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RutteVier’s government is messing up proposed excuses for slavery. On December 8, Prime Minister Rutte conferred in Catshuis with outraged Dutch-Caribbean interest groups such as NiNsee, The Black Archives, and Kick Out Zwarte Piet. They want the Cabinet not to apologize “hastily” on December 19, and demand instead of the Minister for Legal Protection Frank Wehrwind to come and penance in Suriname, and that no one other than the King should apologize on behalf of the Netherlands at the July 1, 2023 pronouncement.

On 11 December, the Cabinet announced that Deputy Prime Minister Kaag would travel to Suriname to “calm down the situation”. The government is now operating from a position of weakness, putting new demands on the table whenever the government is permissive. When it comes first to apologizing for the past, the chairman of Suriname’s National Reform Commission, Armand Zender, among others, is now ordering that the Netherlands must cancel the domestic debts of Suriname and the Antilles.

‘card price’

After the Catchoise meeting, those present suddenly spoke of a recovery plan for the descendants of the victims of slavery “until the deprivation of their descendants (which would have occurred directly from slavery) would be resolved.” “This comes at a price,” said NiNsee Chairman Linda Neutemeyer. Small working groups like KOZP, The Black Archives and the Black Manifesto (which consist of about the same number of people) want a legal ban on Zwarte Piet and a ban on the word “Negro” which is against the constitution. Three issues in the discussion were almost completely ignored.

First, the excuses for slavery have been prepared in advance by the interest groups themselves, with the support of D66 in particular. In July 2020, shortly after the Netherlands’ BlackLivesMatter demonstrations against racism in Amsterdam, Minister Ollongren asked the Dialogue Group Slavery Past advisory board for advice. The dialogue group – chaired by Dagmar Odtshoorn, who, as president of AI NL, cooperates closely with KOZP – spoke almost exclusively with Dutch-Caribbean interest groups and apologetics. Olungren eagerly embraced the conclusions — quick national apologies and money for interest groups.

Little support for offsets

Secondly, the complete absence of a political and public process over apologies in which the House of Representatives played a role was too hasty. Now everything is being arranged behind the scenes and Parliament can deal with the usual leaks in the media. While the Netherlands is a parliamentary democracy, though coalition partner D66 in particular forgets this with some regularity.

Third, according to a poll conducted by I&O Research at the end of November 2022, 38% of the Dutch are in favor of making excuses. Little or no compensation support: just 9 percent. It is not expected that the position of the interest groups present in the Catshuis would increase this support.

“Personal Journey”

In recent years, interest groups such as NiNsee and The Black Archives have been politically put on horseback by D66 and GroenLinks – who have felt pressure from Sylvana Simmons’ political party BIJ1, particularly in the cities. Central to the success of the interest groups is the concept of “white debt” — promulgated by, among others, Professor Emeritus and BIJ1 party theoretician Gloria Wekker — in which a “white” person has to atone forever for their misdeeds. Ancestral.

“White” mayors like Vimke Halsema, administrators like De Nederlandse Bank president Klaas Knot and “white” museum directors are now openly mired in self-imposed guilt. useful for Corporate marketingBut the Dutch citizen did not ask him for anything.

Speaking to the Collected Press, Mark Rutte stated on December 8 in Catshuis that he “has taken a personal journey to realize that slavery still has an impact today.” Thus the “white religion” is a goose from the golden eggs of the aforementioned interest groups, because so far no one in The Hague dares to shout “enough” when determining the level of moral leniency.

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