lack of proper advice. A delegation of local residents clearly stated that the dissatisfaction is great. Since 2016, the first phase of planning, the neighborhood has been against the scope of the plans and they were happy to share how they could do things differently. So far, however, the municipality has not responded and the advice has been left to project developer Roy Parthen. Thus, the final plan, which was adopted at the November council meeting, could not count on broad support from the neighbourhood.

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Locals: “If there were, for example, six houses or eight apartments, with a maximum of two floors, there would be an understanding. Now there are nineteen apartments, divided into two plots and partly into three floors. This is too big and does not suit the countryside. How does it relate to Is that by seeing the landscape?” The popdrive slotboom buildings are being demolished. It could depend on approval, but no proof of the planned new building has been provided. “We wrote letters to the board, spoke to the board committee, political parties were visited, and civil servants were asked to give an explanation. This did not lead to clarification, but to great frustration.”

“The outstretched hand does not lift. We have been sent to the forest. In fact, we must first go back to the drawing board. Our wishes should be taken into account more. The neighborhood also wants to be involved with regard to future access – Horstweg and/or Bumerweg. For example, there Ideas to put sills on the Bumerweg, a dirt road that gets quite dusty when cars drive over it in dry weather.” An investigation is underway as to whether the neighborhood will continue to appeal the City Council’s decision to the State Council.

community response
When asked, the Winterswijk municipality said: “Houses and small apartments for senior citizens who want to continue living in the countryside are not available,” says Aldermann-Vesser. We have also reported this to the Senior Council in an urgent letter. A housing project like the one on Bumerweg is therefore a great development for this target group in particular. We embrace this concept. Where residents live independently, share facilities together and take care of each other.”

Before the zoning plan was amended, there were many discussions between the local residents, the municipal council and the initiator. These discussions led to a number of modifications to the plan. For example, the target group has been adjusted to 55+, the building’s height has been reduced and access via the Bumerweg for motorized traffic is impossible. The initiator and the municipality take into account the traffic situation in the plan. Alderman Weser made this pledge during the council meeting on November 24: “If it turns out that there is a traffic inconvenience, the municipality will solve this problem as much as possible.” The city council eventually approved the zoning amendment by a large majority.

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