The First Christian Postgraduate Course in Horse Training and Life Started in the Netherlands: “Participants come from all over the world, from all kinds of denominations”

More and more Christian trainers want to do horse training, but often find it difficult to learn to do it in a Bible-based way. This is because horse training in general often uses Eastern influences, something that is often an area of ​​tension for Christians. Until recently, Christian training in this area did not exist – with an emphasis on “until recently”, because in January 2023 Christian horse training and life coach will begin for the first time. Training is delivered at the Stay & Pray Foundation site in Friesland, where Egbertje Kutsch Lojenga and Esther Kok are horse and life coaches. Esther and Egbertje tell a special story of how this CPION-recognised post-hbo training diploma course came to be.

As a horse and life coach, Esther has been looking for a way to evolve even more for a few years. She spent a long time searching for an education that would suit her. An education that does not contradict her beliefs. At one point I got in touch with the owner of the Horse Training and Life Academy in Huijbergen, Theresa Breuer.

“She said she wanted to give me space, she wanted to hear me out, and she was open about how I see things as a Christian, especially with the intuitive and body-oriented coaching. That was very special for me,” Esther says. I’d like to be a part of something because of my Christian beliefs, no need. I found that very respectful.”

There was no condemnation from the program towards me as a Christian and vice versa, and I was also respectful towards the program and my fellow students, without compromising the standards and values ​​of Christianity.”

After thinking, talking, and praying about it, Esther felt it good to continue training. This was also evident from the experience she had afterwards during the course. I thought otherwise. There was no condemnation from the program towards me as a Christian and vice versa, and I was also respectful towards the program and my fellow students, without compromising the standards and values ​​of Christianity,” says Esther. In 2020, she passed the training.

After a year and a half, Egbertje also decided to follow the Horse Training and Life Academy in Huijbergen. She says, “Terza opened up for me to share with you how I saw things as a Christian. For example, when doing an exercise on how to ground yourself. She asked me the question, ‘How are you, Egberti? Teresa respectfully gave me space for my faith.” (The article continues below the photo.)

Horse and life coach Esther Cook.

Egberti and Esther explain how Terza encounters many Christians in her training practice, especially from traditional churches. Egbertegui: “She said she noticed that when these Christians fall out of the boat into their religious community, there is often no room for them inside it. She notices that there is a lot of pain. With the sympathy she feels for these people, she tells us: ‘I would love for him to come Christian horse trainers to help this target group, because the Christian way of training horses suits them well. When I heard that, I thought: Wow, how special.”

“Then you’d like to talk to Hendrik Sekema (General Manager of Stay and Pray) and myself,” Egbertje continues. “I thought she was going to ask if I wanted to work with her as a student counselor, but she asked me if I would like to start a branch of her training here at Stay & Pray — with Christian faith as a foundation, where I would be trained as a lead instructor for the Christian variant.

We talked for almost a whole day. She asked us a lot of questions and we asked her a lot of questions, because it was very exciting for both sides and we wanted to know where we stood on both sides.”

Special cooperation
“Training to become a Christian Horse and Life Coach will be a different kind of Terza Brewer’s current training. This means that she will be a CPION recognized postgraduate course, the only recognized course for Equine Trainers (ICR) worldwide, just like her original course – But we are allowed to rewrite parts of the course,” Egbertje continues.

It is a private collaboration. “80% of the training will be the same as the original Tirza training, such as how to train and what the language of the horse includes, but we will replace the 20% that contain elements that form a tension field for Christians on a Christian basis. During the training you will receive tools and education on how to train from the Christian identity and you can register as an ICR trainer.

Training here will start for the first time in January 2023. There is room for ten participants. We already have eight enrollments, so we can see if we start a second school. Participants come from all over the world and from different denominations. This makes me very happy,” said Egbertje.

“Our heart and vision when educating horse trainers is that they will not compete with each other, but rather celebrate and empower each other. We believe it is important to have professional Christian horse trainers who can deliver quality and who are full of the Holy Spirit.”

Esther: “I am very curious about the development of the people who will follow the training and what will develop from that.” Egebertje concludes: “As far as we know, there is no Christian training for horse training and life throughout Europe. Our dream is that this will start internationally as well.”

Stay and pray
Egbertje and Esther have a horse training practice at their Stay & Pray care farm. In addition, they lead an intervention group for horse and Christian life coaches, there is the possibility of follow-up supervision and they give master classes. For more information on that, click here.

Click here for more information about the course or to register.

Horse and life coach Egbertje Kutsch Lojenga.

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