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  • Jost Smidema

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  • Jost Smidema

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Formula 1 will also come to Zandvoort in 2024 and 2025. The organization of the Dutch Grand Prix has reached an agreement on extending the contract with FOM, the organizer of the Formula 1 race.

Zandvoort already had a contract for 2023 with the option to take over the top tier of motorsport for another two years. This option has been adopted by the Dutch regulators, and the FOM has already agreed.

Tavern raised

“The Dutch Grand Prix has quickly established itself on the calendar as a crowd favorite and brings incredible energy and a great experience every year,” said Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1.

“The sold-out Grand Prix of the past two years have raised the bar in terms of organisation, entertainment and sustainability, and we are delighted to be expanding our relationship with them. Formula 1 racing is in great demand, so it is testament to what the team has done to put Zandvoort on the calendar through 2025.”


September 2022: Max Verstappen celebrates his victory in Zandvoort

In 2021, Formula 1 returns to the circuit of the dunes after an absence of 36 years. Max Verstappen won his home race in both 2021 and 2022.

Last summer it became clear that Formula 1 wanted to stay longer in Zandvoort. The stands’ impressive sea of ​​orange drew international attention, even when only two-thirds of the capacity was allowed to be used in 2021 due to corona rules.

Contract Extension No ABC

The race on the short and winding Zandvoort circuit instantly became a modern classic in which drivers and fans saw a great future. But despite the enthusiasm of the Formula 1 management, the Dutch organizers still held back. They initially wanted clarity on financial backing for 2024 and 2025 before a signing could take place.

Circuit director Robert Van Overdijk described the contract extension earlier this year as “No ABC.” “It was not an easy decision. Compared to all the other Grands Prix, we organize a race without support. In Spa-Francorchamps, Barcelona and the Middle East, for example, it’s completely different.”

“In our case, it is possible to stage at least three more editions thanks to the support of our partners, ticket sales, the enthusiasm of the local government and the support of the FOM.”

Is it really clear that we have access to the calendar and have been able to continue with it?

Department Director Robert Van Overdijk

Van Overdijk: “We’ve heard a lot a few years ago: bring Formula 1 back to the Netherlands and organize a race in Zandvoort: it will never work. And now we’ve set a new benchmark in the eyes of the FOM. Even Spa, one of the most prestigious circuits on the calendar, has to fight for Her future is in Formula 1.”

“We are very proud that we were given two more years to stage a race. Because: is it really clear that we got into the calendar and managed to stick it out? Not in my opinion. We have to cherish that.”

Between Las Vegas, Monaco and Sao Paulo

Former Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers, sporting director of the Dutch Grand Prix, also expressed his delight at the contract extension. “We want the world to experience once again how we the Netherlands organize an orange event. It is unique that we are on the calendar with world cities such as Las Vegas, Monaco and São Paulo.”


Robert Van Overdijk

The uncertain financial situation, including persistently rising prices and a shortage in the labor market, means there is still no clarity about the years after 2025. Or, as van Overdijk sums it up: “How long can we maintain this situation?”

It is a question to which he does not have a definite answer. The desire to keep Formula 1 for Zandvoort for a longer period is present with the organisation. “But in Bahrain, which has already signed on until 2036, the government is playing a leading role. For us, to commit to such a long term is too risky.”

Competition from world cities

In addition, the competition has become enormous, says van Overdijk. “In Abu Dhabi (during the last Grand Prix of the season, ed.) I saw no fewer than six to eight world cities lobbying to be allowed to stage a Grand Prix. And a killer race turned out.”

For example, there is a possibility that Zandvoort could be overtaken in the future, despite enthusiasm from the drivers and praise from the FOM. Van Overdijk: “We should be proud that we now stay on the calendar for another two years, because that’s not an axiom in this world.”

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