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By the editorial staff on 12-08-2022

EIBERGEN – On December 18th, Midwinterhoorngroep Eibergen organizes its annual tour. The group once again managed to create a beautiful tour. As always, meeting each other and socializing is of the utmost importance. Along the way, you can enjoy nearly 40 midwinter horn blowers. In addition to the Eibergse Midwinterhorn bellows, there are always collaborations with other groups from Berkelland and beyond.

the prices
The Eibergen midwinter horn group recently returned from Ciechanowiec in Poland and won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes with the blowing of the Midwinter horn. You likely recognize the eight jackets that went to Poland by the Polish button they received and pinned to their tie. Of course you can always ask them about their experiences.

Entrance is €2 per person, primary school children are free provided they have not been seated 4 times. The shops in the center of Eibergen are open, so after your walk you can go shopping in beautiful Eibergen. The walk also passes the beautiful herb garden, which is open for the occasion. There is also a comfortable resting area here.

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Borculo and Geesteren in the traditional hunting mark

PORKOLO/JESTREN – The annual slide fishing of the Royal Dutch Hunting Society (KNJV) and Hamlandsee Reuters in Borkolo and Jestern took place for the 47th time on Saturday. Amazone Floor van Roon has traveled with over a hundred yachts around the country and, like other participants and many visitors, loves coming to Achterhoek for the yacht slip.

“It’s very cool to drive in this area, in this area,” says Van Roon. “The people here are very friendly, and as far as I know, they also love that we’re here. So this is definitely an environment we’d love to come to.” The willingness of the participants to come to Berkelland is evidenced by personalities from the KNJV. “If you look at the approximately fifty yachts that they organize each year, we are among the top five in terms of the number of participants. This suggests that they like to come here,” says Jan Markink of Hamelandse Ruiters. Visitors also know where to find a tow yacht: “We can always count on a lot of interest. We always advertise it and then a lot of people come to see it.”

During a drag chase, the 40 participants do not catch prey, but follow the path of an artificial fox through the landscape. “Chasing the clouds, we draw a trail that smells like a fox and then a pack of dogs follows,” describes Van Roon. “Then there are three riders who guide the dogs and we as riders chase them with horses.” The riders then ride through the varied nature of Borculo and Geesteren. “This is about meadows, farmland, and through forests,” Markink says. “But also through trenches, for example, that’s the beauty of it.”

A valuable tradition
For the Amazons, imitation is very valuable. “I especially like that you do it with a large group of often the same people,” says racer Mathilde de Roij, who often drives a yacht with her parents. “And there is an element of competition in it, which makes it fun.” Van Roon joins a yacht twice a week: “Then you come to beautiful places in Holland and beautiful pieces of nature that you wouldn’t have come to otherwise.”

Keep the traditions alive
Markink also hopes that the tradition, which has existed in Borcolo and Jestern for nearly fifty years, will continue for a long time to come. “It is a tradition that must be kept alive,” says the organizer. “In the beginning you see the so-called Sonneurs, who start the chase and at the end of the chase blow it up again.”


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