A former addiction expert files a report against a sexual assault victim

Keith Packer, 62, former addiction educator, and twice offender of sex crimes, has filed a complaint against a young woman for false reporting, defamation and slander. The court acquitted Baker last summer of the rape case of this woman after being convicted earlier by the court. crime site I looked at the report.


In 2021, an Amsterdam court sentenced Bakker to 4.5 years in prison for sexually assaulting a then-adult woman with whom he had been in a relationship for several years. Packer and the young woman dated for about 2.5 years (as of 2019).

Justice stated that Packer was raped in those years, not through violence, but because he abused a preponderance of power due to his age difference and status as a therapist (“Other Facts”).

Eating disorders

However, this year an appeals court found that – unlike the attorney general – Packer was not found guilty of rape because of these special circumstances.

The Court of Appeal determined that in 2016 Packer conducted one intervention interview with the victim, who then appeared to be suffering from an eating disorder. After that conversation, according to the court, there was no longer a relationship between therapist and patient, although the court found that there was an unequal attitude between Packer and the young woman, due in part to the age difference.


The court considered that it had proven that Packer had committed sexual assault during a period of the relationship because the victim was still a minor during that time. This conclusion is based on the woman’s statement.

Packer was sentenced to 18 months in prison, and had already served a lengthy period in pretrial detention, until he was promptly released in July 2022.


Packer objected to the court that there was indecency because, according to him, the woman was of age when their sexual relationship began. It is now stated in the report that the victim (among other things) has made a false statement in this regard.

He says that the victim (born in 1999) started taking care of his children six months after the counseling interview and did administrative work for him. Only when she was only 18 years old did their (secret) relationship begin in 2017, after which she moved on to him for a brief period. Later he supported her and rented an apartment for her.

When I cheated on her at one point, he wanted to give up that apartment and end the relationship. In 2018, at his request, she sent an email to Baker’s attorney in which she explicitly wrote, among other things, that there had been no sexual relations before her eighteenth birthday.


The fact that she declared to the police so soon after she had had pre-pubescent sex, Packer says, is that she was pressured by her father. Packer states that other than this statement there is no evidence of a sexual relationship between him and the woman when she was a minor. He says text messages, WhatsApp, witnesses, emails or other supporting (technical) evidence about this is missing, whereas there is such evidence about the period when she was of age.

Bakker also spoke out about slander and slander in the ad because the woman sought publicity with her ad against him in 2019 by telling this story in De Telegraaf.

Five years in prison

When Packer was arrested in this case, he was working on assistance projects for (ex-)prisoners, in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service and the Probation Service. He already had a conviction.

Baker suffered from severe drug addiction for a long time in different periods of his life. In the end, he managed to stay clean and appeared on several TV shows (pictured above). He also started clinics in 2004 where he helped addicts with drug addiction.

On April 20, 2012, Packer was sentenced to five years in prison for sexually assaulting several patients he was treating at his addiction clinic. The court ruled rape in three cases because he abused power because of his age difference and his position as a therapist. Packer dropped his appeal and has been at large since 2014.

The Baker report is dated November 25, 2022. Police are investigating the report.

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