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The KNHS Talent of the Year will be elected again this year. In 2021, the annual party during Jumping Amsterdam could not be held due to the Corona crisis, but this year it might be! Who the Amazon Riders are and why they deserve a vote can be read below. Starting December 5th, you can vote for talents via the general information page link below for each talent.

The KNHS talent team consists of the most promising talents between the ages of 18 and 25 who have the potential to grow into the national teams of the Olympic disciplines (Dressage, Jumping, Competitions) and the Paralympic discipline of Dressage. The result for selection of KNHS Talent of the Year is the sum of the public votes (1/3), the votes of the equestrian press (1/3) and the votes of members of the KNHS Trainers Platform (1/3). The scores for these three classifications are added together. In the event of a tie, the coaches’ platform votes prevail. The public can vote online through January 3 for these future top performers. On Saturday afternoon, 28 January 2023, he will be announced at Jumping Amsterdam as the ‘KNHS Talent of the Year 2022’ winner.

Watch a video of each talent’s achievements and goals here


Martin Lutin (winchoten)
Date of birth: 2001-10-25, team member since 2020
Marten Luiten won the title of KNHS Talent of the Year 2021 thanks to his stellar performance. In his first year as a member of the Talent Team in 2020 Martin won silver with his mare Venona at the National Championships for Young Riders and rode a very strong European Championship with team gold, gold in the individual test and bronze in the freestyle. In 2021 he became Dutch champion with Young Riders and won no fewer than three European Youth Championship gold medals, one with the team and twice individually. “It’s good that I gained confidence again this year to be able to continue the plan I set out as a member of the Talent Team. For example, I’ve trained with Anky many times through the Talent Team and hope to expand that where possible.” In 2022 Martin became Dutch Z2 Champion with Johnny, Dutch Young Riders Champion with Keller and Dutch U25 Champion with Venona.
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Kimberly Pap Favorite
Date of birth: 2000-05-22, team member since 2020
Kimberly has regularly won championship titles in regional and national championships since her pony days. At the 2019 European Championships Young Riders, Kimberly and Vloet Victory won the team silver, individual silver and bronze in the freestyle. Partly because of these achievements she was included in the KNHS Talent Team in 2020. Due to the death of Vloet Victory in 2020 Kimberley has focused successfully on training her younger horses in recent years and is now back in the top youth sprint. “I didn’t automatically assume I’d be included in the team again this year. But I’m glad my performance in 2021 contributed to me being there again,” says Kimberly, who runs her own dressage stable. Thanks in part to the support of the talent team, I train with Alex van Silfhout and hope to develop myself and my horses more and more.” In 2022, Kimberly made the transition to the U25 with Just a Dream. Finalist of the KNHS-Roelofsen Horse Truck Dressage competition and has achieved numerous international rankings.
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Talia Rox Follow Favorite
Date of birth: 2000-12-06, team member since 2019
At the age of 15, Thalia was the youngest female Grand Prix rider in the Netherlands. Between 2016 and 2021 she was a consistent value for the youth teams of the European Championships and won several medals for the Orange at Juniors and Young Riders. At the 2021 European Championships in Olivia, Thalia has many successes with the Golden Dancer de la Fazenda. She won a gold medal with the Young Riders team and two individual silver medals. “This is the fourth year that I’ve been selected for the Talent Team. I really appreciate it and think it’s great and a great honor every year,” said Thalia, who is also involved in training young horses, as well as Top Sports. In 2022 Thalia again achieved great sporting successes: in NK U25 she won a bronze medal with Verde de la Fazenda and at the European Championships in Budapest she won bronze with the U25 team. In the final of the KNHS-Roelofsen Horse Trucks dressage competition, she won the Grand Prix with Verde de la Fazenda and the U25 with Gerda Nova de la Fazenda.
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Phoebe van Zwambajt (hair of the mountain)
Date of birth: 1998-06-02, team member since 2021
Febe van Zwambagt has been listed as a member of the KNHS Talent Team for the second year. In her time with colts, juniors and junior jockeys, the jockey has won a large number of regional, national and international championship titles. Phoebe is also continuing her upward trend as a U25 contestant. In 2020 she won a bronze medal at the Dutch National Championships with Fyeo and in Hungary she won gold at the European Championships with Edson. At the 2021 European Championships, Phoebe won the silver medal with the U25 team. At the end of 2021, she has taken the step to set up her own company/full time stable. “I feel very fortunate to be included in the talent team for the second year in a row. Previously, the horses with which I put myself in the spotlight were available to my employer. Now that I am running my own company full time, that is no longer the case.” In 2022, Phoebe rode to a successful European Under-25 Championship with Fernandel MS and won the bronze medal with the U25 team.
