Annika and Eva have been friends since they were 10: “We are like a couple”

One loves flowers and can’t sit still for a minute and the other likes to wear black clothes and would rather read a book for hours. It is a short summary of the friendship of Annika de Lint (33) and Eva Lentjes (34). The two friends are very different, but inseparable for nearly twenty-five years. “We wish everyone a special friendship.”

Eva grew up in Stadspolders and Anika in Sternburg. They did not attend the same primary school, but met at the Balletschool de Singel.

bad at ballet

“What I remember is that Annika and I were particularly bad at ballet,” Eva says, laughing. “That’s why we were paired up and handed over to each other.” Annika adds, “In our group there were quite a few girls who were super cool and wanted to do more with ballet. We did it for fun and hung out for a while. We weren’t really good friends yet, but we exchanged email addresses. We decided that We become pen pals and keep in touch.”

Stadspolders class

Through e-mail communication, the girls find out that they went to the same high school. Annika immediately knew for sure: she had to come to Eva’s class and she would attend. So I asked the school if they could arrange that. Anika: “The classes were divided by region, so I actually belonged to students from the city of Strenburg. But the school eventually put me in the “Stadspolders” class with Eva. As a result, I also had to go to school by bike on my own, since I was not in Separation with anyone from my neighborhood. My parents thought it was too little, but they knew they couldn’t put me off the idea.”

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Young Eva (left) and Anika dressed as trolls. | Photo: private


In high school, Eva and Annika saw each other every day, further developing a friendship. During that time, the little girls made more lifelong friendships, including with mutual friend Ariana. “Even though our paths separate, when we see each other it’s business as usual.”

very different

In their teens, the two friends developed their own style. Hobbies and interests also turned out to be completely different. Annika: “In terms of clothes, I started wearing colorful things with lace and flowers. Eva really likes black. I love cats, Eva doesn’t like pets. She likes to read all day, and I can’t sit on my ass for a minute. But when Eva comes to see me, It can happen that we sleep on the balcony. We are very comfortable with each other and we don’t even have to say anything to each other. We are like a couple.”

With ponani pain and complete exhaustion we reached our destination

Travel by bike

When it comes to the holidays, girlfriends have the same taste. High school field trips taught them to love cycling vacations. “Maybe we are the only ones who have been on cycling holidays a few times without being able to fix a tire. With Ponanni in pain and utter exhaustion we arrived at our destination. But those bike trips feel fulfilling, like a kind of meditation.”

tube recess

Memories of one holiday still cause so much fun with Annika and Eva. “We also call it a poo holiday,” says Annika. I am married and have a one and a half year old son. As a child, we went with the family to a hotel in Gran Canaria. I thought it would be fun if Eva was there, so I booked a ticket. Unfortunately our son got the stomach flu and pooped everywhere. When I wanted to take a shower with him, only cold water came out of it. I ran to Eva’s hotel room. We stood there half naked, completely covered in filth in front of her door. I will never forget that face of hers.”

Harder times

Vacations and doing fun things are important for girlfriends. But they’ve also been there for each other through tough times. When Annika had an accident and suffered brain damage, Eva was there for her. “Anika couldn’t handle so much stimulation, so I took her for a quiet walk. We saw the whole Biesbosch. I’m glad I’ll be there for her next.” Fortunately, Anika is doing much better now and can do almost everything as before.

Eva and Anika live close to each other in Dordrecht and see each other regularly. Sometimes they stay together for last minute dinner or go for a walk. They are happy because they have known each other for a long time and experience every stage of life together. They are also already planning their next vacation. “Paris looks like a thing for us! Although, of course, that would be another cycling holiday.”

a call

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