Report: Discover the most unusual animals in Dierenpark De Oliemeulen

Photo 1. At Dierenpark De Oliemeulen you see something different than the usual suspects. Photo: DagjeWeg.NL

November 22, 2022
tourism Tilburg, North Brabant On a seventeenth-century farmhouse in Tilburg we find one of the smallest (officially recognized) zoos in our country: Zoo De Oliemeulen. We went to visit and discovered that the animal kingdom consists of much more than tigers, monkeys, and elephants. For example, have you ever heard of a pearly lizard, a smooth-headed kimono, and a giant tree screen?

The strangest zoo in the Netherlands

“Wah, there it is!” A bright green, helmet-headed iguana appears to be looking straight at us. Without realizing it, the animal was in front of us the whole time. It is a good find sometimes, but in many terrariums Zoo De Oliemeulen Are there really hidden animals. Our visit is full of this kind Oh And the Uh, moments. A frog disguised as a moss or a green lizard among the branches, it is in fact a constant search. You won’t find rhinos, lions, or penguins here, but that’s the great thing about ‘Netherlands’ Strangest Zoo’. Full of amazement, we let ourselves be surprised by all kinds of special animals that also live on our land.
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Zoo De Oliemeulen is not big, but you could easily spend a few hours there. More than 150 species – most of them reptiles – are captivating enough to keep staring at. Since you almost literally sit with your nose above the animals, you can study many amazing animals in detail. The color pattern of a little poisonous frog, the round eyes of a chameleon or the hairy legs of a tarantula, it’s just awesome. And there are not only small animals in De Oliemeulen, as we find out. “is this real?” Mita, still and unaffected, lies a caiman at the edge of the pond. “Yes, it is moving!”

Photo 2. A little frog looks curiously at the visitors. Photo: DagjeWeg.NL

Strange youth

And although snakes, monitor lizards, iguanas, and other reptiles make up the main population group at De Oliemeulen, you’ll also discover other oddballs in this well-curated zoo. “From!” The galago (the smallest monkey in Africa) hops from one side of its surroundings to the other. These amazing animals have proven to be a favorite with many visitors. And we understand that, because we haven’t seen this in another “big” zoo. A little later, an armadillo is trying to fight its way out, while a group of yellow-headed turtles are feeding on a leaf of lettuce in the terrarium next door. Split over two floors, it is full of strange creatures.

Photo 3. The galago is the smallest primate in Africa. Photo: DagjeWeg.NL

outdoor animals

Unfortunately it rained on the day of our visit. Therefore, many animals that can be seen outdoors (including meerkats, lynxes, and monkeys) take shelter from the rain in their indoor enclosures. But despite this, we still caught a glimpse of lemurs and squirrel monkeys through the windows. A kind of display box, also cute! Obviously, arthropods in the animal kingdom are birds. When we walk in the park with an umbrella and a hood, the white-tailed eagle looks proudly ahead. A little later, the cranes are curiously walking towards the fence. Despite the rain, a sudden and successful exit day!

Photo 4. Spot parrots outdoors. Photo: DagjeWeg.NL

Tilburg day

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Photo 5. Is this monitor lizard smiling at us? Photo: DagjeWeg.NL

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