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Holland – henceforth Videoland – has another series of crackdowns and crime: they sleep. Why “we” are suddenly so good at producing works like the aforementioned new title as well Mafia macroAnd the under the cover And the golden hour? subway said creator, creative producer, and champion Robert D. Hoog and his friend and nemesis Theon Quillbur.

Tuesday, late afternoon. In the darkness of the Lab111 building in Amsterdam West, the words of the pathological anatomical lab can still be read above the door. Lab111 is now a vibrant creative and cultural hub, but it’s clearly a place where a lot of dead bodies have been cut. A bit dramatic, but appropriate for the interview setting in the six-part series they sleep. Inside it is more fun. For example, actor Robert de Hoogue and PR lady from RTL and Videoland Ellen watching the World Cup match between Morocco and Spain. Like De Hoog in subway It slides in, and the tablet containing the live soccer ball remains upright on the table.

The Sleepers: Agents and Informants of the Underworld

Not that Robert de Hoog “doesn’t exist”, on the contrary. they sleep He is the creator and chief creative officer of Videoland Productions, assisted by a slew of well-known actors as well as co-screenwriter Simon de Waal. The latter works with the police in Amsterdam, but above all a big name when it comes to crime writing. Just think about it Pantegir And the golden hour.

De Hoog can take advantage of that. they sleep It tells the difficult story of corrupt cop Martin Odkirk (Robert de Hoog himself), who maneuvers between the underworld of Utrecht and the upper world of the Criminal Investigation Department. His surrogate father (Hans Kesting) is one of the last remaining criminals in “Old Penoze”. The man who was instantly killed by the “new vigilante” in the series had sent people into the police academy since the beginning of this century to pass information on to his criminal organization. Martin is one of them.

While his best friend Willem (Theon Quillbur) and newcomer Dwight (Gulmar Simmons, aka rapper Adje) increasingly draw Martin into the underworld, Martin has to keep a mask on his wife, Nora (Maryam Hassouni). Nora, the mother of Martin’s son, is herself a skilled internal affairs investigator for the Utrecht police. She is therefore investigating the blaming behavior of her people…in they sleep We also see, among others, Hans Daglet, Nazemya Ural, Giges Scholten van Achat, Rivka Lodzen and Dylan Yurdakul.

Robert de Hoog has been with Sleepers for four years

they sleep It has become a series that I am very proud of,” says Robert de Hoog straight to the point. “I realized today that I started it exactly four years ago. And now everything has come true. I’m so glad the world can finally see it.” De Hoog (34) has a bio to tell you (from the series Mafia macroAnd the red light And the Will: a fresh start to the cinema buddies And the Bantam Beginning). Known throughout the Netherlands as the indomitable Tatta (“I’m kind of a cockroach in that, yeah”), the actor has been inventing they sleep only on Mafia macro He started and also worked permanently in the Amsterdam theatre.

flat caps

“I’m fine every day in the theatre, I thought, but to create someone else’s ideas and creations”. I decided to see what fascinates and amazes me. My father worked in the police and always told interesting stories. Hollider’s trial with his sisters’ infidelity was going on at the time and I kept reading something about Flat caps. That turned me on. Apparently there was corruption within the police. I decided to dive into it, since I’d never seen a series on this topic before.”

Special crew, including Teun Kuilboer

says De Hoog, who appeared in the 2008 telefilm leather The golden calf has already been awarded to him. “For example, I played with Hans Kesting in the Amsterdam theater for years. Very nice that all these wonderful actors, but also the outstanding crew, wanted to do it. I enjoyed experiencing that not only as an actor, but also from my new creative position.”

