New political party: the Surinamese Party of the Animals

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The Surinamese Party of Animals (SPD) is a Surinamese political party with an overall environmental signature. The ceremony was organized by Prof. Dr. Deer. Hubert Rampersad was founded in December 2022 with the main theme being the pursuit of an animal friendly society and awareness of animal welfare and animal rights in Suriname.

The SDP will participate in the elections in 2025 or sooner because animal welfare and animal rights do not exist in Suriname. There is no one and no political party that advocates for the welfare and rights of animals in Suriname. The suffering of animals and the shedding of stray dogs and cats is prevalent in Suriname and the current political parties ignore animal rights and animal welfare. No one in Suriname devises animal friendly measures, the animals are left to fend for themselves.

Through this initiative, the SPD wants to promote awareness of animal rights and animal welfare in Suriname and to awaken Surinamese to this. The party is very concerned about the fate of animals and wants to make the people of Suriname aware of the fact that Covid-19 has arisen as a result of disrespect for animals. Surinamese must begin to understand that sustainable development of the country requires respect for nature and prevention of animal suffering. They must realize that in the new normal, people must live in harmony with nature and animals for sustainable development. It is about creating a sustainable Surinamese society. So it’s about sustainability. “Sustainability is a holistic and ethical system in which humans and nature can exist in harmony for a very long period of time.” – Hubert Rampersad

All existing Surinamese political parties are corrupt and strive for political power in order to continue to enrich themselves. They are too busy stealing and therefore have no interest in animal welfare. The Social Democratic Party is not striving for political power. The party will encourage other political parties to advocate for animal rights and will create awareness throughout society of animal-related issues in order to bring about animal protection and animal welfare legislation. The SDP needs at least 3 seats in the DNA for this, which the party hopes to get in Paramaribo and Wanica. Presidential candidates and DNA membership will be called out via the media. the professor. Hubert Rampersad is Dutch and will continue to serve as the party’s president and main sponsor because he is deeply concerned about the fate of animals in Suriname and beyond.

Dogs and cats are being euthanized en masse due to the bad financial situation in the country. This is not good for the sustainable development of Surinamese because dogs and cats give pleasure and are good for the mental development and creativity of Surinamese. SPD also seeks to reduce the numbers of stray dogs and cats in Suriname by spaying and relieving the pain, itching and hunger of these animals as much as possible.

The party also focuses on helping stray animals in need by caring for and feeding these animals, among other things. With the help of local veterinarians, these animals will be provided with medical care, as well as spaying and vaccinations. Adult dogs and cats will also be looking for a new home. Indigent dogs and cats will also receive assistance. After the strays arrive, they will be examined by a cooperating veterinarian, vaccinated, dewormed, and medically treated if necessary. If the animals do not yet have a chip, they are sliced ​​and recorded. Many pets that get away never find their way home. You can prevent this by cutting your pet.

There is also a food bank for animals. The Food Bank for Animals will be created specifically for animal owners who, due to their financial situation, have temporary problems in caring for their animals. Through this food bank, food is given to different types of pets for free. SPD also intends to establish animal shelters for stray animals throughout Suriname, starting in Paramaribo. The party is also committed to toughening the animal protection law, which targets all animals. Related donations and gifts will fully benefit stray dogs and cats and other animals in Suriname for shelter, feeding, food bank, spay, immunization, medication and veterinary costs.

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