Successful broadcasting is building relationships with trusted programs as a foundation

APS Personeelservices is an SME recruitment agency that excels in its area. Personal contact with clients and candidates is a priority for the family business. They are completely dependent on their software supplier Pivoton. “We know it’s all in the back.”

Brother and sister Marcel and Catherine run the family business that their parents started in 1987. APS does everything in broadcasting, recruitment and selection, human resources consulting and is active in all sectors. However, the recruitment agency is a real specialist. “Our specialty is that we work very regionally and focus on small and medium businesses,” explains Katrin. Where the major broadcasters are closing their branches across the country, the APS is opening them in the villages around Eindhoven (Schijndel, Nuenen and Son). “We don’t supply people to major players like Philips and ASML, but we do supply them to their suppliers. And we know those customers very well. If one of our customers calls and says Piet needs someone in their department, we know who Piet is and what kind of temporary worker is right there. So you have to You go to these people and build a relationship.”

Marcel adds that this also applies to temporary workers. “We don’t just look at the CV. We always have personal conversations with them on our own sites. Then you also get to know the personality of the candidate and you know in which company to work in which company he is a good fit.

The program is the basis

Personal contact with clients and candidates is important to Catherine and Marcel, but they know better than anyone that the foundation – their business operations – must be good. The ability to work with good software is crucial to this. APS Personeelservices has been working for years with software from Pivoton, which was developed specifically for the flexible industry. “Not only does this lead to efficiency benefits (time savings), it can also be set up flexibly and always operates in accordance with current legislation and regulations. Regulations around broadcasting are becoming increasingly complex, so it’s good to have an experienced team in the back office keeping an eye on them,” explains Katrin.

APS employees are consultants who do more than the average broker. They manage their pool of candidates and client portfolio, maintain personnel files and are therefore responsible for both administration and trading. “Our consultants have to work with the software all day and therefore contribute their own ideas. Pivoton provides the software ‘as is..’ and within that there is flexibility to set it up as you see fit. We did this so that the consultants could make the most of it.”

The result: Wherever you sign in, it’s fun to work with, more time connecting with clients and candidates, and fewer errors. “And the certainty that all is well is behind,” Marcel adds. “Good personal contact also means that the reward is faultless and that you are always paid on time. With us, a salary that never goes through.”

We have never failed to pay any salary

personal collaboration

“Both Catherine and Marcel must be able to trust that everything is in order, from the bonus to the billing,” says Paul van den Bosch (Managing Director of Pivoton). Not only does Pivoton provide software to large temp agencies, smaller temp agencies are also important to them. Personal contact is paramount to Van den Bosch. “We are always in dialogue with our customers, and we want to know what they have been helped with, what their wishes are. Catherine and Marcel are real entrepreneurs, they know the market well – half a word is enough. They also provide us with valuable feedback with which we can improve our programs further.”

Marcel says this positive experience in collaboration is mutual. “Pivoton has been involved with us since the beginning. They know the industry and understand how we work. The lines are short and if we give feedback, they are immediately ready to make adjustments.”

faster match

“We’ve made a huge step forward, especially with the arrival of the Kentro Desk,” says Katrin. Kentro Office is front office software that Pivoton has been providing for several years, and has made the company a broader IT business partner for the agile industry. “This gives our consultants insight into the data that’s immediately available to make a match faster and inform the client well. Moreover, they are easy to use and designed in a way that they do exactly what they are supposed to do. Previously, advisors had to enter all sorts of things, which, given the laws And complex regulations, quickly led to errors. Now that’s easier, which means the margin for error is also much less.”

Paul van den Bosch agrees. “The software is very process-driven, and designed in such a way that training time and error rate are low. As Pivoton, we have invested heavily in improving the productivity and reliability of our software. Customers tell us this is more unique than we sometimes realize.”

human labour

Good software is essential for a company like APS Personeelsservices to be successful. This digitization is an ongoing trend. Smarter apps are also within the reach of smaller temporary staffing agencies. Using artificial intelligence (AI) may still be a step too far, but Catrien Coolen is definitely looking forward to the possibilities ahead. “Maybe we can then process the data better, do better analyzes and make predictions more accurately.” Brother Marcel sees it that way too, but makes a comment. “In the end, it remains human labor.”

This article was created in collaboration with Pivoton

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