Every year more girls participate in the national championships

Keet Oldenbeuving (18) from Utrecht won the Dutch Street Skateboarding Championship at the World Skateboarding Center in Den Bosch on November 20. In 2016 she won the World Cup for the first time. Last year she took 12th place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The fight in Den Bosch was between three Olympians: Kate himself, Rose Zwetslot (22) and Candy Jacobs (32). In the end, the player of Utrecht overthrew the reigning champion, Ross, from the throne. We asked Kate about the national championships, the Olympics and what her favorite place in Utrecht is.

How did it go in North Carolina?

“You have two runs And five tricks. One of those runs and two tricks counts for points. Both went well. I got the highest points for it, but out of the five tricks I had to put two anyway. The first two have already failed. It was exciting at the time, because everything else was going so well at the time. Then at some point you just have to go. In the end, the third and fourth trick succeeded. I was very happy about that.”

Did you expect to win?

“It’s always exciting between Ross, Candy and me. This time it went really well for the three of us. It’s fun to battle with three. We’re good friends and it’s always fun. In other countries one is often really the best in the country. With us, you always have three that make it to the podium. New skaters are coming. The level is rising exponentially and that’s great to see. More and more people are going to ski (seriously). I think the Olympics helped a lot with that. People see opportunities. Every year, more girls participate in the national championships. This is very interesting. A few years ago there were maybe five, now about twenty.”

How did it feel to be in the Olympics?

“It feels like yesterday. It was so strange to be in Tokyo. Of course you have a lot of expectations when you go there, but it’s still so different. It was so big. I got to a very formal Olympic village, but we went skiing in the village.” The other athletes really liked it. They had never experienced anything like this before, because skateboarding was included in the games for the first time. It was really cool to be there and talk to athletes you don’t usually see: from table tennis players to rowers and canoeists.” .

What is planned in the near future?

Next month I’m going to America to train and shoot one of my sponsors. And in January and February, the World Championships will be held in Dubai.

What do you dream about in the coming years?

“I want to go to the Olympics again, but skiing is the only real thing forefront If you have your own board. So if you have your name on the board. I think every skier dreams of that. You just don’t really have anything to say about that. You have to do your best and for the rest it’s up to the brand of board you ride.”

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What is your favorite place in Utrecht?

Skate parks at Leidsche Rijn and at Jaarbeursplein. I love that they built it there. They are good places and many people come to them, also from outside Utrecht. I think the garden in Leidsche Rijn is one of the best outdoor gardens in the Netherlands. You have a lot of different things there: if you are a snowboarder who likes half pipes, you can go there, but also if you mainly do things on land. Or you can ski down the big stairs and do other, more challenging things. There is something for everyone. Whether you want to learn to skate, get better, or do the craziest things. The indoor skate park in Utrecht is also one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands. This is also very versatile and large. Griftpark is also great, especially if you’re just starting out skating.”

What is lost Utrecht?

“The beach would be nice.”

What are your best memories of Utrecht?

“A nice memory was when the Tour de France was here. We all went to the side of the road at the yellow bridge to watch. That was great. We used to climb the Dome every year, with my dad and my little brother.”

What are you proud of as a citizen of Utrecht?

“There are more and more places in the city where you can skate. The municipality is doing very well with that: making urban culture bigger and bigger and giving people a place. Especially in the last year I’ve been asked a lot to think along with skateboard projects. It’s very interesting. Also My dad helps a lot with that at SportUtrecht.”


“…going home. I don’t feel at home anywhere else but here.”

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