112 News: Underworld Bankers Still in Detention | Villa Kinderdijk handyman is held longer in the cell for her involvement in a fatal shooting


On 20 November, police forensic experts investigated the scene of the shooting in Zuidland © Media TV

In this blog, we’ll keep you updated with the top 112 news stories for Thursday, December 8th.

22:00 – Bankers of the underworld in Rotterdam are still in custody

The Rotterdamers, who were arrested at Schiphol airport at the end of last month, will remain in prison for a longer period. The duo, aged 38 and 39, are accused of laundering tens of millions of euros. Justice believes that the Rotterdams are part of a criminal organization that operates as an underground bank. Through such a bank, criminals can move large sums of cash between countries. The judiciary says the money comes mainly from the drug trade.

The duo spent most of their time abroad. Their homes were searched. The investigation in Rotterdamers began more than a year ago. One of the suspects used an encrypted phone.

21:40 – Handyman Kinderdijk (77) is stuck for two weeks longer

Alplasserdamer, who is suspected of shooting a 74-year-old man in a villa in Kindredijk, will be held for fourteen days longer. The victim lived in Belgium. He and the resident of the secluded villa in Puntweg were asleep when they were overrun by one or more offenders. The victim was shot in the head and died a few days later. The resident was not harmed.
Police in Limburg arrested the 77-year-old in the town of Blaserdam on Saturday. According to alblasserdamsnieuws.nl, the elderly gentleman is a good friend and handyman to the 75-year-old resident of the villa. Locals say that sometimes a man and a woman walked together. One says: “He’s a very good man. I can’t imagine he would hurt anyone.”

17:45 – attempted armed robbery Ridderkirk

Two men wearing masks attempted to rob the 41-year-old Ridderkerker at the end of the afternoon. Shots were fired, but no one was hurt. The victim had just parked his car in front of his home in Merrill when the men approached him. They fled empty-handed. The police are still looking for them.

The police investigate Blackbird in Ridderkerk after a failed armed robbery
The police investigate Blackbird in Ridderkerk after a failed armed robbery © Media TV

16:50 – Capelse Tires hike extended by 90 days

The 34-year-old who was arrested late last month for vandalizing hundreds of cars will remain in jail for 90 days longer. According to the police, a resident of Capelle aan den IJssel admitted that he had damaged hundreds of cars in his hometown and in the neighboring Krimpenerwaard. The number of complaints against the man exceeded 250. It was not clear why the tires were punctured.

The vandal was caught on the advice of a local resident. Catch Capellenaar in action at Krimpen aan den IJssel. The police managed to arrest him a little later in Krimpen aan de Lek.

16:15 – A man was seriously injured during a Biesbosch sawing cycle

In Dordtse Biesbosch, one person was injured during sawing work in the early afternoon. The man got a piece of wood on his body; According to the police, he was “severely injured”. Local broadcaster RTV Dordrecht reported that the incident occurred during a deployment cycle.

15:55 – Murder suspects in Zuidland are longer in prison

The two suspects arrested for the murder of Danny D.F. In Zuidland he is in detention for three months longer. Justice just announced this. It concerns a 35-year-old from Weert and a 45-year-old Zuidlander.

Killed victim Danny D.F. (41 years old) near his home on November 20 and died instantly. On December 5, D.F. To answer the judge in a drug trial.

The suspected shooter sped off at high speed after being eliminated and later crashed in the Europoort area. There the police arrested the man from Wert. Another suspect is a neighbor of Danny DV.

Police are investigating the location where Danny D.F
Police are investigating the location where Danny D.F © Media TV

11:30 – Gymnasium in Rotterdam-Zuidwijk evacuated by fire brigade due to ‘strange smell’

The fire brigade evacuated a school gymnasium in Rotterdam-Zuidwijk. There was a strange smell in the dressing room. Students also complained of a burning sensation in the airways and watery eyes. During the lesson, seven girls experienced complaints. Two ambulances were called. The girls were examined and did not have to go to the hospital. Schere’s school gym is now closed.

The fire service took measurements, but could not find anything. Not even in the girls’ locker room. The cause of the complaints is still not clear.

00:00 – Phone thief arrested in Rotterdam thanks to ‘Find my iPhone’

Last night a woman reported the theft of her mobile phone to the Marechaussee in Schiphol. An unknown man bumped into her at Rotterdam Central Station. Later on the train, she notices she no longer has her phone. Marechaussee could see that the mobile phone was in the center of Rotterdam. Then the Rotterdam police were contacted, who, after a short search, found the suspect. A police motorcyclist then drove to Schiphol to hand over the mobile phone to its owner.

20:00 – Animal ambulance ends up on its side in a ditch in Nieuw-Lekkerland

An animal ambulance ended up in a ditch along the Zijdeweg in Nieuw-Lekkerland on Wednesday evening. The staff was not injured. Part of Zijdeweg has been closed for some time. The police were at the scene and helped deal with the accident.

Animal ambulance in the ditch near Nieuw-Lekkerland
Animal ambulance in the ditch near Nieuw-Lekkerland © ZHZ Actual

19:00 – Students suspended after knives were found in a school locker

Two high school students in Spijkenisse have been suspended after a knife was discovered in their locker. This was reported by the police. The items were found during a search of 3,000 lockers and 425 bags in different schools.

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