Nearly four hundred participants second beach and dune jogging

Castricum – Last year, AV Castricum could only stage one beach and dune race. Due to Corona, the second, third and fourth editions have been cancelled. Therefore, the organizing committee was very pleased that the Sunday edition could go on as usual and that there were so many participants. At least 393 runners are reported to have started.

Among them, 112 children participated in the shortest distances of more than 2.2 and 4 kilometers. They are greeted by two athletic soot sweepers. Before that, Kees Vrolijk, coach of AV Castricum, had a warm-up session with the youngsters who are training in his group. Pupils can, of course, do a warm-up with the pupils’ coaches. The short distance was very difficult, especially because of the first part where the runners must climb straight away. Harsh easterly winds and above-freezing temperatures made it difficult for the youngest participants. The Pietjes athletic team walked happily for a while, handing out delicious gingerbread cookies at the end on the athletics track.

2.2 km

Due to the large number of participants, the young disciples had a class of their own. It was Luke Huitinga who crossed the line first, he walked with his aunt, Ninke Kloft. Ilo op den Velde was the first to cross the finish line for the boys’ C pupils. For the girls it was AVC’s Lieve Atsma. Britley Unus took first place with the AB pupils, with the girls was AVC’s Fay Bergfeld, who also won that distance at the First Strand-on-Duenlope.

Lasse Zentveld from AV Castricum won in junior CD and Inge Termes in girls. Adults also participated in a 2.2 km run that they wanted to test their speed. Albert Kavsek of AV Castricum won that distance in a time of 9.29, and Carlin van S of the women’s PAC was in a time of 8.32. Albert also ran 10.1km later this morning.

4.0 kilometers

In the under-16 youth category, NEA Volharding’s Rowan de Witt won in a time of 14.49. The fastest girl in this category was fellow club member Laura Papucci with a time of 16.55 minutes. Remarkably double figures for both boys and girls were from NEA Volharding, Jelle Rol came second for boys with 16.15 and second girl was Maartje Rol with 18.29. Numbers three, four and five for boys and girls belong to AV Castricum. Among the entrants over 16 years of age, Remco Bruin van Hylas was the fastest entrant among the men. For the women, that was Simone de Groot, who recently started offering training for beginners at the AV Castricum.

10.1 kilometers for men

Longer distances now start at 11.05am, so both runners and mountain bikers can enjoy sports in the woods. After straddling the athletics track, the runners went into the woods with the wind. The course was difficult due to the cold easterly winds. The beach was walkable, and the wind was upside down with it. On the way back, the racers ran into some headwinds here and there.

For men, this distance was won by Joost Zaunbrecher of AV Edam, he ran a time of 37.48, his club mate Tyas Visser was second in 39.12, closely followed by Sietse van der Weijde in 39.17.

10.1 kilometers for women

In the women’s race, Corinde van Es beat PAC with a time of 43.57, the second and third numbers belonged to AV Edam, while Petra Lautenschutz-Vink finished second with a time of 48.58, and Margriet Sta van Uitert came third with a time of 49.19.

15 km for men

Of the 27 men who took part in this distance, Sjors Groot was the fastest, with a time of 59.13. Jeroen Akerbom was second, with a time of 1:00:47, and third place was won by Tim Bakum, who set a time of 1:03:09. The masters class is also maintained over the race distance (athletes 35 and older). Rashid Mohammadi of Athos was the winner of the men’s championship and also won the first race on the beach and the dunes on October 30 of this year. His time was 56.06. Second place went to Alex Schirmer of AV Castricum with a time of 56.58. Third was the Wager Boys with 57.21.

15 kilometers for women

The fastest lady was Loes van Esch, who crossed the finish line after 1:06:47, the second place was given to Lindsay Tai-Tin-Woei with a time of 1:10:27 and the third woman was Michelle de Graaf van Hellas with a time of 1.12.06. In the women’s championship (35 years and over) the fastest runner was Erica Bellandi of AV Aalsmeer, winning with a time of 1.02.24. The second place went to Judith Petrink of AV Castricum, who finished after 1.10.38, and the third place went to Mike Froui, with a time of 1.16.03.

The next edition of the beach and dune run will take place on Saturday, December 31st. Parnassialope concludes on Sunday, February 19th. Runners can register via Visit for more information. The detailed report of the second beach and dune track, which took place on Sunday, can be found at (Photo: Bert Odendyk)

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