life time | Driving school owner Hendrik Tetema loved life and was proud of his children. He was 41 years old

Hendrik Tetema loved to drive. As a young driver, he loved driving through Geez, where he grew up. Show off his cool car. The owner of a driving school from Emmen died in September in his car in a single car accident.

Hendrik Tetema found his calling when he became a driving instructor and started teaching cars. He thought it was a great job.

Previously worked for Iams feed manufacturer in Coevorden. Loading and unloading on forklift. Great job, but when his mother died in 2010, he changed course just like his brother, Roelof. He wanted to do something completely different after such a huge loss.

He got his truck driver’s license and thought: I can do that too, teach others to drive. After driving instructor training, he started his own business. An-Najah School in Emine could not handle the work and hired him as a coach. A few years later he became the owner of this business.

Hendrik was born and raised in Guez. He was only ten years old when his father died of cancer. This resulted in him and his younger brother, Roelof, cutting it off. But her mother, Rinki, was a strong woman. She was a mother and father in one.

Drink the shack at home

Although their mother was religious and made a living as a religious teacher, Hendrik and Roelof attended the public elementary school in the village. I thought it would be a good idea for the boys to set up a drinking cabin at home. Hot Hook was a popular hangout for the youth of the village and the surrounding area. Enjoying a beer with each other and often having a great party with about thirty people.

At one point Hendrik invited some boys from the Christian school to come to the cottage. Very private, because religious and non-church people hardly had any contact. It clicked very well and Bass and Alfred became close friends with Hendrik and Roelof.

They went out together and went on vacation together. To the camp in Valkenburg, for example. Six or eight of them slept in a large collapsible trailer (De Klapkar), which the brothers had borrowed from their uncle. Enjoying making things unsafe and Hendrik was always present for sure. Go out in the evening until the wee hours of the morning, recover during the day and then again in the evening.

Turn the helm

Everything changed with the death of mother Renkji in 2010. Without her, the house in Jez no longer felt like a home for the brothers. The family broke up, although the two brothers were very fond of each other. Their work no longer brings them satisfaction. Roelof left for China, Hendrik resigned from Eames and became a driving instructor. In 2013 he bought himself into Traffic School Succes and in 2015 he took over the entire business in Emmen.

Buddy Bass was out of a job and Hendrik offered to come and work in his office. Bass thought it was a bit exciting to work together as friends, but it worked out just fine. The guys worked well together and the friendship lasted.

Great love

Bass has entered into a steady relationship, but Hendrik is not yet. Until he met his great love. Just like that at work. Alisha is trained as a driving instructor in the driving school. The driving school owner was in favor of the 12.5 year younger woman. After some careful approaches, he took the plunge. An app expressed his feelings and asked if they were mutual? Their first date was held in the Zoo in Emmen, in the Butterfly Garden.

Soon they started dating and Alisha became a driving instructor in order to succeed. He did the management and taught the car. Alisha first gave driving lessons, then also got instructor papers for her moped, motorbike and trailer. Together they put their shoulders under it. They started with a small team and worked long hours for the first few years. The driving school has been a success, expanding to 15 employees and moving to better premises in 2018.

Life smiled at Hendrik. Everyone knew the sociable and fun driving school owner, who was always up for a chat. At first, he didn’t need children. He hated all the talk of young parents about their offspring. Sigh, pfff, can’t they talk about anything else anymore.

Proud father

But when their first child was on the way, he shouted it from the rooftops, and he was so happy. Especially when it turned out that he was a boy and could convey his last name. Cain was born in May 2019, Lynn in June 2020. The very proud dad never spoke of them. He bombarded his colleagues with videos of the two of them.

But on a Monday afternoon in September, it just happened. On his way back from a work date, 41-year-old Hendrik had an accident.

Alisha continues his life’s work. Together with her father, she wants to help Traffic School Success continue to grow and thrive.

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