On the road with a clean scooter

The scheme by which residents of The Hague can trade in polluting cars, mopeds and mopeds for a financial credit has been extended until March next year. Apparently, there was still enough money in the support pot, which was 325,000.

The owner receives 400 euros for a scrap motorcycle or moped on gasoline and up to 1000 euros for a diesel car; To spend on a cleaner mode of transportation: a credit for public transportation or a shared vehicle. But it is also possible to buy a new electric bike (scooter or moped).

Now I have received my voucher for the amount of 400 euros: not within four weeks as stated on the order form and not even within six weeks as promised on the site (in fact, a bit contradictory), but almost eight weeks later. Well, you can’t take a gift of a horse…


With a little sadness, she bids farewell to twelve-year-old Vespa, whom she had once left – unwillingly – from the bankruptcy of the weekly newspaper Den Haag Central. it was right. Our former manager, an overzealous woman who was once active in coffee marketing, was easy to spend. Hence the bankruptcy.

She not only signed a very expensive multi-year contract to deliver the paper weekly, but also hired a whole series of new employees. Including additional advertising saleswoman. So that she could move quickly around the city, the company bought her a brand new Vespa LX50. Unfortunately, that lady sold more word of mouth than ads. Soon I went again.

In the end, as editor-in-chief of Den Haag Centraal, I decided to ride an unnecessary Vespa scooter. And I became more excited day by day. It saved me a lot of time. I traveled from one date to the next. No more traffic jams, no more searching for a parking space in the crowded center, economical in use, no parking costs either. ideal.

But the weekly newspaper itself was less than ideal. There has always been more money going out than going in. The bankruptcy of the newspaper we built from scratch five years ago was inevitable. Veronica, one of the three major shareholders, had a new CEO and in the spring of 2012 handed over more funding. A few months later, the curtain fell.


From that moment on, everything focused on restarting with new contributors. It worked surprisingly quickly. We took over the estate for next to nothing: desks, chairs, computers, an A3 printer and three scooters. The largest shareholder, a very buoyant but well off resident of The Hague, became the new director. and he wanted as little trouble as possible on his mind; So there is no company for cell phones and certainly no company scooters. Anyone who has actually ridden such a thing can have it. Insure yourself and do the repairs yourself.

Saying farewell to The Hague central hub, after more than a year, I drove away wistfully but swung away on my gleaming black Vespa. Since then I have traveled many miles on it. But it gradually became an old barrel, of course; With rust and small defects. According to the good Italian custom, the retreat also proceeded swiftly. No sooner had the exhaust been replaced than the fuel tank leaked and eventually the question arose: How much would we spend on this old thing?

Approaching a new electric scooter, it suddenly became clear that the municipal cancellation premium of 400 euros had been attached to my Vespa. Applications can be submitted until the end of November. But keep in mind that once the €325,000 pot was empty, no further support was offered.

absence of security

Well, there are more promotions op = op. Only this turned out to be a very clever side. You can only apply for a municipal benefit if you have first had your car scrapped by a recognized company. And if this jar suddenly turns out to be empty, then you have lost your old means of transport, and you will not receive a penny. How do you find out if you can still benefit from the subsidy, or if you’d be better off selling your old crack iron on Marktplaats? This uncertainty can’t only worry me, right?

There was a time when as a journalist you could simply call the information department with such a question and someone would find out from the appropriate civil servant what the situation was. But nowadays PR officers are called communications officers or board spokespeople, and even if you send a polite email to their department, you won’t get a response. Fortunately, you can email the central support desk, which is responsible for the cancellation scheme. And they respond well.

“For the time being, there is still enough budget available for the 2022 exchange plan. Sincerely, The Hague Municipal Team Exchange Scheme.” It turns out that this huge section of information is largely unnecessary. I see some savings there!

My Vespa was taken for free at home by a neat company from s-Gravenzande. With the demolition statement in hand, I immediately applied for a “demolition benefit.” And lo and behold, a €400 voucher just in time to also take advantage of the €300 cashback that Segway gives away if you purchase an electric scooter before December 31st.

This is how Jean Splinter gets through the winter with zero CO2 emissions.

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