Have you bought an Android tablet for your kids? These are the best apps

In more and more game stores you will find an Android tablet for your kids for almost nothing. But what apps should you put together for a toddler or preschooler? We have ten absolute recommendations.

Your kid’s tablet doesn’t have to cost a fortune these days. You can find one for around 100 euros. These cheaper tablets always run Android. But what apps do you put on it?

Lots of Android fun for young kids

It takes a lot of searching on the Google Play Store if you want to find apps that are safe and fun for your child. That’s why we’re going to help you on your way with some of the best and most educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers.

#1 Bosch Kindergarten Mathematics Op android

This fun app teaches your child to count. In a playful way, he’ll master the fun of math (and yes, math can definitely be fun). The “game” has five different levels and is therefore suitable for children up to the age of 5.

Kids math android
Learn to count by playing. (photo: Big Little Thinkers)

#2 Miffy kids games on Android

This adorable Miffy game contains 28 educational games. The game is intended for children up to 6 years old. Kids learn a lot from it and of course have a lot of fun with Miffy and her friends.

Android miffy kids

#3 Paw Patrol: Rescue Mission

There are many Paw Patrol games for Android in Google Play. One of the most famous rescue mission. Ryder, Marshall, Chase and the puppies need your child’s help to save Adventure Bay. The only downside is that you only get three free levels. You have to buy additional levels, but this is still a fun game for your kids.

Paw Patrol robot kids
Woof! (photo: Budge Studios)

#4 Zabelin for kids

This is a great match from Dutch soil. Kids play with Fenna and other NPO Zappelin friends. The game is intended for children from 2 to 6 years old. The Android app contains videos, you can play games with Ollie, make sketches and sing with Fenna.

Android apps for kids Zappelin
Sing with us. (photo: NPO)

#5 Netflix for kids

Of course, Netflix shouldn’t be missing out. It is important that you create an account for your child and adjust the settings so that they do not accidentally watch inappropriate movies or series.

#6 Bimi Boo

This is a colorful toddler game with educational mini games. It teaches your child better hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognition. It is full of cute pictures, items, puzzles and animations.

Bimi Boo Kids Android

#7 Thomas the train

Sure you can Thomas the train Not missing from this list. The sweet locomotive can also be found in many fun games. Thomas and Friends: Go! is a nice Android racing game where you race against each other on tons of different tracks. There’s even a mode that lets you play in pairs.

Thomas robot kids

#8 Disney + for kids

If we mention Netflix, Disney + is not to be missed. Here you will find all the great Disney movies and series. Disney + costs 8.99 euros per month. The advantage is that there is also more than enough great content for older viewers. Here too, it is important to create a separate account for your child.

#9 Coloring with Peppa

If you don’t always feel the need to clean up the floor and walls by doodling with paint or chalk, this is Coloring with Peppa Pig (also available in the App Store as Bebo) The solution. In the app, kids can paint themselves or set off on coloring pages.

Peppa android
Nice mess. (photo: easy drawing)

#10 Brio World Railways for Android devices

This is the perfect Android app for little mechanics. In this, kids recreate the world of Brio. You can set train tracks, place stations and choose trains. The cost of the game is 5.99 euros.

Kids Android Brio app
Just like the real Brio. (Photo: Filimundus AB)

All in all, these are absolutely great apps for your child or preschooler, and get more out of your Android tablet. If you have an iPad, most of these games are also available for iOS.

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