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Find out all about #LikeMe comic books in this article. Did you know that four slides are already available? And that you can reserve the fifth so you can read it early next year? Find out in this overview all about LikeMe Comic Books with Botty Disappearing, Unforgettable History, School Rules, Who Cheats? And friends are in danger.

We suppose more comic books are coming out, because reading #LikeMe books is also a hit.

Comic books like me

So we know there are already four LikeMe cartoons out there anyway and the fifth is already available for pre-order. We list them for you Click on the title to order them immediately or read on and discover the story.

  1. Putty’s disappearance
  2. Unforgettable date
  3. School rules
  4. who cheats
  5. Friends are in danger

Comic #LikeMe 1: The Disappearance of Botty

In the first comic book series of Ketnet’s popular #LikeMe series, Caro, Maria, Yemi, Vince, and co-workers try to solve a big mystery. Their Dutch teacher, Mr. Putty, does not appear out of the blue and seems to have disappeared from the world. This is not like him at all. So the friends quickly get worried, especially when Mr. Wolves doesn’t want to help them any further. They decide to take matters into their own hands and investigate. Little by little, they find clues that lead them to a mysterious location. What they see there is beyond their wildest dreams. Will the friends be able to find Mr. Putty?

Order Disappearing Botty at or at Amazon.

Mr. Putty

Curious about who plays Mr. Putty in the TV series? This is actor Vincent Panek. He became known to the general public – in the Netherlands and Flanders – for his role as Mick Zellenberg in the youth series Het Huis Anubis. Vincent Panek has been playing Guido van den Bosch in Family since September 2016. We saw him most recently in the Dutch movie Meskina, which can also be seen on Netflix.

Comic Book Like Me 2: An Unforgettable Date

An Unforgettable Date is my second gay comic. What do you expect from this comic book? Here’s the story: In LikeMe’s second comic, Vince has a sweet surprise for Caro: he’s taking her on a romantic weekend getaway. The lovebirds leave after school on Friday, but things quickly go wrong… While outing under the starry sky, they are attacked by wild swans and a fun trip to the fair quickly spirals out of control. Then there’s Yemi, who wants to come over so badly, but is summoned by Maria to ask. Luckily, the friends aren’t far behind, because Vince needs their help when Caro threatens to crash to his death… far from a perfect date…or finally?

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#LikeMe comic 3: School Rules

In #LikeMe’s third comic strip, Caro, Vince, Yemi, Emma, ​​and his classmates rebel against school rules. When everyone arrives at school on a hot day in shorts, a short skirt, or a summer dress, Mr. Wolves sternly informs them that school regulations don’t allow it. Emma doesn’t think that’s fair. Why are boys allowed to go to school in shorts but not girls? This soon gives friends an idea: why don’t boys and girls change clothes? After all, everyone can wear whatever they want! Mr. Wolves evidently thinks otherwise. The headmaster cites other rules: no cell phones in the classroom, couples must leave a tile between them… Creative as they are, the gang always comes up with a funny alternative, so they don’t have to conform to those rules. Of course, things quickly get out of hand. Will Mr. Wolves succeed in restoring order? Or will the school rules be changed?

Order school charts at or on Amazon.

Fourth Gay Comic Book: Who Cheats?

In the fourth #LikeMe comic book, Caro, Emma, ​​Scott, Vince, and their teammates completely immerse themselves in the world of the Devils, the national soccer team coached by Olivier Dubois. Everyone expects the Devils to play champions again this season, after all, crushing the opposition over and over again. So it’s a big surprise when a team suddenly loses a match. Then another… the gang decides something is wrong and goes to investigate. Fortunately, they get help from Robbie, the Devils’ main keeper. Together, they discover that a saboteur is at work, and wants to interrupt the demons. Can the friends uncover the culprit before the big tournament? Are they really their allies? Find out all about it in the exciting new comic #LikeMe!

Ask who cheats? at or on Amazon.

#LikeMe Comics 5

The fifth #LikeMe comic book has also been announced. The Friends in Danger comic will be published – according to – on February 17, 2023. This will take some time, but you can pre-order the book.

Friends are in danger

It’s the weekend. Caro, Vince, Yemi, Emma, ​​Scott and classmates go to an 80’s party in an old abandoned hotel. At the entrance, they are stopped by a strange, confused man who warns them of the arrival of a monster. The gang ignores those warnings, but Yemi is still not entirely reassured. When all of the electricity in the hotel suddenly goes out shortly after, strange things happen that put the friends in danger. Will Yemi, along with the girl on the roller skates, be able to save them?

Book Friends in Peril on or Amazon.

Creators #LikeMe Comic

#LikeMe picture books by Tom Boden and Joyce Bullens. Illustrations by Michael Vincent. A new Like Me comic book is also announced on the back of the strip each time. Whether there will be a sixth Like Me tape after number five, we dare not say yet. Of course the last episodes of #LikeMe will be broadcast at the beginning of January.

Of course we write more about #LikeMe on VlaamsKijken – click here for an overview.

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