weekly overview: summed up the news of the 48th week

What happened in Alvin aan den Rijn last week? Great talent during the Scala On Stage and buying your own moped helmet to Alphense Bruggenrun. You can read this and more in our weekly overview on

after more than After working in the hospitality industry for 40 years, Fritz is retiring. Fritz has remained unimaginably out of the Molinarsbrück picture for the past five years. He started his catering career in Austria, then fell in love and started working in the Netherlands.

You will also start a collection campaign in Alphen aan den Rijn. This is after the clothing bank in Groningen made a call for winter coats for children. This call was made on the TV show “Even to hier”.

This is how you keep it GGD Hollands Midden opens a corona testing and injection site in Alphen aan den Rijn. This is despite the fact that the expected fall wave of Corona did not materialize.

On Thursday, November 24, Scala College students made an impression during “Scala on Stage”. Students showed their talents in an almost sold out auditorium in Castellum. Visitors were offered a show of singing, dancing, music and cabaret at a high level.

It was announced this week Thursday, December 8, the 11th edition of the Alphense Bruggenrun will take place. This unique running tour takes you through the old town center of Alvín in two distances and has the highest bridge density in the Netherlands: 10 km (33 bridges) and 5 km (19 bridges).

Messages from executors

Last Friday, the police tried to help a man after being under the influence The drink could not get out of his words and wandered down the street. However, the man felt he didn’t need help and yelled at the police after taking his ID.

This past weekend, police found several drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. For example, a collision occurred on Gouwelande near McDonald’s. When the police whistled two people on the spot, it turned out that one person had drunk too much. The police also conducted a search of the A. van Leeuwenhoekweg at Alphen aan den Rijn on Saturday 26 November. During the examination, three drivers were arrested for drunk driving.

Last Saturday, a man, who had not been welcome in the house for a while, acted “noisy” around Stortemelk. The police came to the scene for this. The police drove the man away from there, after which he walked towards Hooftstraat to smoke weed there. Here too, the police kicked him out.

The police advise you to fix your bike light. This is because it darkens faster in the winter. “Do this for your own safety so that others can see you properly and at the right time,” the police said.

Local Alvin Police Officer Ton Teijsen asks you to get one quickly Buy a helmet for your light bike. Helmets will be mandatory from January 2023. For example, wearing an approved motorbike/motorcycle helmet is mandatory.

It is increasingly common for young people to take up arms. The knives in particular seem to be popular with young people. To get more control over this, the Municipality to ban knives.


The Alvin City Council will soon approve the Cobb West zoning plan, In the district of Rijnhaven on Hoorn. Kop West is a building plan of 330 homes and 15,000 square meters intended for small businesses and large retailers.

The municipality of Alven aan den Rijn is looking for opportunities to build more homes building in the same place. An extensive vision has been drawn up for this, in which the possibilities are spelled out. There seems to be little in Alfenstadt, but this does not apply to villages.

the animals

For example, the free Chip-Je-Cat Day was held at the Rijnoever Veterinary Clinic on Saturday, November 26th. Together with the Animal Ambulance and the municipality of Alven aan den Rhine, they organized this day. Animal Ambulance said it was a successful day.

On Thursday, December 1st It has Avifauna Bird Park Say hello to nine new spotted tree ducks. The tree ducks were ready to spread their wings Thursday morning. It was hatched in the Tropical Hall in Afifauna.

other news

On December 1, the municipality of Alven aan den Rhine organized a “Youth Help Day”. Youth Help Day is for partners, residents and youth help providers. The municipality believes that it is important to properly organize youth care. That’s why they invited partners, residents and young people’s caregivers to join the discussion.

Last week, several Alvin residents received mail with little delay. Postal items sent in 2018, But it has not been delivered until this week. It happened to a number of Alvin residents in recent days. PostNL has an explanation. The mail from 2018 that was delivered only this week was recently found by police while clearing out a house in Alven aan den Rijn.

Alvin residents do not approve of the idea of ​​a former old town hall. The College of Scala is interested in using the building for the senior years of the VWO, but if it were up to Alphenaren, this idea would not have continued.

The pond at the visitor center De Veenweiden has been completely refurbished. “The pond has been made much larger and equipped with new plants. To maintain the water level a pump has been installed that runs on electricity generated by solar panels. Moreover, it is much easier for me to explain to young people what goes on in the ditches and ponds.”

This year the Kinderboerderij Zegersloot is organizing the first edition of the “Kinderboerderij Christmas Market”. The Christmas market is organized by a team of volunteers. You can do different activities during the Christmas market. The petting zoo is also looking for local entrepreneurs.

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