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Pictures and videoYesterday, the royal family appeared at the Nieuwkerk, Amsterdam, for a photo shoot. It was the first time Princess Amalia had appeared in public since her parents had spoken out about the threats she faced and the far-reaching consequences for her life during the state visit to Sweden.

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In the church, next to the palace on Dam Square, there was no opportunity to ask questions and people were just asking, in almost every possible combination. When the King suggested that their daughters stand before Queen Máxima and him, Amalia said, ‘Father, that really can’t be done any more! “

The paparazzi also wanted a ladies-only photo, so without King Willem-Alexander. He watched from afar, amused and proud, then said to the eagerly clicking photographers, “I want one of those, too.” ”

stationary moments

Ariane, Amalia and Alexia. © Pronoprice / Patrick Van Emst

Twice a year it is customary for the royal family to come forward to the media in exchange for an undisturbed private life. They did it for a long time during the winter sports holidays in Lech, Austria, and before the start of the summer holidays. Now that the princesses are increasingly spread out across the world, even though Amalia can barely leave the Huis ten Bosch palace due to threats, those constant moments have been let go. Princess Alexia is completing her secondary education at Atlantic College in Wales, but will be in the Netherlands this week due to the fall break. Greece’s royal couple said on Wednesday that they and her sister, Princess Ariane, can live their lives undisturbed, unlike Amalia, who rested her head on her mother’s neck during the photo shoot.

When several photographers, about fifty journalists present at the church, asked the royal couple to pose together, Willem-Alexander said plainly: “Surely you haven’t had those lately?”

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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. © Pronoprice

King Willem-Alexander and Princess Amalia.
King Willem-Alexander and Princess Amalia. © Pronoprice

The king and queen were in Greece earlier this week for a three-day state visit, including a photo opportunity at the Acropolis. Last month they also made a state visit to Sweden.

The exhibition will be held in Nieuwe Kerk for six months Juliana’s age is a queen and her ideals to see.

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The Royal Family of New Kirk.
The Royal Family of New Kirk. © Pronoprice

© Pronoprice

Princess Amalia.
Princess Amalia. © Pronoprice

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