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News of Sinterklaas who does not know her. Indulge in nostalgia for this programme, where Dewertje Blok has been reporting on the adventures of Sint and his assistants for many years. The stress of studying is nothing compared to near-fatal accidents, a sinking ship, lost gifts, and more.

The world is characterized by change. Sinterklaas News is no exception. For example, the horse Amerigo had been dead for years and the porcini mushroom was replaced by a specimen named Ozosnel. Plus, Sinterklaas suddenly came by plane this year and the packages were in Track and trace the blade. Despite these alterations, the news of Sinterklaas remains mainly a celebration of confession. Like every year, it is doubtful whether Sinterklaas will arrive in Holland on time and something will of course go wrong with the gifts.

Emergency on Pakjesboot

With an overdose of dramatic events, Sinterklaas News knows how to capture the attention of its predominantly young audience. If you want to enjoy another person’s misery for a moment, you’ve come to the right place with this program. Already in the first episode, the reporter is almost shot with a cannon, her colleague is arrested on suspicion of breaking into Bettenhouse, and to make matters worse, there are also all kinds of leaks in the Pakjesboot. Only a few episodes later, the steamer actually sinks before leaving Spain, with or without gifts and assistants on board. So kids don’t have to get bored for a moment. Nor do their parents: during the news they are busy consoling their children.

With their crowded screaming and dancing, the Pieten are an irritant.

Don’t do it, Mali Pete

As if childhood whines weren’t hard enough, the sweet, childish humor of adults gives all the more reason to want to turn off the TV real quick. With their crowded screaming and dancing, the Pieten are an irritant. Malle Pietje, for example, really likes to say “HOI!” Scream and then laugh out loud. When he does so while the steamer slowly sinks, even Deuterje Block has had enough. “I don’t know if this is the right time for these jokes,” she cries, her eyebrows raised. The program would improve if Block intervened more often with such feedback.

Play with cash

However, the editors of Sinterklaasjournaal have gone out of their way to entertain their adult audience as well. This is because social problems are regularly referred to with a wink. For example, a helpful neighbor raised the Dutch flag over Pietenhuis, as Vlagpiet mistakenly stayed in Spain. When the flag appears upside down, this neighbor turns out to be an angry farmer. In addition, due to the Titanic sightings from the Pakjesboot, the packages were brought to the Netherlands by plane. If Pieten wanted to receive these gifts, they had to stand in long lines at Schiphol, just like many other Dutch people.

Sinterklaas received a lot of criticism on Twitter when he took the plane to the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, Sinterklaas news sometimes misses the mark. While they’re obviously aware of what’s going on in society, somewhere the penny hasn’t fallen yet, there is such a thing as climate change and the shame of flying. Therefore, De Sint received a lot of criticism on Twitter when he took the plane to the Netherlands with his boat after the disaster. The question now is whether you should worry about the non-existent level of a non-existent man, but the editors could have considered this a little longer.

The good guys

The most touching part of Sinterklaasjournaal is the short news, where children who did something special about the Sinterklaas celebration are discussed. For example, a girl made a smoker for her hamster’s cage out of an empty toilet roll, so her hamster could put his shoes in, too. Another family baked “Piet-sa,” a kind of long pizza with pietenhat salami. Also somewhere in Holland it was not allowed to turn on the fireplace: the daughter wanted to keep the chimney clean, as it was better for the helpers. Maybe she’ll get her gas bill in her shoes this year.

Although some bellMomentarily, Sinterklaas is fun news for anyone who wants to feel young again. With adorable children, comedic references to social problems and a touch of nostalgia, only ten minutes of the episode are wasted.

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