One of these actors is Teun Kuilboer. The 40-year-old, born in Harlem, left the label twenty years ago Good times bad times He became a talented actor who was keen on the roles he chose. Participated in the series in recent years, among other things not family And the orders and movies Bon Benny Holland And the Heineken kidnapping to see. Get to know Robert de Hoog during their time at the aforementioned leather. I had a friendly hog thanks for that they sleep kissed by his friend? Inventor: “Then I would have laughed at him very loudly and said see you tomorrow morning.”

absolutely yes

“Yes,” Teun Kuilboer said naturally: “Since then leather, in which she played a young Nazi and Robert, a Jewish boy who joins the Nazis, we’re good friends. Of course wax they sleep So “go” for me. He’s been working on it for a long time and we’ve talked about it many times. I think it’s great that he worked so purposefully and succeeded.”

in they sleep He is Teun Kuilboer Willem, a friend of Agent Martin and raised with the same stepfather. You can call him some kind of hat, butt, expensive watch, big mouth, but still sympathetic. The kind of guy you’d love to have a beer with, but after one time think: Let’s stick to that one for once. Quilbur: “Drinking a beer with Willem in a charming way is fine, but maybe life shouldn’t get entangled. Willem is in a tricky corner. I wouldn’t be too quick to commit my life to him. My character is slowly but surely dragging Martin into the depths. But I can betray that she was before Fifteen years after you entered they sleep Stairs together despite entering the depths. It’s not entirely William’s responsibility and he also wants to make things right.”

The bar was high for sleepers

Since Robert de Hoog started his project they sleep It started, one by one, the best special series of Videoland, Netflix and also NPO were being delivered. The bar was immediately set very high in this regard. “I got it myself Mafia macro Ahmed Okabi, one of my best friends of course. He is also an actor and maker and has paved the way for others. The bar was really high, but that only inspired me. I don’t like boxes like “A journalist shouldn’t write books and an actor shouldn’t go out.” So it is now also possible in the Netherlands. In America they are no different. I am grateful that Videoland believes in me so much.” The trust between the streaming service and Robert de Hoog is so great that there is a second series they sleep Already ordered and in the pen. There may be more than six episodes.

Do they sleep or do they sleep?

Teun Kuilboer, who mathematically admits that he sometimes gloats about the fact that, for example, he is not in Mafia macro Sat: “It’s very good to note that there is more space for creators when it comes to making series, in this case Robert. The broadcasters see that it produces better quality and that you get results. Robert has worked a lot as an actor and knows every aspect of how it works and how you can do things easily Akbar.what I like so far they sleep I have longed for it for so long that we could do something like this in the Netherlands.” Kuilboer sometimes says by mistake the title of the series is in Dutch. He himself can laugh that it has been pointed out to him—especially by Robert de Hoog—that it truly they sleep he is.

Beloved characters die

What is remarkable about the series of recent years is that beloved characters can die in one of the very first episodes. So also back in they sleep Although, of course, we won’t reveal any names. Robert de Hoog: „It’s the absolute surprise, I absolutely love it. In the underworld, no one is sure of his life. So you can put it in front of the viewer, because that’s really how things work and the world is put together.” Theon Quilbore: „Game of thrones was so. I think it’s a good development. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and anything can happen. The good guy It doesn’t always make it to the end.”

Sleepers Videoland Robert de Hoog
Sleepers team. Photo: Jasper Swick

they sleep It’s just not nice to look at (subway We have already looked ahead, advice!), But of course it also has a dangerous side: the emergence of a new “burden” of young criminals in our country. Does this worry the actors? Theon Quillbur: “Today’s world worries me, yes. The uprootings have been great over the last 20 years, where uprooted boys and girls who grow up don’t feel like they belong in society. They don’t get a lot of opportunities and so they choose a different path.” Robert de Hoog: “You’re looking they sleep For a fictional story, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be real tomorrow. The underworld is capable of this and there has been talk in court cases of possible corruption among police officers for years. It’s an interesting topic that everyone is actually afraid of.”

Six episodes available immediately

they sleep It can now be seen in full on Videoland. Or indeed since last night, when the series suddenly debuted on the streaming service as a surprise. Robert de Hoog, Before We Look Back – now a stretch – Spain – Morocco: “You can watch it all at once. Or maybe it’s a good tip for Christmas, binge-watch. I like it myself and especially that you can mark the moment of watching. Sometimes not, I think it’s good that you have to wait a whole week for a new episode.The man behind they sleep It is considered that before the start of penalties at the World Cup in Qatar, he still had something to say: “The term golden calf came earlier. Just write that the jury can award it to Teun Kuilboer this time.

The first two episodes can also be watched on RTL 4 from 8.31pm. The next four episodes are exclusive to Videoland only.

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