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Brittney de Young (Utrecht)
Birthdate: 8/15/2011 Team member since: 2022
Brittney de Young debuted in 2021 as an equestrian rider. The Utrecht contestant used to compete in regular base sports, but due to an accident – in which Britney sustained permanent injuries to her arm – she now competes successfully in Para dressage. I immediately made an impression and finished 4th with Karamba at the Dutch Championships in Ermelo. In 2022, Britney will continue her upward trend by winning the team test at the KNHS-Para Dressage Cup with Caramba in Division 4/5 and an individual runner-up in Zuidwolde. Then Britney and Fleetwood Mac in Chijndale finished third individually and with the team. At CPEDI3* in Qatar the vet student contributed to the team victory with Fleetwood Mac and at Deauville she was on the team with Karamba and they finished second. Britney was also included in the Paralympic Games with Karamba. Britney debuted as a member of the talent team this year. “I was pleasantly surprised to get into the team. I certainly didn’t expect it, but our performance in 2021 has exceeded expectations, so that was a good confirmation.”
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mann thisen (sevenum)
Birthdate: 10/29/2022 Team member since 2022
The KNHS talent squad includes two members of the Thijssen family this year. The youngest member of the Limburg family, Mann, was also in attendance. Unlike his sisters, Mann had little interest in competitive riding in his younger years. He even decided to stop twice, but Mann eventually found his joy in his jumping career and three years ago he began to achieve international success, including winning the CSI1* Grand Prix in Eindhoven. Mann has successfully competed in several country competitions in 2021. In Lamprechtshausen he won the Hello saddle with the Young Rider team and in Wierden he finished second with the team on the same horse. 2021 was also Mann’s first year in a European Championship with Young Riders. Like his sister Mel, Mann is already doing well at the start of 2022. At the CSI3* Grand Prix of Vilamoura, he finished sixth and eighth with Hello. “It took me a while before I really found the joy of jumping, but now I’m fully committed and have no intention of ever stopping,” says Mannes. Manz debuted a five-star rating in 2022 and achieved top-five ratings at several major awards, with Hello and Joviality.
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Mel Theissen (sevenum)
Date of birth: 04-03-2001 Team member since 2022
Mel Thijsen made her debut this year as a member of the KNHS Talent Squad. She became the Dutch Junior Champion in 2018 and in 2019 won the silver medal at the National Young Riders Championship. In recent years, I have participated in several European Championships and Nations Cups for both juniors and youth. In 2021 she also rode her first Nations Cup and won her first CSI2* Grand Prix with Kartulana. Mel also started strongly again in 2022 by winning the CSI3* Grand Prix in Vilamoura, also with Cartulana. “I really enjoy being there this year. I certainly didn’t expect it. We’ve been winning a lot lately and it looks like we’re on the right track, but I didn’t assume anything.” Mel continued her sporting year in 2022 well, becoming the Dutch Young Riders champion with Kartulana. It also had some nice two- and three-star wins.
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Sky Morsenkoff (Herden)
DOB: 04-09-2022 The team member since 2022 has worn the orange jacket in various country competitions for colts, kids, juniors and junior jockeys. Sky also won the youth KNHS Topsport competition in 2020 and finished her junior season by winning the Dutch Championship with G-Vingino Blue. In 2020 and 2021, Al Faris confirmed her relationship with seniors who received various top ratings at the CSI1* and 2* Grand Prix. “Honestly, I didn’t expect to be able to be on the KNHS Talent team, it was a real surprise and a great honour.” In 2022 Sky achieved several higher rankings with Young Riders, for example winning the Grand Prix in De Wolden with G-Vingino-Blue, finishing second in the Nations Cup with the team. It also won the 3-star rating test in Prague and the 2-star rating test in Houten.
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Sky Morsenkoff made her first appearance in the KNHS talent squad this year. It’s her second year as a junior rider, in which the rider has already achieved an impressive track record. Skye won her first regional filly championship.
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Nina de Haas (Hengstedijk / England)
Date of birth: 12-04-1999 Member of the team since 2019
Nina de Haas has been a regular fixture for the youth teams in European tournaments since her pony years. In her final year as a junior rider, she was unfortunately unable to compete in the European Championships due to injuries to her top horses. In 2020, Nina is primarily focused on training her younger horses. In 2021 Nina moved to England to work and develop further with Olympic event rider and TeamNL National Coach, Andrew Heffernan. She successfully participated in two four-star competitions with Divine HE in 2021, achieving, among other things, a clear cross. “I really like being with Andrew and I’m learning so much.” In 2022, Nina has ridden her horses to 9 victories at different levels. With Divine HE, they have achieved 2 of the top 15 ratings in 4 star competitions.
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Source: KNHS Press Release

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