Kiki: My thirty-year-old daughter still has no relationship and will soon leave

Kiki is very worried about her daughter, Benthey. She’s almost thirty years old, but she still doesn’t have a steady relationship. “It’s not normal, is it? I think she should act on it, but Benthy isn’t worried and thinks I’m acting out.”

Over and over again this question from her friends: “And? How about that, is your daughter dating yet? It makes Kiki desperate.” Benthy has always been a stubborn girl. Her friends from then on were already dating at a very young age and Benth thought that was stupid. Not that she thought boys were stupid, but she just couldn’t understand why her friends had allowed themselves to be chained so young, because that was what she saw. She liked going out with the girls much more than spending the whole evening on the couch with a guy. It was always possible to act clumsily.”

Oh, she’s still young

Kiki wasn’t worried. After all, her daughter was young and the world was still at her feet. Personally, I got married very young, I was 21 years old. That marriage did not last and ended in divorce and confrontations. I resolved never to marry again, but when I met Wim, Benth’s father, I was sold. He was the love of my life and still is. Before I met my first ex, I already had some boyfriends, and I was also early. I automatically thought my daughter would also be home early with her boyfriend, but nothing could be further from the truth.”

I also want a nice son-in-law

Kiki’s girlfriends’ remarks become disturbing when Benth turns twenty and still doesn’t have a partner. She always goes to parties alone and Kiki can really feel the look of family and friends pressing her back. “People seem to think it’s because of me that my daughter isn’t in a relationship. But you don’t want to know how much I wish she met a nice guy. My daughter is almost 30 now and I still don’t have a nice son-in-law, I’m really looking forward to that.” Benth doesn’t seem bothered about anything and has no problem going somewhere on her own. “Me too, I hate having to justify myself to her to my friends.”

What are you wearing right now?

When Kiki points out various dating apps to her daughter, Benth shrugs. She doesn’t want to know about it. Kiki becomes suspicious of Benthey’s reason for staying: she’s always dressed so strangely. “Yeah, that’s the next thing I’m ashamed of: her looks. Benthy is basically a pretty girl, but she can do such awful things to herself. For example, she only wore black for years. Everyone asked me if she was depressed. After the black period The oversized age followed. The pants, blouses, shirts, and dresses were too big. She stated that she had no intention of showing her femininity and disguised her body. I couldn’t understand it and it was the talking point of my friends. They asked me why my daughter walked in those tents. No idea. I didn’t know what to answer also “.

Alone and happy? Not Found!

Benthey is currently wearing clothes from the 1950s. “She shows up at birthday parties in petticoats and wears her hair in such an exaggerated role. The colors are so sweet and to her horror, she has a tattoo on her right forearm: a pin-up girl. Well, you understand there are now all the rumors about her.” Kiki wonders why Benthy is different from other women and why she doesn’t want a relationship. When she asks about it, her daughter replies that she is having a good time alone. “I can’t believe it, can you, you can’t be happy alone, can you? That doesn’t exist. No one wants to be alone.”

occasional junk

Although Kiki doubts whether Benthey is telling the truth, her daughter says she is having a fling at the moment. When I heard that, I asked her why she didn’t just look for a steady partner. It’s really more fun for us to be together. I also told her that maybe she should do something about her looks because a lot of guys don’t like the style she has now. She refuses. She wants to stand out. “I find it insulting, but having a good conversation with my daughter about this is impossible.”

what do you think about this? Do you understand that Kiki is disappointed in her daughter and would like her son-in-law to appear on the scene? Or do you think Benthey should know how to organize her life? Share your opinion in the comments below this article.

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